13 Business Expansion Risks When Opening a Second Location

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Many business owners who control out of a brick-and-mortar facility dream of a business reach that spans several points. Once they ascertain some success in a single location, the irritation to expand to additional sites seems like a logical course to grow their business. Nonetheless, many enterprises that pick the business expansion route by opening a second location or branch office may be jeopardizing the success they already achieved since they are underestimate everything that is required to expand to additional locations.

Oftentimes, parties are of the view that because they have had success with one location, they are unable simply duplicate everything they did at the first locating and have success at the brand-new location. If you thought opening your first spot was a challenge, wait until you try to open your second. It is hard enough to manage all the affairs of a single location when you are 100% dedicated to its success. Dealing with customers, hires, stock-take, payroll, etc. makes up a lot of your time and exertion. Opening a second location not only double-dealing your effort but comes with new challenges. In fact, opening a second location is like starting a totally new business with the additional burdens of managing the operations of the firstly locating. Without proper proposing , is not simply is it very possible for your second location to fail, but your first spot may digest as well.

For numerous professions, swelling can be one of the best ways to drive proliferation but don’t be duped, it is also inherently risky for the enterprise. Any decision to open a second location must be based on verifiable business influences and not merely based on your desire to duplicate the success of your first location. Therefore, you must ask yourself a series of very difficult questions.

Can the Business Be Duplicated?

One of the first questions that you have to ask yourself is if the business can be replicated. When you started your first orientation, you were hands-on. When you open a brand-new point, your time will be split so you have to ask yourself if the first locale can run smoothly without you two are there since a great deal of your attention will be focused on opening the second location. Moreover, countless businesses are based on the reputation of the owner. If some of your patrons insist on working with the owner to give you their business, you may not have a business that can be easily duplicated.

What Are the Alternatives to Opening A Second Location?

If duplicating your business is more difficult, have you considered how you can achieve your business expansion points in other lanes before participating in the large-scale rush to open a brand-new orientation? For example, are you able to grow your business by construct an eCommerce website, eliminating the need for appreciable funding and the risk associated with opening a physical supermarket? This doesn’t mean you can’t open a second physical place or branch office, but there may be other gradations you can take in the meantime that aren’t as unnerving or high-risk and can better prepare you for what’s to come.

Who Will Staff the Second Location?

Is there an adequate supply of characterized potential employees to staff the brand-new place? Many technology occupations are located in specific parts of the country so that they can recruit top talent from regional colleges and universities. In my action, my documentation and training company opened a branch office in Athens GA adjacent to the campus of the University of Georgia and another in Research Triangle Park near the North Carolina State University at Raleigh, so we could recruit Instruction Design talent from these top schools.

As I write this upright, local diners are once again able to operate at 100% ability after being forced to close their entrances altogether or control at significantly reduced capacity for over a year. Many servers and cooks have gone on to other professings forming massive staffing headwinds for the remaining eateries to resume full faculty procedures, let alone staffing a new restaurant.

Who Will be administered by the Second Location?

Once you have addressed the question of hiring modified geniu for a second location, you need to ask yourself who will manage it? Business expansion will settle a good deal of stress on your business and will often require you to split your time between your two locations. This is why it is so important to have a strong management squad and reliable employees who can help support you at both business points and not compel constant oversight.

Some jobs have several benefactors, spouses or a trusted long-term employee that have the skills to either stay and manage the operations of the first locale or will choose to relocate and ranged the brand-new point. If you have this kind of option, it will go a long way toward maintaining a consistent culture between the two locations. However, if your existence is critical to the successful operation of the firstly locating, you cannot expect it to operate very well without you.

I learned the lesson of having the title handling in place for a new point the hard way with our Athens GA office. Since neither my two other partners nor I were willing to relocate to Athens for an extended period of time, we made the decision to hire a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Georgia to run our Athens office. With negligible showing to our business culture and processes, the office started doing things we would never have supported or approved. While my partners and I performed frequent jaunts to the branch, we were bleeding all kinds of money. Finally, we had no other choice but to cut our loss and close the office. Located on this lesson when it came to opening future places, one of our top staff members, Ray Carrado, was nominated and dubbed our “Hand Grenade”. Each time we opened a new orientation, we had him backpack his suitcases and move to that metropolitan for about three to six months to make sure the office was run in our image.

