Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Audibles at the Line: Week 13 Andrew Potter 07 Dec 2020, 03:30 am

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr

compiled by Andrew Potter

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Indianapolis Colts 26 at Houston Texans 20

Dave Bernreuther: Last-place week’s loss to Derrick Henry and the Titans was easy to forgive, given the missing defensive starters, but it was still quite marring , not just to the Colts’ divisional hopes, but to their playoff hopes in general; “its not” hard-boiled at all to craft scenarios in ESPN’s Playoff Machine wherein a 10 -6 Colts team misses the playoffs absolutely. As it stands, they’re 7-4 and in the seventh seed, a game up on the Raiders and Ravens( to who they lost ), with HOU-LV-HOU-PIT-JAX upcoming. Today’s game, then, is a very big one for the Colts.

So it is not great information, then, to see confirmation that Philip Rivers needs surgery on his right foot and is playing through what is apparently bad turf toe. It’s bit cliche to point to the past two Decembers and have shown that he fights to drive the ball to the sidelines, and his accuracy has always outweighed what was never that strong an forearm anyway, but as a veteran of numerous a paw fascia harm( including right now, even ), somebody … if I was Romeo Crennel I’d be cheating up on the running backs and short-lived material A Spate. As a Colts fan, I’m going to be very afraid of a 2015 Manning category place here.

Using the backs a lot is a good feeling against the Texans regardles, of course, and Reich can do wonderful things with three tighten culminates on the field, so perhaps the game plan won’t change much, but Anthony Castonzo being out again this week certainly levels the playing field a bit. The edge on the punt unit is also constricted, if not eliminated, with the loss of Rigoberto Sanchez, and the Texans likewise have the indulgence of a few extra daytimes of formulation after playing on Thanksgiving.

All of which is to say … good-for-nothing. The Texans have Deshaun Watson, who has shown himself to be incredible and capable of carrying the team no matter how many fixes the organization ties around his ankles. If he plays like he has been playing , none of the above even subjects. Either the Colts stop or at least limit him, or the Texans can treat their playoff hopes a severe blow.

Bryan Knowles: Rivers’ foot injury helps explain why the Colts have been using Jacoby Brissett as a situational player; Rivers isn’t exactly portable at the best of epoches, but working on a skunk hoof dampers the stranges of meeting those sidles and short-yardage pickups.

Of course, if Rivers can simply stand in the pocket unpressured, he doesn’t need a fully functional foot to work. Rivers was a perfect 4-for-4 on the Colts’ opening drive, starting and ending video games with long incomes to T.Y. Hilton, whom the Texans are trying to contain in person coverage. It, uh, isn’t working so far. I know Hilton hasn’t had a frequently successful season, but the Texans may want to consider having some safe help on him, or this is going to be a long day.

Bryan Knowles: Of course, the Colts do not have the best quarterback in this matchup — sorry, Rivers. The Colts have pushed Deshaun Watson on every drop back so far, but it’s not enough to get pressure on him — you have to actually get him down. Sometimes, that’s working — DeForest Buckner previously has a big sack. Sometimes, it thrusts Watson to scramble; he’s up to 18 scurrying gardens previously. And sometimes, it just lets Watson hit the foreground spool, dodging and knitting through traffic until he acquires a wide-open Keke Coutee 40 gardens downfield to set up, what else, a Watson touchdown run the next gambling. 7-7 halfway through the first.

Dave Bernreuther: One thing I didn’t mention earlier was T.Y. Hilton. His dominance of the Texans was put to bed last season and his multitudes this year have been down, so the relevant recommendations that he might abruptly pop up and dominate again was, well, more popular than it should have been given how little his actual game/ skills have changed( countless Colts scribes have pointed out that he has still been going open, draw coverage, etc ,, even as his the objective and grounds have drooped lately ). I witnessed Hilton 100 -yard game at +750 on some sportsbooks, and through one drive, anyone who got those stranges is probably feeling good about it.

In other word, DeShaun Watson is good. After Buckner announced his return with a first-down sack, Watson ranged for 7, escaped serious persuade for a 64 -yard dart on the run, and ran away it in from 11 grounds. 82 yards, easy as pie.

Dave Bernreuther: One play after a near-pick in the end zone( accurately ruled imperfect ), Watson almost shed another, through no defect of his own … genuinely sporting toy depicting a ton of range there by Anthony Walker over the midriff. Prompts me of vintage Gary Brackett. I kind of just wanted an excuse to say I miss Gary Brackett, because he was awesome, but also, as I’ve said several times this year: these Colts linebackers are the best I’ve seen in pass coverage since the better days of the Tony Dungy tenure.

Bryan Knowles: Had a bit of a lag now, as the refs had to review whether or not Hilton came down in fastens on a leaping catch on third-and-9. It’s Hilton against the Texans — of course it was a catch. Hilton’s up to 74 yards once; that’s his second-biggest day of the year, and we’re simply at the end of the first one-fourth, with the Colts nursing on to a 14 -1 0 lead.

Bryan Knowles: I love that squads going for it on fourth down has become commonplace fairly that we don’t feel the need to talk about it all that often. Sure, some crews are smarter about it than others, but it’s a pretty universal NFL trend, and that’s exceptionally pleasing to me.

Frank Reich has always been pretty good about going for it on fourth, but even he probably threw a second thought to it this time. The Colts had third-and-1, but DeMichael Harris was substance for a 3-yard loss, putting Indy in no man’s land. A 56 -yard field goal attempt wasn’t peculiarly requesting, so the Colts had to go for it on fourth-and-4, calling a pretty simple running back screen to Jonathan Taylor. It was a decent screen and probably would have picked up the first down no matter what, but the Texans cleared the adventurous pick of not dealing Taylor in any way, influence or flesh. Taylor purposes up participate in the 2-yard pass and growling the remaining part 37 yards to the end zone. An absolute defensive disaster for the Texans, and the Colts have a 21 -1 0 lead.

Dave Bernreuther: My love for Frank Reich is real. My criticisms of the third-down play( jet sweep-ish play with grim stymie) are out the window when the idea all along was to go for it on fourth, which it was. And then a beautiful call to a forgotten Jonathan Taylor coming out of the backfield for a catch-and-run touchdown on fourth-and-4 from the 39 — a recognize at which all previous Colts tutors would have punted, even when they had the best offense in the tournament, for what it’s worth — introduces the Colts up two scores.

Third-and-8 on the next drive for the Texans, I’m not sure Watson was wise to pull the missile down and leave a clean pocket through a narrow divergence, but damn … demonstrates what I know. It opened up space for a big play to continue the drive. He’s good.

Bryan Knowles: Watson is almost as good as the Texans’ defense is bad. Houston’s defense isn’t the worst I’ve seen by any stretch of the imagination, but they seem to have a couple of horrendous mental missteps per part — guys being in the wrong position , not reporting their guy, hitting the wrong chink — merely a complete lack of self-discipline. That’s roughly more annoying than precisely being talent-starved.

But, again, as frustrating as it is to watch the Houston defense, it’s that enjoyable to watch Watson working. I was going to type “the Texans offense, ” but I’m pretty sure Watson is a synonym for that at this top. The Colts restrain putting him in persuade, he hinders slipping apart, and he remains seeing big-hearted plays. And maybe because the Colts are worried about stopping Watson’s arm, the Texans RUN offense is making a rare appearance. They’re at 6.3 grounds per rush, and that isn’t … well, it isn’t all Watson, David Johnson had a couple of large-scale moves on the Texans’ last drive, including the touchdown to cut the Colts lead to 21 -1 7.

Fun game, this one.

Dave Bernreuther: Is it me or is Watson slipping pockets through the exact same recognise every time( left patrol )? I wonder if there’s a method to adjust your defensive Line calls to account for and sort of trap that. At times he has seemed maybe a tad very willing to leave, but not in that same deer-in-headlights happy-feet way that some of his peers do … and anyway, it works for him, so I’m not going to call it a bad thing.

T.Y. Hilton induced it to that 100 -yard milestone in the first half, so last year actually was just an anomaly, I approximate. Man, his statline in this building is something else…

And speaking of that build, I’ve been on a few parties, but the first of which was during Cookout for a BBQ competition back in its infancy. It is only fitting, then, that I smoked ribs today … and they are FANTASTIC. I’m high-fiving myself for these ones. Maybe this is not for Audibles, but you guys are my sole football-watching company this year( and I like that !) and if I’m not able to share the ribs themselves at least I can share in my pride.

Dave Bernreuther: Castonzo’s absence gets noticed bigly on a third-and-3 that concludes with a bad overcome and a sack to kill a drive near midfield. No difficulty, though, as the defenses have altered in this second half. The Colts get the ball back quickly and move into the red zone despite four straight Flows incompletions. Backed up to third-and-1 3, a immediate screen to Michael Pittman — well blocked, unlike apparently every other screen I’ve seen in all tournaments today — gets them to within a ground of the first down. Reich decides to go for it, and the drain is substance … as I send a text saying “I’m curious what Aaron determines about the probabilities on that one.” But I don’t hate patronage a sackable quarterback up against his goal line — Justin Houston gets to Watson for a security. So that worked out delicately, and in this scoreless half, it’s fitting that the protection gets on the board first.

With a three-point lead I’d go for it every time, but up four … I want to say that even I might have considered the field goal. Aaron, what say the numbers?

