Aecara – Small Biz Spotlight

Aecara – Small Biz Spotlight

Relax in Bed, but Better!

Occasionally you’ll spot a concoction and realise you haven’t seen anything like it. Aecara is launching two- the TeckStash and the TeckPad. Both were created to improve your experience looking at a tablet or reading a book while reclining, especially in bed. The TeckStash is like a small backpack you attach to the side of your bed, working with a variety of made designs. It can hold tablets, bibles, remotes, eReaders and more. Because it’s right next to you, you can easily slide parts into it while floating off to sleep. The TeckPad is a cushion that can be sat between your tablet or work and your figure. When harbouring either with your hands, the force focuses mainly on a restricted boundary or spine. The TeckPad spreads the force over a larger area, increasing your ease. It likewise cures frustrate rugs and draping from blocking the bottom of your screen or encroaching with turning pages. The TeckStash is constituted in California using fine Italian leather sourced in the Napa Valley, while the TeckPad is formed in Florida using pinnacle gradation, full cereal Vacchetta vegetable browned Italian skin. Both produces are patent-pending.


To learn more about TeckPad and TeckStash, visit aecara.com.

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