10 Useful Structures to Express Contrasting Ideas in IELTS Speaking & Writing Task 2

One of the highest importance that help you to achieve IELTS band 7.0 or higher in IELTS Speaking and Writing is to use high level language skills to immediately impress your IELTS examiner.

It is essential to learn how to express opposing opinions cogently and with purity. In this announce, I will talk about the importance of showing the oppose opinion in writing and speech. You will learn how to use paroles like “although”, ” having said that”, “albeit”, ” regardless of”, “despite”, ” in spite of”, and “nevertheless”. These texts help you effectively feed opposing meanings or facts in speech and writing.

Below are useful grammar organizations which you can perform the most out of to get a 7 or higher for fluency on the Speaking test and a 7 or higher for cohesion and coherence on the Writing test.

1. Although X verb, Y verb

==> Although some people …., I prefer….

“Although”, also known as ” even if they are” or” is to show this comparison. It’s a such a handy name when you’re writing papers or spoke about a formal setting.


Although X verb, Y verb: Although some people would like to have a lot of children, the cost of raising them to be regarded first. Although some people…., I prefer ….: Although some young people consider hasten as the best way to turn into a evolve party, I prefer departing abroad to study for a tertiary level to broaden my experience which can help me be fully developed in thoughts.

2. Despite the fact that+ clause, X verb

If you are not a fan of using although, you can use this structure to be more flexible with your decisions, and reach your English seem more articulate and fluent.


All in all, despite the fact that there are some interesting curricula, much of the time children devote watching TV would be better spent on other activities.

3. Nevertheless, X verb, Y verb


It is true that more and more mills are being built along this extend of the river and that a certain amount of consume will naturally be removed into the river. Nevertheless, in all the discussions that I have had with these firms’ representatives, I have not found one who does not have a responsible demeanour to environmental protection.

4. In spite of Verb-ing/ Noun-phrase, X verb


In spite of the advantages of living in big cities, beings have a proclivity to live in the countryside.

5. Regardless of Noun-phrase, Subject+ Verb

Regardless of: without regard or consideration for


Irrespective of their skin color, background or what their language is, we should treat everyone evenly.

6. Albeit Noun Phrase/ Clause, S+ V

Meaning: Although

– Albeit is often used to introduce an adjectival or adverbial term that makes a concession about the preceding noun or verb


The leech was very absorbent, soaking up all the soda, albeit with some effort.

– In rarer occurrences, albeit may introduce a dependent clause


The good news is that he is back at Tannadice and has resumed his duties, albeit he will not rejoin the board.

7. Having said that, S+

Meaning: a signal that they will say something which will distinguish with what they said a moment ago.


I gues numerous people could argue that my country’s food isn’t health. Having said that, there is a new trend now toward vegan or vegetarian meat and there is a new restaurant in my place. I feel huge when I eat there!

8. At the same time S+ V


From my point of view, we are gradually moving towards technology for every kid in the classroom. At the same time I know there are a range of school districts who can’t afford that kind of technology.

9. Notwithstanding Noun/ the facts of the case that Clause, S+ V

Meaning: is used in the same way as “despite”( more formal)


Notwithstanding its profitability/ the facts of the case that the factory farming can be profitable, there was still major doubts about its morality

10. Much as Clause, S+ V

Meaning: A very strong form of “although”


Much as mass tourism is harmful to the environment, it should still be encouraged.

All in all, it is very important for you to use these useful grammar designs to achieve a high band score for IELTS Writing task 2. If you have any questions, Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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