Dave Bernreuther: So after the fourth-down attempt and the safety, Nyheim Hines smashes a clever long return on the free kick, simply to have it come back on what I believe is Anthony Walker’s third penalty of the day, Nursing the six-point lead, the Colts get a bit conservative and start milking the clock, which was going instead cromulently until yet another holding penalty, this one by Ryan Kelly. A third-down shrug of a screen provides them up for a punt from midfield … and this is where Sanchez is missed, as Ryan Allen reels it into the end zone. And now, after all that … the Colts have the dreaded six-point lead against Deshaun Watson starting on the 20 with spate of go. Ugh. A field goal would have iced the game, and they knew it. And they sort of played like it too.

And now the Texans are inside the 10 already in exactly the time it required in order to kind that.

Dave Bernreuther: Oh, wow. Immediately after CBS left a graphic with IND 8-4 and HOU at 4-8 on screen for WAY too long while the Texans were lined up in second-and-goal, they click the ball into Watson’s freaking shin and the Colts recover.

What a stupid, stupid lane to lose a game. But likewise what a perfect path to sum up the course that Watson’s team has disappointed him. Sorry, Rivers.

Rivers McCown: Outside of blowing that fourth-down play, the Texans had I made a very good defensive epoch for them. Chaz Green was touched on, but they also stuffed the extend better than they have in a bit. Of trend, that’s a real “Other than that, how was the frolic, Mrs. Lincoln? ” line. But, well, babe stairs for them.

The Texans’ interior line was subdued by DeForest Buckner all day and though Watson did a great job eating on zones, the lack of a real man-to-man winner on large-hearted third downs mattered. Here’s the long form on it. Watson took this loss very personally.

New Orleans Saints 21 at Atlanta Falcons 16

Bryan Knowles: It seems very likely we will see our first team clinch the playoffs today, though which squad will win the race to punch their ticket firstly is fairly interesting. Three squads can finalize their places today — the Saints, Steelers, and Chiefs. New Orleans can get their playoff berth finished here in the early space if they shape the Falcons and the Lion trounced the Bears. Detroit over Chicago is a tough ask, however; the Saints may have to wait until next week to actually slip in. Pittsburgh get in with a winning, but their activity has been gotta go back to Monday night; they have to count on an shock here in the early window — Bengals over Dolphins, Texans over Colts, or Jets over Raider — to get in today. With all three of those results seeming unlikely, it was possible to the Chiefs, who get in with a win over the Broncos in the nightcap, who end up in the postseason first.

Of course, there is no actual benefit to constructing the playoffs firstly, but it’s a merriment thing to keep an eye on as the early tournaments play out.

Aaron Schatz: Three straight three-and-outs, two for Atlanta and one for New Orleans. Atlanta’s first drive was about the New Orleans push, the second largest drive was about the coverage. Matt Ryan actually had day on third-and-6 and there was nobody open with a double team on Julio Jones. Taysom Hill actually connected on his two pass but one was short and the other ran right through Tre’Quan Smith’s hands. Saints escape a fourth straight three-and-out when Grady Jarrett proceeds low-pitched on Hill on third-and-long for a roughing the passer. Kind of surprising how much Hill has quitted back to pass so far. Some not even with play-action, a lot of straight dropbacks. Partly due to down-and-distance, but he turned a second-and-2 0 into a brand-new place of downs with two consummations. Oh, and a 43 -yard scramble where he remain in covers right down the sideline, and then a progress touchdown! To a wide-open Smith. Busted coverage. Looks like Darqueze Dennard was supposed to have him but uttered him a lot of cushion … which is strange because in the end zone, there’s no need to give so much cushion, it’s not like Smith can run any deep downfield. 7-0 Saints.

Aaron Schatz: Saints simply missed a 40 -yard field goal so it’s still 7-3 but they are moving the bullet and the Falcons are not. Taysom Hill somehow has 16 pass attempts and 0 designed moves so far in this game.( His runs are a scramble and a muffed handoff that goes accused as a run by him .)

Aaron Schatz: This is weird but Taysom Hill looks like a real son today. I represent, a real NFL quarterback. Obviously, you don’t make decisions based on one half, but Atlanta has been a good defense the last few weeks. Hill has proselytized a third-and-8, a third-and-1 3, and a third-and-1 7. He’s 17 -for-2 3 at halftime and didn’t have a designed moved gambling until 2:00 left in the second quarter. The Falcons were transmitting blitzes up the middle on him, but that 43 -yard scramble sort of reassured them not to do that, so now there’s very little pass pressure. The Saints would have more points except for a missed field goal, and then a decision to go for it on fourth-and-7 in no man’s land where Jared Cook put a pass that would have altered. Meanwhile, Atlanta’s offense is mostly living off a got a couple of large-hearted dallies and continues to stall out in the red zone. 14 -9 at halftime.

Vince Verhei: Aaron beat me to the punch, but it’s striking how sharp-worded Hill has been participating in third downs today. The Saints are 6-for-9 on third downs, and I conceive all six members of those conversions are Hill periods — and, as Aaron memo, many of those have been in long yardage.

Dave Bernreuther: Hill also threw a excellent pass on a fourth-and-7( another of those downs that no longer see us cause an eyebrow) that stumble Jared Cook in the handwritings and was removed. The only thing I’ve seen him not do well was one early deep pass that looked wobbly and nowhere near anyone, but I repute even that one was just a miscommunication where his receiver cut off the route.

Matt Ryan has been targeting Russell Gage almost every time I look up, which strikes me as a bad hypothesi, as he has one catch for 3 gardens on his five targets( but did select a pennant just before the halftime field goal ). Doesn’t substance who the offensive toy caller is in Atlanta, it seems … still a lot of dumb fades in the red zone, including one to Gage that had no prayer.

Aaron Schatz: OK, maybe some of what’s going on with the Falcons offense is their route theories. On third-and-8, they passed a bunch of short-lived interesting thing including a throw to Julio Jones 7 grounds short of the sticks. Don’t you maybe mail Julio Jones past the sticks on third-and-8?

Aaron Schatz: Russell Gage eventually comes alive. Earlier in the game he had plummets and slips on the grass, but the Falcons just came back with a huge scoring drive after Taysom Hill fumbled in the red zone. Three big extends to Gage including one where he had to reach back for a tough ball but caught it anyway, and then the touchdown where they resolved up with him one-on-one with linebacker Kwon Alexander. It’s now 21 -1 6 Saints.

Bryan Knowles: Well, well, this game isn’t quite over yet after all. The Falcons have been stalling out the working day, with really three field goals to their name, but the Saints haven’t been able to applied them away. A big drive from Russell Gage — three celebrations for 48 grounds, including the touchdown — has made this a one-score game with 7:43 left. Seahawks and Packers devotees viewing their breath; a Falcons disturbed now would be huge in the scoot for the NFC bye…

Bryan Knowles: And, to close off the indicate earlier — the Saints’ win, plus the Lions’ comeback, means they’re the first team to clinch a playoff bunk this year. Congratulations!

Aaron Schatz: Saints’ offense shut down in the fourth quarter, which together with some defensive mistakes gave the Falcons to come back into the game, but overall this was the best quarterback game for Taysom Hill. Yes there were a got a couple of balls that could have been picked off but I was startled how good he looked, especially on some of those later third downs when the Falcons double-faced Michael Thomas and Hill had to go somewhere else. Part of it was a real lack of pass pressure coming from the Falcons.

Marshon Lattimore had some difficulties in coverage today, and Calvin Ridley had a huge 27 -yard catch on him to continue the Falcons’ last-place big drive, but after 65 gardens the Falcons raced out of steam in the red zone yet again. The Falcons got to second-and-2 on the Saints 13 but then Gurley for no yards, Gurley caught vanishing horizontal and was withdrawn up for a loss of 7, and finally a pass a little over Julio Jones’ top in the end zone. The Falcons did get the ball back one more time but that last drive had just 27 seconds to go 61 gardens and ended in a Hail Mary attempt.

Cleveland Browns 41 at Tennessee Titans 35

Scott Spratt: On their opening drive, Baker Mayfield marched the Browns fairly easily down the field against the Titans’ No. 27 DVOA pass defense. He connected with Rashard Higgins for 35 gardens, then after a pump forgery left him in an ungainly propelling posture, Mayfield still thumped rookie Donovan Peoples-Jones in the handwritings on what would have been a walk-in touchdown. However, People-Jones dropped the pass, and the Browns subsequently stopped and adjudicated for a field goal to give them a 3-0 lead.

Carl Yedor: Cleveland took the missile and moved it quite effectively until they bogged down in the red zone. Their red zone contends could mainly be blamed on a first-down declined by Donovan Peoples-Jones, who descended what would have likely been a touchdown directly down the midriff of the field. Mayfield had to double clutch his discard to avoid getting it slapped away or picked off, so it’s possible that the timing change messed with Peoples-Jones when he was expecting the dance. Regardless, Cleveland was stick from there and had to settle for three after mixing Nick Chubb runs with some chunk throws.

Tennessee, unsurprisingly, boasted a heavy quantity of Derrick Henry and their customary play-action. After a third-down play-action pass out of a jumbo define that fell incomplete when intended for an eligible lineman, Henry tried to power forward to convert the fourth-and-1, but Cleveland’s defense deemed house and got the stop. It appeared that Henry altered the fourth down, but the replay notion was not decisive enough to overturn the spot.