Expansion Challenge

I had a client who owned a coffee shop. He had a passion for coffee that are actually proved and he knew all the elements to create a truly superior bowl of chocolate, from the sourcing and growing conditions of the nuts to how various roasting skills altered the end product. He could often be found talking coffee and acquainting his patrons on chocolate excellence.

His energy and love of chocolate were obvious and key to his shop’s success. His biggest obstacle to any business expansion means was observing someone with the knowledge and level of warmth necessary to operate additional locations.

Does your industry require a manager with a high degree of knowledge and passion for the product or service to differentiate your locations from those of your entrants, like my coffee shop client? If so, how are you able situate, proliferate and sanction your next manager?

Do You Have The Time For Business Expansion?

Opening added locales are going to take a lot of work and a lot of your time. So, consider if your current lifestyle allows you to put in those much-needed extra hours. If you’ve got method too much on your plate at the moment, it might be better to wait until you can give more of yourself and your time to the project. You shouldn’t rush into opening a second location.

Do You Have Documented Standard Operating Procedures?

One of the most common misstep business owners become when expanding beyond their first spot is failing to document all their day-to-day handles that prepared the first point successful. Business expansion by opening added places will be required you fully document your business operations so you can pass them on to the brand-new hires in a brand-new agency location.

One of the most important factors we detected when expanding to a brand-new point works to ensure that each point has consistent functional organizations in place. Before you even consider business stretch, start by making sure your first place is well-organized and has a well-documented system for communication, hiring and training, customer services, and monetary management.

By streamlining and thoroughly substantiating your business in the first locale, it will be much easier for your staff to maintain a grade of firmnes at the first site and provide you with the blueprint for replicating your success at additional places. Since you can’t be in two regions at the same time, you need to be sure you have a standard operating procedures( SOP) manual that contains all the processes and systems your business needs to run smoothly. Creating an SOP document will help the manager of your second spot feed your business like you would and make sure everything departs smoothly when you’re not around. Plus, having an SOP document is helpful for brand-new hires to know how things are done as well.

How Will You Create a Consistent Culture?

Your company culture has an immense impact on your day-to-day operations and when you start up a new locating, you will have to build it from scratch. So, you must ask yourself, how will we make sure employees remain connected to the company’s mission and shared values? You must try to understand the dynamics of your culture and what builds it labour and then figure out how to create consistency between locatings. As the business owner and benefactor, you will likewise want to be there physically in the early days or have a elderly work portray for at least the first three to six months to get things off on the right foot.

How Will You Preserve Your Brand?

In some industries, being perceived as a business with multiple locations come here for considerable kudo. Aside from its full potential operational and competitive advantages of opening added sites, the added value it can bring to your brand should not be underestimated. This is particularly true for professional services such as law and accounting conglomerates, and financial service providers. For ventures like these, the standing of becoming a global firebrand is often a determining factor in their decision to expand. However, failure to meet customer expectancies at a second location can bring bad reviews and hurt not only the prospects of the second location but the first one too. The quality of services that are at either locale should be equally top-notch, and that’s something that can only be achieved with the right team and a well-thought-out SOP paper in place.

Have You Conducted Proper Market Research?

Make sure to conduct thorough research on whether there is sufficient demand for your product or service at the brand-new spot, and tailor-make your coming to fit the unique characteristics of the new marketplace. Ask yourself exactly what we the keys to the success of your first location? Can these factors be implanted to a new locale? Are there complimentary browses or linchpin holders adjacent that can help to generate and sustain the traffic of potential patrons?

That reminds me of the fact that you will often see gondola traders and food courts grouped in a mall so they can leverage traffic. Have you ever noticed that most successful liquor stores are located in a strip mall right next to supermarkets? This is because supermarkets are anchor holders and the liquor store takes advantage of their traffic. But as we discussed in Location, Location, Location? Wait, Maybe Not that studied hoof traffic in Seattle’s Pike Place Market based on which area of the street the business was located, you have to observe the human traffic patterns to do informed site decisions. As the Seattle example supported, you cannot infer the potential success of a place by its address alone.

Have you done your market research and linked a locating with enormous foot commerce, easy access to public transportation or parking lots, and a solid quantity of potential clients? Before expanding to a new point, do your due diligence to confirm there is enough demand in that area for a brand-new locale. You may be very busy at your current location, but that doesn’t inevitably mean the expansion office will be as well.

