6 Ways to Fit More Story in Less Space

By Jose Pablo Iriarte, @LabyrinthRat Proportion of the Focus on Short Fiction Series JH: Hemingway’s prominent “six-word story” proves you can pack a lot of narrative into a small amount of room. Jose Pablo Iriarte share six tips-off on forming depth in short story. When I have conversations with other authors about writing and selling fiction–particularly when I’m be discussed with kinfolks who are aware of my store and anthology sales–I often hear novelists say some variation of “I couldn’t write abruptly fiction to save my life! It’s so hard to get a whole story in such a small space! ” Often there seems to be an implication that some people are born short story writers and some are not, which is where I take exception. Because the thing is, I likewise used to believe that I precisely wasn’t born with the knack for writing short-lived. Back around 2012, before I established my first sale, at my writing group’s firstly satisfying of the brand-new time, when we discussed our writing resolutions, I remember how mine was to figure out how to write a story of under five thousand names. This was something I had never hitherto succeeded in doing. In the years since, I’ve sold practically thirty short stories to transcend spec fic marketplaces, been nominated for honors, and generally come to be known as a short story writer. Continue ReadingWritten by Janice Hardy. Fiction-University.com

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