Offensively, this looks about as anticipated, with both teams fastening to the formulae that have gotten them to indistinguishable 8-3 records thus far. The Titans’ 8-3 is obviously substantially more impressive, but if Cleveland can lean on their hasten criticize and shorten this tournament by reducing the number of controls, they could pull the disturb with superior execution.

Dave Bernreuther: Fat Guy Touchdown! Kendall Lamm unveiled for the 1-yard value. Mayfield is not missing the easy touchdowns the coming week so far.

The Browns, 22 nd in DVOA and universally regarded as a horrible 8-3 team, are now up 17 -0 at 8-3 Tennessee.

Just like we all foreseen … right?

Scott Spratt: Big man touchdown! Offensive undertake Kendall Lamm employs the Browns up 17 -0.

#Browns with a BIG GUY TOUCHDOWN for a 17 -0 lead-in over the #Titans

OT Kendall Lamm gets it in.pic.twitter.com/ 9E5BscFQNP

— Dov Kleiman (@ NFL_DovKleiman) December 6, 2020

I guess turnovers can always make a difference, but I didn’t see this one coming. The Titan are 12 th and the Browns are 22 nd in DVOA this year.

Scott Spratt: And unexpectedly every play has significant harms. As Ryan Tannehill connected with Corey Davis to cut the Titans’ deficit to 17 -7, A.J. Brown pulled up short and grabbed his knee without clearing contact with anyone.

Vince Verhei: Titan get back into this on back-to-back huge catches, the first by A.J. Brown where he outjumped Terrance Mitchell for a 40 -yard gain on a stratum roadway to the left side. Next snap, Ryan Tannehill goes to his right, and there’s Corey Davis high-pointing the chunk for the score.

CD with the Mitts! @TheCDavis84

: Watch #CLEvsTEN on CBS pic.twitter.com/ kUWgeqXrMz

— Tennessee Titans (@ Titans) December 6, 2020

Cleveland still conducts … and Donovan Peoples-Jones simply scorched some inadequate Titans cornerback on an out-and-up for a long touchdown and Cleveland goes up 24 -7.

Dave Bernreuther: The Titans drove for a very quick answer after the Lamm score, but if you blinked you missed an even quicker response: Donovan Peoples-Jones got another one, on a sugared double move down the sideline, and the Browns have now put together four scoring drives in four attempts.

Carl Yedor: The first levels on the board for Tennessee come at a cost. After the Derrick Henry fumble set up Cleveland’s second touchdown of the afternoon, the Titans turned to the air to turn things around. Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-3 through the aura, including a 40 -yard dart to A.J. Brown and a touchdown pass to Corey Davis. Brown, nonetheless, went down with a non-contact injury on the touchdown represent after catching both targets for a combined 52 yards in the drive. Hopefully he’s alright — he was able to get up and was helped off the field — because Derrick Henry’s six carries for 15 gardens and a fumble won’t get the Titans back into this game.

…and maybe nothing will. Chocolate-browns answer with a 75 -yard touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones. 24 -7 Cleveland.

Vince Verhei: I consider Breon Borders( 39 for Tennessee) has to retire now. I don’t make the rules.

75-yard TD @bakermayfield finds @dpeoplesjones for six!

: @NFLonCBS pic.twitter.com/ lF3XS1AEex

— Cleveland Browns (@ Browns) December 6, 2020

Scott Spratt: A.J. Brown came back into this game, so at least one good thing happened for the Titan in this first half.

Dave Bernreuther: Another 90 -yard drive, another touchdown pass for Baker Mayfield, who is a scant few yards from a perfect passer rating. The Browns are flat-out destroying the Titans.

Carl Yedor: So much for needing to shorten the game. This is a beatdown. Tennessee has no answer for Cleveland’s offense, which is putting on a clinic. That’s a moderately decent stun, though Tennessee’s defense has striven a lot this year. The bigger astound has been Cleveland shutting down the Tennessee offense, especially the race attack. Derrick Henry has 15 gardens and a fumble, which has helped lead to the Titans gaping completely out of sorts. Tennessee has a chance to fix things ogle more estimable, but it would take an epic collapse to turn this into a win.

Tom Gower: What to say about that tournament, since I didn’t talk about it live? As noted, the Titan came in with the 28 th-ranked defense. As I noted on Twitter earlier the coming week, the much-ballyhooed-around-Nashville defensive turnaround that seemed to coincide with Desmond King’s arrival obscured a security that maybe still wasn’t so great. By DVOA, the Titan had actually been worse in the past four tournaments than they were before that, even with the tremendous third-down improvement. There were reasonableness to think they might actually help to improve some, since the early-season non-awfulness was built on an interception charge that you probably couldn’t rely on going forward generate your pass hasten is Harold Landry and, uh, don’t ask, with no real hope for personnel improvement given Ian Rapoport’s report this morning that Jadeveon Clowney had season-ending knee surgery. The real question is as much as why Breon Borders, a scrap-heap player on his … seventh NFL team? … went trounce a got a couple of ages for long touchdowns as why he seemed to be a better option than the since-released Johnathan Joseph. This is probably just one play, like the “defense carries bad offense” game against Chicago or the “offense is great except can’t turn that into points” against Cincinnati or “the defense’s two districts of control” last week against the Colts formerly Anthony Castonzo went out are still merely one tournament( each ). That it happened this week was a surprise and doesn’t mean it’s going to happen next week( if it does against the Jaguars and Mike Glennon …), but it’s within the range of potential pretty much every week.

The Titans defense appeared better in the second half, because the Browns intentionally decided to “shorten” the game by running at literally almost every opportunity. They operated on first-and-1 0, first-and-2 0, and third-and-1 7( plus a scramble on second-and-1 8 !) one self-possession, while the extended fourth-quarter possession featured seven lopes and two third-down screen passes. A commitment to not-that-effective early-down gush was why I visualized this sport might sneakily be a bit low-scoring, but that ceased up only being true-blue of the Browns final 30 minutes.

Anyway, a very bad week for Tennessee and a very good week for Cleveland( until the final two minutes of the game induced things a bit more interesting for their purpose ). But like I said, it’s probably merely one tournament, until it’s more than that.

Cincinnati Bengals 7 at Miami Dolphins 19

Scott Spratt: Wow, Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard just made an acrobatic interception.

Xavien Howard grabs his 8th INT of the season!( causes NFL) #FinsUp

: #CINvsMIA on CBS: NFL app // Yahoo Sport app: https :// t.co/ nO8DOddpx2 pic.twitter.com/ GtdNvR0 0Vi

— NFL (@ NFL) December 6, 2020

That establishes him eight for the season, “the worlds largest” in the NFL. When he and Byron Jones both come healthful, the Dolphins started their ascent to their current position of 10 th in DVOA pass defense.

Scott Spratt: That breakout pass defense I just mentioned very quickly lost starting safe Eric Rowe and starting linebacker Elandon Roberts to harms today. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Brandon Allen just thumped Tyler Boyd for a short completion that Boyd then was transformed into a 72 -yard touchdown.

Huge touchdown for Tyler Boyd! pic.twitter.com/ xCgPp0UuPR

— Dynasty Nerds (@ DynastyNerds) December 6, 2020

That’s safety Bobby McCain that makes the appalling route for the tackle that allows Boyd to turn the corner and value. I’m guessing the Rowe and Roberts made a difference on the play.

Scott Spratt: Yikes , now left lookout Ereck Flowers is down disabled for the Dolphins. This first one-fourth has not been kind to the Dolphins’ playoff hazards, even apart from their 7-0 inadequacy to the Bengals.

Scott Spratt: Oh no! The Dolphins did their sweet forgery field goal formation at the goal line, and regular punter Matt Haack ran in a touchdown. But an illegal shaping penalty because of non-declared eligible linemen erased it out and motivated the Dolphins to settle for a field goal.

This didn’t count, but holy inhales I care it did. That’s a direct crack to Matt Haack, the #Dolphins punter. pic.twitter.com/ myBSwiStTg

— NFL Update (@ MySportsUpdate) December 6, 2020

Apparently both of the linemen who failed to declare themselves eligible are rookies. What a bummer.

Scott Spratt: Well, Tua Tagovailoa just had his highlight of the year killed by a frightful Jakeem Grant drop. I think that was going 90 grounds for a touchdown.

tua threw a dime pic.twitter.com/ TCbM8eAk 5L

— josh houtz (@ houtz) December 6, 2020

Meanwhile, Tagovailoa was hit hard on a pitch last-minute in the drive. It was like an imperfect pass to me, but the Bengals scooped and composed, and the comedy was ruled a fumble-return touchdown on the field( which I always like when the refs cause the continue continue if they are unsure ). It’s being reviewed as I nature this.

Scott Spratt: The fumble-return touchdown was overruled on further consideration and regarded an imperfect pass.

I chose to watch this game because I meditated Tua might be the foreground of an otherwise underwhelming early slate of sports. But do you know who isn’t stimulated to see Tua play today? Tv commentator James Lofton. On that 90 -yard drop, Lofton insinuated that Tua was responsible for the fell because his transfers spin differently than a right-handed passer’s would. And on the incompletion/ fumble continue, he announced out Tua for failing to see a pass-rusher that he said Ryan Fitzpatrick ought to have been seen.