Also confirm that your push media are available, and at a cost that is within your budget. For example, your current location may have great success from newspaper circulars. Nonetheless, that are likely to be because your current location benefits from two newspapers, maintaining publicize payments competitive. At your brand-new spot, there may only be one newspaper where they can charge much more for same ads since they are the only game in town.

Make sure that the demand for your business is consistent and not just a temporary spike. As we discussed in How Responding to Popular Fads will Destroy a Business, don’t fall prey to the “the circus comes to town” fallacy. The fallacy got its appoint from the days when a go circus came to a town for a few cases daytimes. Parties from nearby towns flooded in to watch the circus, and neighbourhood occupations learnt significant upticks in business. Some business owners who didn’t associate the increased purchaser freight to the circus took steps to handle the brand-new tier of business. They often bought new paraphernalium or began expanding their operations. Last-minute, when the circus tour was done and had left town, business levels returned to ordinary. However, the businesses that expanded to handle the circus rise , not recognizing that it would be short-lived , now had additional outlays due to their ill-advised expansion. Many soon collapsed when ask returned back to regular and their gains turned negative.

Interval Between Orientations

You don’t want your second location to cannibalize sales from your first collect. This is especially true in retail. Subway restaurant learned this lesson the hard way. Subway was one of the fastest-growing franchise diners on the planet. However, in their zeal to stave off competition, they spurred franchisees to open thousands of new shops close enough to cannibalize auctions from other existing orientations.

So, before you reached agreement on a locating, you will need to ask if the brand-new orientation will take some buyers from my first location, forming the overall organization least profitable? When considering expanding your business to a second location, it is crucial to remember the importance of avoiding cannibalization. While it may be tempting to open in a geographical area close to your existing locale for functional and logistic rationalizations, doing so could hurt your original business, diverting patrons of the first location to the second.

Do You Have A Financial Plan For Business Expansion?

Assuming that we are able to faculty a second location and that you have an SOP document they can follow, you must try to determine the cost of opening the added orientation. You must develop a realistic financial plan for the second location to make sure that the locating will generate the kind of revenue required to sustain its operations. More sites necessitate more headaches and overhead, which can translate into less profit for the enterprise , not more. Your financial plan must include accurate estimates and not confident estimates of expected cash flow. Keep in brain that revenues at the first point will often suffer when you are not minding the store, so be sure that your revenue estimations for the second location are conservative and that you have a plan if expenses are greater than projected. Some business swelling experts recommend that you should have enough discretionary income from the first location to cover 100% of the secured the cost of the second largest one.

Always plan on spending two to three times what your initial projection is. That direction, if you need it, it is there. It is easy to lose track of what you’re spending when you’re consuming tens of thousands of dollars across many contractors and businesses to ramp up your second location.

How Will You Finance Your Second Location?

Just because your first business is rewarding doesn’t mean you’re financially ready to open a second location. You’ll need to take a hard-boiled conducted an investigation into your books and determine if you have the revenue, benefits, cash flow, and funding to not only sustain your business stretch but too keep your current business financially stable.

Sources of funding for business expansion may include loans, outside investors, your own contributed asset as well as any relevant swap recognition. Remember, it is in your best interest to never are dependent upon your existing location for any funding; instead, consider the new locating a separate business venture.

How Do You Know If It Is Time for A Business Expansion?

Deciding when to open added sites is one of the most critical strategic questions that you will ever face as a business, after starting a business in the first place. Opening a second location too soon and you gamble overextending your resources. Wait too long and you could lose momentum and competitive advantages.

How do you know when it’s time? Some questions to ask 😛 TAGEND

Do “youve had” more business than you can handle based on physical restrictions? Are you turning away patrons because you really do not have the capacity to service them? Do you have a neighbourhood purchaser base as well as purchasers traveling great distances to get to your place? Time you have multiple customers asking you to open a brand-new place or to provide more assistances?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, it’s clear that you have demand for your produces and or services and a steadfast client basi. Nonetheless, customer demand is not enough of a reason to open a second business location. You have to answer the hard-bitten questions to determine if the time is right for you.

Do you have plans for business expansion and if so, are you ready to open a second location?

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