Z2 Comics has announced their latest collaboration projection with up-and-coming artist Teddy Swims for Swimmy and the Valley of the Last-place Song, an all-ages graphic novel starring Swimmy the Bear coming in Fall 2021.

teddy swims comic

Teddy Swims: Swimmy and the Valley of the Last-place Song will peculiarity an all-ages anthropomorphic copy of Teddy( or’ Swimmy ‘) and his stripe as they prepare to smacked the big time with all the pressures that go with it.

Adapting Teddy Swims’ tale of a little bear’s band vanishing big-hearted will be writer Grace Freud and illustrator Fred C. Stresing. Freud’s most recent work includes the Rick and Morty Presents: Jerryboree comic that came out earlier this month from Oni Press. Fred C. Stresing is a colorist and cartoonist that has done work for the Invader Zim comic book( likewise from Oni ).

The Teddy Swims comic will be available in standard and deluxe editions. The exclusive limited plush hardcover edition will include engraves by masters Ian McGinty, Michael Lee Harris, and Sarah Stern.

Versions of Teddy Swims: Swimmy and the Valley of the Last Song will moor in comic stores and diary patronizes in fail 2021 but you can also preorder the primo limited copy substance order from Z2’s online store as well.

An up-and-coming musician, Teddy Swims is the stage name of Jaten Dimsdale from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a vocalist that has built a strong following on YouTube via his music plasters( and by “strong”, we convey over 1.76 million readers ). He signed to Warner Records in January 2020. He previously was the frontman for rock-and-roll strip WildHeart.

teddy swims comic

On being granted the opportunity to tell a story in comics anatomy Teddy Swims says 😛 TAGEND

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of building my own universe of personas and storeys that everyone can enjoy , especially children. I think i am strongly that the number of jobs of a musician or anyone with a pulpit should use it to guide and influence the upcoming generation in a positive way! And for the adults I ever just wanted to is everything I can to preserve that child in all of us because it’s the most important part of us! That tell me anything, developing a comic book has always been a dream of mine! I hope you fall in love with Swimmy’s adventure as much as I have. Here’s to dreaming even bigger and making this a series! ”

Z2 Comics is a New York based publisher that specialises in creating comic book and the music industry together, with music artists are concerned with inventive crews to produce graphic stories based on their oeuvre or based on a fib meaning of their own. Z2 also goes writers and masters together for graphic profiles or collections inspired by classic musicians of yesteryear like Beethoven, Elvis, and The Doors.

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