Bryan Knowles: Woah, the arc of this one time modified. Both Xavien Howard and Tyler Boyd exhausted on the same play, for … swiping one another in the facemask? Maybe I missed a punch being throw somewhere, but good-for-nothing on any of the replays I witnessed even vindicated a personal foul, much less an expulsion, much less an ejection for both musicians. Zwuh?

Scott Spratt: I truly don’t see that at all, Bryan. Neither player punched the other. It was some simple shoving.

Tyler boyd and Xavien Howard exhausted for throwing punches pic.twitter.com/ LcUYQxzAJw

— Fried (@ FriedWillBarton) December 6, 2020

Rob Weintraub: Not exclusively were both musicians ejected, which is ridiculous, but somehow the Bengals get penalise 15 grounds while Miami’s punch is deemed not penalty-worthy. Makes it a 53 -yard field goal, which, in “the worlds largest” predictable fraction of the season, Randy Bullock misses. Miami , now already almost in compas for Jason sanders, is offering three points to make it 7-6 at the half.

A sequence that practically parts up the 2020 Bengals. At least a loss , now definite, actually cures the team in the big picture.

Scott Spratt: I guess it’s not only James Lofton because the CBS halftime squad really berated the Dolphins for playing Tua as well. Is this a Ryan Fitzpatrick “respect among former players” thing? I thoughts Tua represented fine in the first half beyond even the Jakeem Grant drop.

Scott Spratt: Tua passed an effortless-seeming touchdown drive to start the second half going 5-of-6 for 76 yards. Maybe that will change some psychoanalyst sentiments about him?

Scott Spratt: Tua is having some prosperity even out in the second half of the year. Check out this sweet one-handed snag by tight culminate Mike Gesicki!

What a CATCH by Mike Gesicki — @EAMaddenNFLpic.twitter.com/ LNDxFlDp9 4

— Dov Kleiman (@ NFL_DovKleiman) December 6, 2020

Scott Spratt: Emmanual Ogbah precisely made out the Dolphins’ collective exasperation on quarterback Brandon Allen, stripping him on a sacking and allowing teammate Christian Wilkins to scoop and score.

On review, the refs deepened the finding to an incomplete pass. But I wouldn’t want to be Allen right now backed up against his own objective zone.

Rob Weintraub: A bad hit by Michael Thomas as a gunner leads to Brian Flores guiding two-thirds of his crew across the field to engage in an all-out brawl. Three ejections developed, including Davante Parker for slugging a Bengals coach. That’s five dudes exhausted today, or one more than Zac Taylor has triumphs in roughly two seasons. Somehow Flores wasn’t penalized. Meanwhile Jonah Williams, who missed all of his rookie season to injury, comes rolled up on and get carted off, to go with his rookie quarterback. What a year. What a team.

Scott Spratt: Ever since that Dolphins’ defensive non-touchdown, the Dolphins defense has constantly been in the backfield thumping the Bengals quarterback. Brandon Allen was knocked out of the game with a chest harm, and so Ryan Finley is in now.

Rob Weintraub: Also, the Bengals dressed only three cornerbacks today and one, Mackensie Alexander, used to go with a impact. One of the healthy ones is LeShaun Sims, who is … not good. So obstruct that in perspective when analyzing Tua.

Oh, and now Brandon Allen is hurt, and QB3, Ryan Finley, is in. What fun.

Jacksonville Jaguars 24 at Minnesota Vikings 27( OT)

Scott Spratt: It’s 1:25 p.m. ET, and the Jaguars and Jets are currently both up at least seven objects. By my count, those crews have led on precisely 42 and 63 offensive frolics all season. No other unit has already led on fewer than 100 offensive plays.

Scott Spratt: I simply “ve seen how” the Jaguars made that lead 😛 TAGEND

Laviska Shenault’s tipped-pass touchdown looked like a Madden glitch pic.twitter.com/ HcENxjMkcQ

— BroBible (@ BroBible) December 6, 2020

Pretty amazing.

Bryan Knowles: This activity was 9-6 Jaguars at the half — clearly, a bad epoch for Minnesota, but you can go into the locker room, shake it off, and come back out strong. The Vikings are a significantly better team than Jacksonville, so a reset should favor them…

… but on the very first play of the second half, Kirk Cousins throws the bullet straight-shooting to Joe Schobert, who takes it all the way back to the house. Oops.

To be fair, the Vikings moved the chunk on the second largest drive, affecting Justin Jefferson for a big 40 -yard gain — and here’s where we plug our ESPN article about the best rookie wide receiver seasons in biography. That leads to a orchestrate, so it’s still time a three-point Jaguars lead, 16 -1 3. Still, Jacksonville playing like a crew which doesn’t care if they have a chance for the top select or not.

Scott Spratt: Speaking of Justin Jefferson, he exactly scored a touchdown and gone over 1,000 gardens on the season in time 12 games.

Justin Jefferson #FantasyFootball | #Skol pic.twitter.com/ u2Wn4ANrvx

— QB List (@ TheQBlist) December 6, 2020

The Vikings finally have their first make at 19 -1 6. I’m going to be disheartened when the Jags and Jets end up losing by 20 apiece after their red-hot starts today.

Bryan Knowles: Don’t count the Aircraft out of the No. 1 picking just yet — the Jaguars march down the field and value the touchdown AND the two-point conversion, and we have a tie at 24 with 1:08 left!

Las Vegas Raiders 31 at New York Jets 28

Dave Bernreuther: FanDuel Sportsbook affixed earlier that someone made a $ 25 preseason bet on the Jets’ first prevail being today. At +25000! It’s 7-0 early, and I’d love to know who stimulated that bet, and if this activity abides close, I’ll likewise love to know whether he has any fingernails to stay in about two hours.

Scott Spratt: Derek Carr restrained the game up with a touchdown pass to Darren Waller about two seconds after you wrote that, Dave. Maybe the soothsayer won’t have to bite his tacks off after all.

Dave Bernreuther: Yeah, he’ll come find me and peel pit off instead. My in-game jinges this year are just brutal.

Vince Verhei: We’re held at 7-7 following the adjournment of the first quarter. Looters have moved the dance well on both of their drives, but the first was concluded in a tip-drill interception that ricochetted off of Henry Rugg’s sides and into Arthur Maulet’s. Second drive had a much better conclusion: a 9-yard touchdown to Darren Waller. Waller is already up to six catches for 79 gardens and that compose after 15 minutes.

What’s going on with the Jet is more interesting. Aircraft got a touchdown on their first drive when Sam Darnold affected Jamison Crowder on third-and-goal from the 3. Announcers then started talking about how Darnold had a tendency to get off to slow starts. That didn’t fit my intuition, so I checked Darnold’s DVOA lists 😛 TAGEND

First one-fourth: -2. 5% Second fourth: -2 9.8% Third quarter: -6 1.5% Fourth/OT: -7 3.0%

Yeah, I don’t think it’s the slow starts that have been the problem.

One of the questions( the many, many questions) we have had about the Airplane pique this year is why a unit “thats going” utterly nowhere has given a 200 -year-old running back so much playing time. Well, that may not be an issue anymore — Frank Gore has left the game, being evaluated with jolt evidences. After he leaves, Josh Adams — who has only 12 carries in the past two years coming into today — gets a 25 -yard run when the Raiders safeties take painful angles and let him run up the middle. That mounts up Crowder’s second touchdown of the working day when the Raiders lose track of him out of a cluster constitution, and the Airplane are up 13 -7 now.

Scott Spratt: It is technically true-life that Sam Darnold has had sluggish starts, Vince. He just hasn’t gotten better over the rest of the game.

Vince Verhei: You know what Scott, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I suppose you’re right.

Bryan Knowles: Start biting those claws again, Unidentified Bettor, because the Flow time scored again to re-take the lead. The miss the additional extent, so it’s simply 13 -7, but still, it’s the Spurt. Apparently, the Raiders’ sluggishness wasn’t merely a thing against the Falcons.

Dave, you said that someone bet money that this would be the Jets’ firstly win before the season started? That would be some superb precognition.

Vince Verhei: I have reassuring report, everyone: the Plane still suck after all. Sam “Slow Start” Donald has two sack-fumbles and an interception on back-to-back-to-back drives in the second quarter for New York. The first of those turnovers led to a Daniel Carlson field goal; the second led to Darren Waller’s second touchdown of the working day, which, well…

D-Wall just made the decision to make love himself

That’s in one half for 83. #LVvsNYJ | CBS pic.twitter.com/ LpUeg8hr 6j

— Las Vegas Raiders (@ Raiders) December 6, 2020

That’s Bryce Hall( 37) and then Marcus Maye( 20) playing “defense” for the Flow on that non-tackle. Waller is now up to 8-123-2.

After that third Darnold turnover, the Jet came up with back-to-back sacks on the last two frisks of the half to prevent a field goal, but the Invaders are still up 17 -1 3 at halftime.

Vince Verhei: Looter open the second half with a 13 -play, 75 -yard touchdown drive. They had just a dozen scurrying yards during the first half; the government has 39 on that drive, the last two coming on Derek Carr’s scramble for a touchdown on second-and-goal. They also got two more first downs from Darren Waller, who is now up to 10 catches in 13 targets for 151 yards and two touchdowns. I just inspected the best tight end DYAR game in our database: it was Travis Kelce against Houston in the playoffs last year. His statline that day: 10 -1 2-134-3. The Plane have been a little below average against tight points this year, so opposing revisions won’t do Waller any advantages there.

