5 Steps to Your Next Novel Idea

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Want to write a novel, but you precisely don’t know what to write about? This easy process can help. Finding fresh romance ideas is a daunting process, even when you know exactly the kind of story you want to tell. But sometimes you don’t know what you want to write, or you have a vague idea of a concept but aren’t sure how to take it beyond that. Maybe you know the types of romances your like to read, and the movies and TV shows you enjoy watching, and you know you want something along those lines, but still can’t find the right feeling to develop. It’s exactly very devastating. Sometimes, you really need a little help run your muse to the right idea for your novel. Not knowing what you want to write about is stymie, and it could cause you to jump into writing a novel with an idea that’s not yet ready. Diving in too soon often results in hitting a wall a few assemblies in ,~ ATAGEND which leads to even more frustration and a fear that you can’t be a writer after all. Continue ReadingWritten by Janice Hardy. Fiction-University.com

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