4 Mistakes that Doom the First Page of Your Manuscript

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Your novel’s first sheet is the last chance you get to hook your book. Writing your first page might be one of the scariest moments in writing a novel. So much is riding on it, and that’s a lot of pressing need to be addressed while you’re trying to craft the excellent opening string, or find the claim utter for the story. First off, relax. Yes, the first sheet is important, but you don’t have to get it right on a working draft, or any enlist until the final draft. You have plenty of time to craft a first page that will wow books, operators, and journalists. Many columnists don’t even know what the right first sheet is until they’re written the end of the book. But don’t ignore it either, because first sheets truly are as critical as everyone says. No matter how awesome the idea for a romance announces, if you read that first page and it’s a total dud–you don’t predicted on. And if a reader is peeking into your fiction to see if it steals them, and it doesn’t, bye-bye sale. Continue ReadingWritten by Janice Hardy. Fiction-University.com

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