Scott Spratt: Plane followers must dislike to see Sam Darnold putting up these kinds of great efforts to make it into the end zone.

Sam Darnold with the truck stick into the end zone. TD Plane. 24 -2 1 pic.twitter.com/ xVjdpFFyxM

— Coast Trash (@ Coast__Trash) December 6, 2020

He’s actually the only thing standing between those supporters and Trevor Lawrence as their 2021 quarterback. Fortunately for them, the Aircraft still trail after the touchdown and two-point conversion 24 -2 1.

Vince Verhei: This activity isn’t over yet. Spurts precisely drove 96 gardens in nine plays for a touchdown. The last 55 of those gardens came on six straight runs( including two Darnold moves, one of which got into the end zone for the score ). Ty Johnson has 88 gardens on 14 carries; Josh Adams has 74 on eight. The Aircraft have run for 190 grounds with more than 10 times to go; their season-high coming into the day was 129 against Denver in Week 4. Part of this is obviously the Las Vegas defense, 30 th against run in DVOA coming into today. But you’ve got to think that part of it is also Adam Gase’s stubborn refusal to give the youngsters a chance no matter how naughtily Gore struggled.

Anyway. Darnold ends a pass for a two-point conversion and the Raiders’ lead is trimmed to 24 -2 1.

Rob Weintraub: Mekhi Becton goes down a little banged up and gradually is increased to his paw. Upon doing so he divulges his( rather gigantic) buttock crack to a horrified nation of football fans.

Bryan Knowles: The tramples are coming off the tank! After four straight punts took up the majority of the third quarter, the Spurt developed in partnership a 96 -yard drive to get the score within three. On the Raiders’ ensuing drive, Henry Ruggs flubs the ball right back to New York, Sam Darnold thumps Ryan Griffin to get the ball inside the 5-yard line, and Ty Johnson comes in on his third cracking. It’s 28 -2 4 Airplanes with 5:34 left, and upset alerts are explosion throughout the league.

I’d pay good coin to know who Trevor Lawrence was springing for.

Vince Verhei: Plane result! Henry Ruggs mistakes the projectile apart just reticent of midfield. Spurts compose six comedies later — one catch by Ryan Griffin for 18 gardens, five runnings by Johnson for 27 grounds and a tally.( They likewise got an wasteful roughness contaminate on Clelin Ferrell, who has a pair of strip-sacks today but hurt the Raiders severely there .) Sprays up 28 -2 4 with 5:34 to go.

Vince Verhei: And we’re down to the wire. Raiders have a second down in the red zone at the two-minute warning. Waller is the biggest reason they got there — he had a 29 -yard catch on third-and-1 0 and too depicted a holding penalty on fourth-down. Two timeouts for each team, but it feels like this drive is going to decide the game.

Vince Verhei: Fourth-and-3, Carr strikes Hunter Renfrow for a go-ahead touchdown — but it’s wiped out by offsetting penalties. So it’s fourth-and-3 again, and Carr handouts a floater while backpedaling. He underthrows Nelson Agholor on a flat superhighway. Incompletion, Jets football.

Bryan Knowles: Oh, Jets.

Vince Verhei: OH MY GOD.


Rob Weintraub: You can’t convince me the Jets didn’t throw that game…

Vince Verhei: OK.


Jets exit three-and-out on three straight flows. That includes a run on third-and-6 where they went out of obliges, but got a very generous call from the officials, who settled forward progress had been stopped and the clock restrained running.

Raiders get one more chance when Agholor gets three stairs behind the security on a announce, but Carr wholly subverts him. Game over right?


HENRY RUGGS FOR THE GO-AHEAD TD !!!! #LVvsNYJ | CBS pic.twitter.com /8 2kLmV1e5a

— Las Vegas Raiders (@ Raiders) December 6, 2020

Scott Spratt: Remember when Andy Dalton upset the Ravens in Week 17, 2017, and unexpectedly became a hero in Buffalo since that winning kept the Bills in the playoffs? I feel like Henry Ruggs may be New York’s new favorite son — a remarkable turnaround from 45 instants ago when his fumble stood the Airplane to pull ahead in the fourth quarter.

Bryan Knowles: How do you leave an undrafted reces one-on-one with Ruggs in that situation? Gregg Williams, what on earth are you doing?

Rob Weintraub: The Thief are going to slip into the playoffs based on the Airplane representing — literally — Cover-0 with seconds to play, and everyone will conveniently forget how they got there.

Dave Bernreuther: Rob, it’s because Jon Gruden is excellent and very much worthy of his contract.

This result is especially comical to me because for years, almost every comment by abrupt witness about Gregg Williams has been to mock him for leaving a security so far down the field that it looks like he’s defending a Hail Mary.

Aaron Schatz: I doubt gravely that Gregg Williams precisely called a Cover-0 defense on that last play so the Airplane would lose on purpose. Losing doesn’t help the current coaching staff, they won’t be around next year to enjoy the draft collects. Gregg Williams called a Cover-0 because he’s Gregg Williams and that’s just how he rolls.

Bryan Knowles: Gregg Williams is just waiting to invent the Cover-Minus-1 defense.

Scott Spratt: Did anyone point out how much that Ruggs touchdown cost the riddle bettor?

Dave Bernreuther: $6,250 on a $25 gambling, Scott.

Working in DFS, I’ve seen far worse outstrips, dollar-wise, but adult … to be that close to being earnestly proven right on a call that specific … he must feel like he got stabbed in the gut.

( So, a familiar feeling for a Spurt fan, then .)

They won’t do it, but if FanDuel missed some good PR they’d pay that out anyway on a bad-beat special( which I want to say they’ve done before ).

Detroit Lions 34 at Chicago Bears 30

Bryan Knowles: We haven’t talked about this one much in acquiescence to the traditional Audibles intro because more interesting things have been happening elsewhere in the league. But the Births are still on the edge of playoff contention, thanks altogether to their 5-1 start, so this is a relevant game.

What do the post-Matt Patricia Lions look like? Well, the justification hasn’t accurately sprung to life with Patricia gone; the Bears are at 7 grounds per frolic, with plenty of success on the foot. But on pique, interim manager Darrell Bevell has leaned into his historic predispositions and cause Matthew Stafford go deep frequently; Stafford is 4-for-8 for 120 gardens on proceeds traveling more than 15 grounds through the breath today. The pique feels more active, and I don’t know how much of that is bias from looking forward to it and how much of it is Bevell able to call his activity outside of Patricia’s umbrella.

As a result of all this, the Bears are clasping to a 23 -2 0 produce late during the third quarter. If the Bears do give up this conduct, they will not be the first team to go from 5-1 to 5-7; the 1967 San Francisco 49 ers “ve managed to” attract that undertaking off. But still, that would not be a good sound!

Scott Spratt: Was Patricia meddling in the Lions’ offensive play scream, Bryan? I ever presupposed he abode away from that since he came up as a defensive coordinator.

Bryan Knowles: I don’t think he was specifically stirring participate requests or anything, per se, but the Lions have been less aggressive this season, and I do conceive, decipher between the lines of some of the comments Patricia’s participates have cleared, that he situated a bit of a conservative crimp on the pique. Bevell has affirmed this, but Taylor Decker came out this week and said “One thing that Bev has always preached to our pique — and now as the honcho instruct — is pace in and out of the huddle. Running toy fast. Getting up to the line of scrimmage, line up, raced the play-act, because speed, as an pique, is a weapon. And as a justification, if you can match the speed, then they can’t use that as a weapon.”

It will be interesting to see how that actually views up in the stats. The Lions weren’t precisely a slow pique leading up to today; they were 13 th in our pace stats. And their 66 deep dances penetrating this week was mid-table; it’s not like they’re New England out there or anything. Patricia was 26 th in EdjSports’ CCI, evaluating offensive comedy announcing in seizure situations. It will be interesting to see if any or all of those numbers improve with Bevell announcing the shots. But it does sound like the players, at least, feel freer with Bevell in charge than Patricia.

Not that it matters if their defense can’t stop anyone; in the time it took me to look all that up, the Bears put together a 12 -play, 72 -yard drive to extend the lead to 30 -2 0 with 10 times left to go.

Bryan Knowles: Trubisky tries to lead a game-winning drive, but Allen Robinson moves out of fastens on third down a yard short of the marker — he could have established it had he known where he was on the field. The Lions hold on fourth down, and they’re going to win this football game!

Los Angeles Rams 38 at Arizona Cardinal 28

Dave Bernreuther: I’d love to see the dots on the opening score here … Dan Arnold was “nobody else conspicuous on the screen” wide-open for an easy touchdown before most people even met the broadcast.

Also, this outfit combining( all-black with grey helmet for a crew specified the Cardinals against bone) is awful.

Bryan Knowles: Since their opening touchdown drive, the Cardinal have 1 yard of tidal pique and a duo of punts. The Rams have also punted in that timeframe, but also have a turnover on downs and now, an 85 -yard touchdown drive to confine things up at seven. On this last-place drive, Jared Goff did a good job standing up to pressure in his face — no gargantuan comedies, prohibiting maybe a 16 -yard completion to Tyler Higbee, but no major mistakes and impeded the team moving. It’s kind of a bad sign for how his season is going that that’s a good sign for him, but you make what you can get. All confined at seven early in the second quarter.

