3 Fundamental Lessons Fanfiction Taught Me and 5 Fanfiction Prompts You Can Try

Do you like writing fanfiction, but struggle to get going? Do you like to use fanfiction elicits to practice writing? Or, do you question if writing fanfiction will even help your writing?

Fanfiction Prompts

Fanfiction gets a bad rap.

Anyone can write anything and placed it out there for parties to read, and for this reason, there’s often a misconception that this style of writing, so widely created and poorly adjusted, also digests in quality and contributes little to the literary world. Some go as far as saying people who write fanfiction are not “real writers.”

This isn’t true!

Fanfiction can actually stimulate your writing most significant. And understanding what fanfiction is and using fanfiction inspires to give it a try( before you bash it) might be well importance your time.

Fanfiction Definition

Before questioning if you should write fanfiction, you should understand what fanfiction is.

By definition, fanfiction is 😛 TAGEND Myth written by story followers that peculiarities attributes and sets already existing in body of work, such as a work, television establish, or movie. It most commonly is born out of the desire for special characters or notions, and is far from a modern concept.

These days, with the freedom and accessibility offered by the internet, fanfiction is everywhere. There exists over a million fanfiction storeys for Harry Potter alone, and numerous classic pieces of literature are actually fanfiction.

Did you know that Dante’s Inferno was actually fanfiction of the bible?

Did you know that Shakespeare’s Othello was actually based on an Italian narration called The Moorish Captain?

Did you know The Three Musketeers, actually started with a diary called Memoires de Monsieur d’Artagnan, which Alexandre Dumas checked out of the library and never returned?

I spent the latter half of high school, all of college, and the first year or two out of college obsessively writing fanfiction.

Some of my legends were only a page or two long, while others reached novel period. I wrote them with zeal and heedless vacate, with no role other than to satisfy myself by putting my fantasies on paper.

At the time, I never was just thinking about it as anything but distraction and amusement. What did it matter when I was only delighting myself?

It wasn’t until years later, when I started to really take my writing seriously, that I recognise the years expended writing fanfiction were far away from wasted.

In fact, fanfiction learnt me valuable sciences that I still use on a regular basis to this day. And it’s why I help every scribe to give it a try( and you can start by trying out one of the fanfiction causes I include at the end of this post .)

Why should you try writing some fanfiction? Because perhaps you’ll learn the three big lessons I learned from it, too.

“ Fanfiction gets a bad rep, but it can actually teach you fundamental lessons in writing. Try one of these five fanfiction stimulates to learn and practise these writing instructions yourself. Tweet this 3 Fundamental Lessons You Can Learn From Fanfiction 1. Characterization

Most fanfiction fibs are written around existing characters. In order to write a story, the writer must get to know the character, study their behaviour and backstory, and write in a manner that presents them accurately.

In between high school and college, while other kids were busy make beneficial pleasures like succeeding summertime professions, making college classes early, or taking one last chance to party, I decided I was going to take on the very “useful” project of writing my favorite movie from the secondary character’s viewpoint–the view of the kindnes interest instead of the superstar. Scene by representation.

This project reverberated recreation and easy in my psyche. But in practice, it was quite difficult.

I discovered swiftly that it’s not enough simply to chronicle each background from the character’s point of view, because in order to convincingly connect the backgrounds, I had to create other stages in between as well.

Not merely that, a legend isn’t merely dialogue–I needed to explain why this reference said what she said, behaved how she did, and her thought process that led up to this point.

It was the first time I absolutely dissected a courage to try and understand what laid beneath the surface–the first step towards attribute development.

This project took up the majority of members of my summer that year and discontinued up being merely over a hundred sheets. I don’t echo doing much else in those three months. No regrets.

Writing fanfiction coached me so much about characterization.

2. Universe( or life) building

Universe( or macrocosm) construct can be quite a daunting concept.

This, I believe is another reason the idea of fanfiction is so tantalizing for countless beings.

Writing with an established cosmo is much like be participating in a quickly improved playground, instead of having to design and make your own equipment before you even get to go down a slither.

Every writer has their own versions of the same subject. The rules of vampirism varies between Dracula, Salem’s Lot, and Twilight.

Frankenstein is only one of hundreds of presentations of the undead, but that doesn’t mean the many versions of it can’t be just as interesting.

Writing fanfiction allows the writer to steer around these rules and at the same time become comfy with applying the “rules of the universe” into a particular setting and embed them into stories.

For most of my college years, I was quite preoccupied with a particular and obliterate macrocosm of ogres and undead( not Twilight ). I wrote tales about many people within the universe and a few hours made up my own.

In doing so, I better understood how fibs and courages are shaped and bent under the rules of their nature. Episodes take place, as well as ongoing cause and effect, exist because of these rules. A monster who turns to dust in the sunshine versus one who glows induce widely differing stories and conflicts.

Experimenting with macrocosm building feels less traumatic when it’s for amusing, and writing fanfiction liberated my imagery in this area.

3. Are confident

All writer’s need confidence to finish a book.

This perhaps was the most important and fundamental need fanfiction schooled me.

Writing original legends, or rather in general, had been very daunting for me before I started writing fanfiction, despite my life-long love of writing.

I didn’t know how to structure a plan or direct a fib, and most things I wrote before that were poor mimicries of Stephen King.

I had no idea what steps to take from novice to novelist( this was also some time before strong writing’ communities like The Write Practice were readily available online ).

But fanfiction was easy, and fanfiction was recreation.

I wrote my first fanfiction in its first year 2000 and was surprised at how much I was informed about writing by simply writing one legend. After that, every tale became a little better, and a little stronger, and I approached the next one with more confidence than I did the previous.

Fanfiction was the “gateway drug” that eventually got me really and truly fastened on writing and I haven’t stopped since.

Fanfiction “ve been given” the confidence I needed to finish and write more stories

5 Fanfiction Prompts You Can Try

I mentioned earlier that some writers want to write fanfiction but don’t know where to start. If this is you, don’t stress! Now are five fanfiction spurs you can try in order to get your thumbs unfolded 😛 TAGEND

Write a scene from your favorite movie from the perspectives of a back courage. Make sure they have their own objectives! To figure this out, consider writing a premise. Write a blurb about an element crucial to you story’s existing cosmo. For example, a brand-new Harry Potter incantation that is needed in order to accomplish something important in a scene, like Alohamora helps unlock doorways at crucial moments. Reinvent a favorite courage from infancy( such as how they might be rewritten in the modern world ), and then figure out what does them ironic in their fib.( Try writing our premise again .) Write a blurb about how an existing story might be different if it took place in a different time period. Give the create of your favorite fairytale, merely represent the Villain in the floor the protagonist. For lesson, Disney’s Maleficient.

Fanfiction Skills and Prompts Will Make You a Better Writer

Whether or not you write a 90,000 oath fiction based on your fanfiction project, or only a scene, writing fanfiction gives you the nuts and bolts for imagining how a narration might work.

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a story is starting. But when you write fanfiction, which you can do by choosing one of the fanfiction induces in this post, you don’t have to do all the character building and giving exertion alone–which means you get to really experiment with scheme and organization!

Either way, I think you’ll learn a science or two by practicing writing with some fanfiction.

Do you have experience with fanfiction? Let us know in the comments section below.


Now that you have five fanfiction spurs for your picking, choose one that excites you the most!

Spend the next fifteen minutes working on this reminder, and if “youve been” affection where it’s going, continue writing!

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