Dave Bernreuther: The Rams have called 21 delivers and eight extends still further, 20 minutes into this game.

The Rams currently have the No. 1 run offense DVOA, by the way( and the Cardinal are very middle-of-the-pack in run defense ), and Jared Goff is at 5 yards per aim, even ending 70% of his passes.

I’m not one to argue with Sean McVay, but that is … odd.

Dave Bernreuther: If I was feeling really mean I’d follow Vince’s side-by-side box score photo from the Seahawks game with one of Kyler Murray and last week’s Kendall Hinton. We’re nearing halftime and Kyler is 1-for-8, with the one completion being one of the worst blown coverages of its first year. Take that apart and he’s 0-for-7 with 4 yards scurrying and -9 on two bags. At least he hasn’t turned the ball over … but the Cardinals are about to close out the first half of a huge game for their playoff risks having operated 16 gamblings for 62 grounds, 59 of which came on the Arnold touchdown.

Kliff Kingsbury, meanwhile, is not using his three timeouts in an attempt to gain another drive this half. I guess maybe the preceding paragraph could have something to do with that.

Dave Bernreuther: OK, two romps after he had been able to/ “shouldve been”, Kingsbury stops the clock. It’s too worth mentioning that they kick off to start the second half.

I know some people like him, but I remain unimpressed by his coaching acumen.

Bryan Knowles: The rating is finally beginning to represent the actual reactions now, with the Rams up 224 -6 1 in yards but simply 14 -7 in points. The Rams are 0-for-2 on fourth downs, which illustrates some of the breach there. It is no longer able matter unless the Cardinals got to find some gas for their pique in the second half; this is a pretty bad showing in the division.

Vince Verhei: After twice turning the ball over on downs inside Arizona territory, the Rams ultimately deliver in the red zone. Jared Goff reaches Tyler Higbee for a 1-yard touchdown on third-and — goal and the Rams are up 14 -7.

Updating Dave’s last-place Tweet: there have 22 finishes in this game now. The Rams have 21 of them.

On the plus back, the Cardinal are averaging 59.0 gardens per catch, which I accept would be a record.

Bryan Knowles: It would be, Vince, but not by as much as you’d envisage. Per PFR, the 1942 New York Giants had a game where they went one-for-one for 50 grounds and a touchdown.

… that may be a lack of data in their database, but it also may just be World War II football being terrible.

Bryan Knowles: UPDATE: I have the New York Times boxscore from its first year!

One yard speed and one complete pass, and they win. Football sucked in the 1940 s, I tell you what.

Bryan Knowles: Well, the Cardinal have woken up some here in the third quarter. Perhaps feeling the game getting away from them, the Cardinal struggled a fourth-and-1 2 from the Rams’ 40 -yard line, picking it up to keep their best drive of the working day starting. No spotlight dallies of note, genuinely, and 75 yards in 15 performances isn’t the most efficient way to play football, but fatality by a thousand papercuts is still death. It’s now precisely a 17 -1 4 Rams lead; we have a football game.

Bryan Knowles: While I was looking up stats, things became crazy in Arizona.

The Rams responded to the Cardinals’ 75 -yard touchdown drive with one of their own. Cam Akers is having a heck of a two weeks; he moved all over San Francisco last week and has been fairly effective today; his 22 -yard reception was the big-hearted gambling there.

And then the Cardinals responded to that 75 -yard touchdown drive with their own 75 -yard touchdown drive, of styles. They did have to punt, but the Rams muffed it, and the Cardinals got the ball back inside the red zone. So, after all that, it’s 24 -2 1 Rams as these two teams exactly progress up and down the field against one another.

Bryan Knowles: “The Cardinals have the momentum! ” the announcers exclaim, as the Rams line up for a third-and-1 1. And that force, apparently, allows them to simply not cover Gerald Everett, who picks up 22 grounds and a new create of downs. A few frolics later, Darrell Henderson rushes for 38 gardens and a rating, spawning it a 10 -point Rams game once again. No word where the momentum is, but with 10:07 left, the Cardinal aren’t out of this yet. They kind of have to score on this drive, but at least they’re not out of it.

And, after three straight 75 -yard touchdown drives, that last one was a welcome breath of fresh air: a 76 -yard touchdown drive.

Dave Bernreuther: And there vanishes Henderson. Took a while, but now they look like a No. 1 rush offense. Goff, meanwhile, is well into respectable gardens per endeavor as well on 46 attempts.

Philadelphia Eagles 16 at Green Bay Packers 30

Scott Spratt: I like that CBS put up a graphic within the first five minutes of this activity that demonstrated how the Eagles have had bad continuity with their skill-position participates in recent seasons and offensive text injuries this season. That’s surely the reason Carson Wentz has -8 22 passing DYAR this year, by far the worst among regular starters.

Eagles devotees: Yeah, Wentz will be fine.

Scott Spratt: The Eagles organized simply 90 grounds of total pique in the first half and so naturally trail 14 -3. I haven’t been locked into this game, so I’m caught to see in the boxscore that Jordan Howard has four carries versus just five for incumbent starter Miles Sanders. They just signed Howard last week after the Dolphins secreted him. Does anyone know what the spate is with that? Are the Eagles merely comprehending at straws since their season has exited so inadequately?

Carl Yedor: As someone who had Sanders on his fantasize crew last year, Philly desired abusing Howard over Sanders for intellects I never relatively figured out when both were healthy, though it may have had something to do with Howard being more willing to decisively follow blocks instead of trying to hit home runs. Howard likewise had a big game against the Packers last year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they still think he has some liquid as a playmaker. I’m not saying it obligates smell, but that it is possible the logic.

Scott Spratt: This not just in, Davante Adams is really good.

Aaron Rodgers Davante Adams

UNSTOPPABLE #PHIvsGB pic.twitter.com/ OXC8RUaLyx

— Slightly Biased (@ BiasedSlightly) December 6, 2020

Bryan Knowles: In a week where many top units have struggled — visualize New Orleans and Seattle having trouble with clearly lesser opposition — the Packers are staking their claim for top unit in the NFC, at the very least. 20 -3 after a 99 -yard touchdown drive and you can pretty much introduced this one in the books already.

Dave Bernreuther: This time it was you scooping me by saying the exact same thing I was about to, Scott!

On their first touchdown drive, Adams’ hands were just incredible on both the pass down to the 1( blanketed, maintained owned going down) and on the touchdown itself. Earlier in this drive, on the deep pass, he caught it in tight coverage with what was like exclusively fingertips. And now for his second score, he seemed to have no clear path( although it was more room than Jones had on the previous first-down run !) and managed to beat the defenders to the pylon anyway. He’s having one heck of a game.

Aaron Schatz: Bryan, I envisage the Eagles likewise count as lesser opposition.:)

Bryan Knowles: Oh, most certainly. But at least the Eagles actually look like lesser competition today!

Aaron Schatz: The Eagles have done it. They put in Jalen Hurts. I thinks he went left on his first three pass aims, but one of them was a sweet 35 -yard launch to fellow rookie Jalen Reagor.

Dave Bernreuther: First pass: a penetrating completion to Reagor. Very nice.

Next play: play-fake to nobody, rollers left for a loss. Not so much.

Bryan Knowles: Remember when I said the Packers were making a statement by handling their lesser competition? Uh, I take that back. Jalen Reagor precisely returned a punt 73 yards to the house, and it’s 23 -1 6 Packers with 6:30 left…

Bryan Knowles: It looks like the Packers will survive the late-game comeback from the Eagles, with Aaron Jones turning in a 77 -yard touchdown run to give Green Bay a 30 -1 7 make with 2:36 left. That fourth one-fourth came more nail-bitey than anyone in Lambeau would have expected, and the Eagles should feel somewhat rosy about what Jalen Hurts was able to do, but the research results seems to be more or less out of question now.

New York Giants 17 at Seattle Seahawks 12

Vince Verhei: Seahawks result 3-0 following the adjournment of a gentle first quarter. They moved down the field with ease on their first drive but colonized for a field goal. Second drive conclude with a third-down sack when a stunt got a rusher unblocked right up the middle-of-the-road. Colt McCoy has had some surprising success thousand-cutting his road down the field, chiefly with legislates to onetime Seahawks stellar Golden Tate, but threw a tip-drill interception on a pass to Evan Engram near the leading edge of field goal range.

Tyler Lockett left the game with what looked like a cervix injury when the top of his head collided with a defender’s knee. They said he was evaluated for a concussion and cleared to return, but he’s still on the sideline.

Most entertaining play design may be the Giants taking starting polouse Shane Lemieux and staying him at fullback on a second-and-1. He didn’t genuinely is everything on the comedy, but Elijhaa Penny did run for a first down.

Vince Verhei: Seahawks have a fourth-and-6 at the 37. Long field goal? Pass to DK Metcalf? Of direction not! You intentionally take a delay of tournament and punt!

Michael Dickson’s punt starts out of binds at the 9. Including the wait of play, they gained 28 yards on the punt.

Scott Spratt: In pertained bulletin, Vince, Pete Carroll shored at 29 th in the critical call index in the 2020 introduction of EdjSports’ Coach Rankings last week.

Vince Verhei: Ahem.

This is real, and does not include Wilson’s lost fumble on a botched cracking. pic.twitter.com/ qtzM5zMrgv

— Vincent Verhei (@ FO_VVerhei) December 6, 2020

Scott Spratt: The Seahawks may not need offense, Vince. Their special squads time blocked a punt, and while they couldn’t fall on it in the end zone to tally the touchdown, they still got the safety for batting it through the end zone. It’s 5-0 Seahawks, and maybe that will be enough.

Seahawks block the Giants punt and it’s a safety. pic.twitter.com/ KMnAuwKdmO

— Alex. PS5 Owner. (@ Dubs4 08) December 6, 2020

Carl Yedor: It appears that Jason Garrett may have taken his evil juju with him to New York. Some may have forgotten, but in the 2018 playoffs, Seattle lost to Dallas in the wild-card round while displaying an utterly riling run-pass balance for most of the game. Seattle rolled the ball over and over again despite 1) having next to no success with it and 2) shredding Dallas through the air almost every time they shed the projectile. Prior to the game, general manager John Schneider made a comment( I ponder on radio maybe) to the effect of they were planning on having a good old-fashioned smashmouth game with the Cowboys that week. Now that Garrett has moved on from Dallas, Seattle had no uneasiness about throwing it all over the yard against the Cowboys this year, but they seem content to ugly it up with his new employer in the Heavyweight. In keeping with that topic, it’s 5-0 at halftime thanks to a last-second safety courtesy of a blocked punt.

Vince Verhei: Seahawks get a blocked punt for a security late during the second quarter and contribute 5-0 at halftime.

Russell Wilson is having a pathetic game. He inspects frantic and indecisive and indecisive, like he has never played in the NFL before. He’s responding to pressure by completing surpass for a loss or taking a needless intentional grounding foul. On his fumbled click, he easily could have fallen on it behind the line of scrimmage, but tried to scoop it up instead and pointed up knocking it forward for a New York recovery.

It doesn’t help that James Bradberry has had a good game against DK Metcalf. Metcalf has three catches for 51 grounds, which seems OK for 30 minutes, but none of those catches have gotten any closer than the New York 36 — he hasn’t done anything to placed levels on the board.

Bryan Knowles: I know the Seahawks’ offense is stuck in neutral today, but Pete Carroll is not helping. Facing fourth-and-2 from the 40, the Seahawks opt to punt. Two gamblings later, Wayne Gallman smashes free and rolls 60 grounds into the Seattle red zone, and two participates after that, Alfred Morris runs up the nerve to get into the end zone. The two-point conversion is good, and you have your normal, daily 8-5 score.

Vince Verhei: And the Giants take the lead on three straight scampers: Wayne Gallman makes off down the left sideline for 60 grounds, Alfred Morris exits left undertake for 13, and Morris finishes with the 4-yard touchdown. Whales get the two-pointer and precede 8-5.

Not that it pointed up mattering, but it was Jamal Adams who chased Gallman down on the long run and allowed Jordyn Brooks to perform the attack. Creeks contributes Seattle with eight attacks today; Adams is second with seven and also has another sack.

Dave Bernreuther: I was amazed to be noted that 8-5 acquires it> 50% more likely( 33.0% to 20.8%) that this game ends in a Scorigami. Because I’m a moron, I’m rooting for the NFL’s first 8-8 tournament. It would clear the NFC East “race” even more interesting.

Vince Verhei: Fourth-and-1 at midfield. You’re down by a field goal. Your running back has 56 grounds on nine carries; your quarterback has 41 on five. Not even Pete Carroll could punt here, and he doesn’t … but it’s a play-fake and a bootleg? The Monster are 100% not moron , nobody is open, and Wilson’s pass under pressure isn’t close to complete.

And then Gallman leads for 13, and then 23, and then McCoy ten-strikes Morris for a 6-yard touchdown. Point after is no good, but the cause are dependent on 14 -5 now.

The announcers, of course, recognition McCoy for that touchdown drive instead of Gallman or Morris, but that is low on my register of concerns right now.

Bryan Knowles: Vince, it seems like the Seahawks’ defensive wire is on skates, as each time I flip over, someone’s running backwards. Am I flipping back at bad times, or are the Giants really bullying them that much up front?

Carl Yedor: Seattle lastly chooses to go for it on fourth down but come up short. The Giants take advantage of good plain berth and quickly take advantage with a touchdown drive that simply involves McCoy to drop back formerly. McCoy stumbled Alfred Morris on a rollout to the flat for a walk-in touchdown. Graham Gano misses the extra degree, so New York’s induce is 14 -5. Coincidentally, Seattle has lost a game 14 -5 before; it happened in 2016 against the Buccaneers.

Dave Bernreuther: Damn it, Graham Gano. How do you doink what could’ve been a 15 -5 induce?

Vince Verhei: Bryan, “youre not” wrong. Every run play for the Heavyweight in the second half of the year starts 4 yards downfield.

Russell Wilson continues to have a cruel epoch. So are the announcers.

Russell Wilson took a 15 -yard sack on this continue. Commentators demonstrated this replay and said nothing was open. Umm … pic.twitter.com/ 7jgSyfyCFW

— Vincent Verhei (@ FO_VVerhei) December 6, 2020

Vince Verhei: Wilson’s pass to Chris Carson is tipped to Darnay Holmes for the interception. That’s Wilson’s 11 th interception of its first year, bind his occupation high-flown. That causes New York the ball inside the Seattle 40, but they go nowhere. On fourth-and-1, Graham Gano pops a 48 -yard field goal to turn a two-possession score into a … slightly different two-possession score, 17 -5.

Dave Bernreuther: Fourth-and-1 at the 30, up by nine as a big underdog, and you … kicking a freaking field goal? Shame on you, Joe Judge. Takes that two-score lead to … a two-score lead. WIth just enough time for Russ to get hot, too.

Vince Verhei: Seattle’s top two right undertakes, Brandon Shell and Cedric Ogbuehi, were both inactive today. Jamarco Jones started, but now he’s out with a groin injury. So it’s fourth-stringer Chad Wheeler in at freedom undertake, giving up a bag to Jabaal Sheard. But a holding penalty on New York hands Seattle new life after that, and Wilson rosters out to his left, away from Wheeler, and catches Carson on a corner street. Carson catches the dance at the 2 and steps across the goal line for a 28 -yard touchdown. The guide is cut to 17 -1 2 with simply over six hours to go.

Vince Verhei: McCoy throws for a duet of first downs. We’re at the two-minute warning now. Giants have a third-and-5 at the Seattle 42. Seahawks do have two timeouts left, but one more first down should still just about finish this one off.

Vince Verhei: McCoy’s third-down pass is incomplete. And then the Monster … punt? From the 42?

The ball goes into the end zone for a touchback and a 22 -yard net gain. Seahawks have 1:48 and two timeouts to go 80 grounds and win.

Vince Verhei: The Seahawks cross midfield, but then on first down Wilson ousts David Moore and Julian Love drops what should have been a game-sealing interception. Third down, the Giant employ another one of the stunts that has given Seattle trouble all day for the sack and forcing Seattle to call their last-place timeout. Fourth-and-1 8, Wilson moves and sheds a Hail Mary — which I don’t think was the plan — but it’s batted incomplete and the Giant win.

I planned, the Monster triumph. It wasn’t a fluke, they outgained Seattle 5.3 gardens per play to 4.7. They were +1 in turnovers, but applied that back on the blocked punt. They were the better team today. Colt McCoy’s first prevail as a starter since 2014.

Unbelievable. One of the biggest upsets of the year and one of the worst Seattle losses of the Wilson era.

Bryan Knowles: Did the Seahawks close at -1 0 or -1 1 favorites? The Raiders were 11 -point losers against the Chiefs in their acquire, which would be the only other competition this season to really challenge this one.

Carl Yedor: On one entrust, I was watching the game today and was completely eluded given the fact that Seattle wasn’t moving the ball at will. Maybe being down to your third-string and subsequently fourth-string right tackles dallied a role in that, but it didn’t seem like they were getting frequently wreaked. Either no one was get open or Wilson wasn’t envision guys down the field, but it seemed like there were a ton of dallies where he was harbouring the bullet forever without anyone coming open. On the other hand, it’s hard to say that the Giant got lucky to earn video games. Sure, the interception was a little fluky, but Seattle got a same tipped picking early in the game. Seattle had five drives that come into New York subject at some target but did not result in any points, due to a mix of sackings, penalties, and timid coaching. Is Wilson so concerned about turning the ball over that he isn’t seeing guys and struggling propels that he should be? It isn’t 100% clear, but Seattle needs to get this fixed if they’re serious about making a playoff run.

New England Patriots 45 at Los Angeles Chargers 0

Scott Spratt: The Chargers enrolled this week with by far the worst special squads at -1 2.7% DVOA. And that probably just got even worse as the team let Gunner Olszewski to return a punt for a 70 -yard touchdown to situated the Patriots up 14 -0 early in the second quarter.

Gunner Olszewski with the punt return for a touchdown.

This time it’s not announced back due to a penalty. pic.twitter.com/ YsHtujZxmh

— Pats Buzz (@ PatsBuzz) December 6, 2020

Scott Spratt: Wow, CBS precisely indicated a graphic that the Patriots have won 94 straight activities after conducting by 14 or more points at the half. Unsurprisingly, that is an NFL record. The Pats are a minute and a half away from that halftime induce barring something crazy here. They are in the red zone positioned to expand on their 14 -0 lead.

Aaron Schatz: This game is like the idealistic model of what the 2020 Patriots are supposed to be. The defense appears considerably better than normal. Stephon Gilmore is shutting down Keenan Allen. There’s an actual pass haste getting to Justin Herbert. The offense is all rushing and short succumbs. They’re winning 21 -0 even though Cam Newton has a grand total of 42 overtake yards. He has two racing touchdowns. Add in the strong special units play, and like I said, platonic model. One thing I’ve noticed: Newton is hurling immediately more often, and when the pocket breaks down, he’s taking off and clambering sooner than he did earlier in the year.

And just as I was about to send this, the Patriots block a field goal attempt and return it for a touchdown to take a 28 -0 lead into halftime. Yikes.

Bryan Knowles: The Chargers’ special units nightmares continue. They move into field goal range at the end of the first half, but Michael Badgley has his field goal blocked, New England scoops it up, and tallies a touchdown.

It’s so rare for a team to be so bad at all aspects of special teams…

Dave Bernreuther: CBS too kindly told us, prior to Newton’s second touchdown run, that the Chargers had allowed 15 straight touchdowns in crimson zone controls. So now 16. That’s not so good.

On the next self-possession, Herbert was mid-jump for a sorrow pass when he recognise he didn’t have anyone open( smart-alecky ), and thus convulsed it to his lineman( less so ). Two signals flew, but one was are caught up, leaving exclusively the Chargers with the illegal handle order. Not sure how they didn’t get Chase Winovich for the defensive grip there, though, as he had his man by the jersey and shoulder pads before his illegal touch.

The Chargers then line up to kick … and we get ANOTHER block and orchestrate. Patriots special eams now have two compositions to match Newton’s. It’s appearing an abominable heap like 2019 all of a sudden( although that was more defense than special units on the game-flipping scores )…

Scott Spratt 😛 TAGEND

MADNESS. The Patriots block a field goal and Devin McCourty returns it for a touchdown pic.twitter.com/ GzArwgaZiq

— Pats Buzz (@ PatsBuzz) December 6, 2020

The broadcast earlier informed the committee that the Patriots are the least penalise squad in football, Aaron. So add that to the list of what Belichick craved this team to be.

Scott Spratt: Look how Chase Winovich bides his time to bait Justin Herbert into this interception and then induces the great hubbub play.

Chase Winovich, bem comum pic.twitter.com/ mSS5Se 1gr7

— Rodolfo (@ RodolfoBuenoo) December 7, 2020

He seems like he’s going to be a quintessential Patriots guard. Too, he is clear evidence that Justin Herbert shouldn’t have gotten a haircut.

Scott Spratt: I can’t truly blamed announcers for trying to fill air time with the Patriots now up 35 -0 now. But I feel like the “Bill Belichick is 20 -5 against rookie quarterbacks” storyline misses the mark on the facts of the case that the Patriots have been really good in general and have regularly trounced bad crews whoever their quarterbacks were.

Dave Bernreuther: There’s too much time left in this one to watch this freak stat too closely, but the Patriots are outscoring the Chargers by more points( 35) than they are outgaining them in grounds( 26 ).

( Let’s receive what you can find from the 1940 s to transcend that one, Bryan !)

Bryan Knowles: Oh, that one’s easy, Dave; crews earn despite being outgained on a semi-regular basis. Just last week, the Patriots outscored the Cardinals by three, and were outgained by 119 grounds. 3> -1 19. But if you specifically include a team also having to outgain their resists, you have to go back a bit further … to Week 10, when the Dolphins beat the Chargers by eight tops and outgained them by only 7 yards.

… maybe the Patriots and Chargers simply play creepy games.

Dave Bernreuther:( I belief after typing that part that there should be some type of rule involved with that, like in shutouts, or a minimum win boundary, because we’ve all encountered batch of tournaments where the winning unit gets outgained. Just not blowouts .)

Vince Verhei: A further record on the Chargers’ special units: Nora Princiotti from The Ringer points out the Chargers have punted three times today, and have had the wrong number of players on the field for two of them.

Dave Bernreuther: Speaking of things other columnists have said about this competition, Mike Reiss announced Olszewski’s punt return touchdown in an ESPN preview.

Meanwhile, in a 35 -0 activity, Kenneth Murray is celebrating a “tackle” when Cam Newton slithered to give himself up behind the line of scrimmage on a designed run to nowhere.

Dave Bernreuther: Here is where I point out, to save face, that I did reply before Bryan acknowledging that units earn despite being outgained all the time. I is and remains relatively strange about large-scale shutout prevails, though, even though that is quite a bit less likely to happen here now after that drive.

Jarrett Stidham comes in and precedes the Patriots straight-shooting downield for another score — passing for nearly as many yards on three strives as Newton did all sport, by the way — and this game is now 45 -0, although the Chargers are driving to save a little bit of face here in the endgame.

Denver Broncos 16 at Kansas City Chiefs 22

Scott Spratt: Oof. Drew Lock was actually moving the lump on the Broncos’ opening drive, was pointed out by a 37 -yard completion to tight intent Noah Fant. But it looked like he really threw that ball up for grabs in the red zone, and safety Tyrann Mathieu drew it down for an interception.

It felt like the Broncos needed to play mistake-free football to remain competitive tonight. This is the sort of start you’d expect in a multi-score Chiefs win.

Scott Spratt: I don’t study Vic Fangio has the rules and regulations for it, but I would have loved to see the Broncos go for that fourth-and-2 from their own 40 -yard line. As the inferior squad, I think it helps your chances to take a few of those higher-variance chances.

Carl Yedor: I visualize Denver’s earlier decision to kick the field goal on fourth-and-2 from the Kansas City 35 may have confirmed that Fangio doesn’t have the disposition for it. Denver then comes bailed out when Kansas City neglects to challenge what might have been a touchdown to Tyreek Hill that was regulated incomplete. It sure looked like it was incomplete in real era, so I don’t blame the ref, but after glancing at the review on the broadcast, it was like the lump never actually made the soil before arrival in Hill’s weapons on a depth film. Still 3-3 for now.

Scott Spratt: Woah, Tyreek Hill caught that missile. He seemed to drop a late pass in the end zone, but it sort of pinned between him and his advocate such that it never touched the ground.

The moment Al Michaels realizes Tyreek Hill capture that missile. Priceless. pic.twitter.com/ oZ5yItHlRZ

— Alex Brasky (@ AlexBraskyBDN) December 7, 2020

The refs didn’t realize it on the field, and then Andy Reid punted without a challenge. Huge break for the Broncos who improbably remain bind at 3-3.

Scott Spratt: And now Melvin Gordon just operated for 63 gardens? This is a game of improbabilities! It sees me conclude perhaps the Broncos genuinely can win.

Bryan Knowles: I will note that the last two times the Chiefs wore red-over-red, they lost — to the Colts in 2019, and to the Chargers in 2018.

This is definitely relevant.

Scott Spratt: What a rollercoaster for the Broncos to end the first half. First, Noah Fant tipped a screen pass to himself and caught it, setting up a represent that looked likely to gain the Broncos a lot of grounds and a new first down. But then Fant failed to follow his blocker and got taken down short by Tyrann Mathieu. Brandon McManus missed the subsequent 57 -yard field goal attempt, which presented Patrick Mahomes 28 seconds to go down the field. He swiftly did that with clump endings to Mecole Hardman and Travis Kelce, the latter of which featured Kelce throwing guards on the sand with stiffarms. But then defensive undertake Shelby Harris batted down Mahomes’ pass headed toward the end zone with seven seconds left in the half. That inspired the Chiefs to settle for their third field goal, and the Broncos came out of all of that still up 10 -9. Phew.

Aaron Schatz: The Boss merely stalled out in the red zone again. Broncos had everyone covered and Jeremiah Attaochu flog Mike Remmers. Kansas City’s is no way to compose touchdowns tonight( well, touchdowns that they realise they valued) is baffling.

Aaron Schatz: The Honcho “re doing it” again. Yes, they lastly got a touchdown by Travis Kelce, but they’re letting yet another opponent hang around in the fourth quarter. We hinder hearing about how reigning this team is supposed to be and they keep playing close games. Today the problem is some bad luck combined with the Broncos’ defensive row getting persuade. They’ve discontinued a couple of large-scale guides. Tyreek Hill simply had a big touchdown announced back on holding. On one pas, if so many things go wrong for Kansas City and they’re still earning, what happens when they stop having bad luck? But on the other hand, at some place won’t some antagonist be able to make up that last bit of difference in the fourth quarter?

Bryan Knowles: I generally agree with you, even if it is checked the Chiefs pull out all those come-from-behind victories in the playoffs last year. I do wonder, nonetheless, if the Chiefs’ ability to crank up unusually quick-paced offensive strikes renders them a cushion that, say, the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have at their jettison when they struggle with mediocre squads? I have no idea if that’s at all backed up by anything statistical, really a deliver thought.

But yeah. If the Chiefs are the best team in football, you’d expect them to have some bigger leads from time to time.

Aaron Schatz: Huge mistake by Denver to punt on fourth-and-3 at midfield. Chiefs back in four plays to where they would have been if the Broncos had gone for fourth down and failed.

Aaron Schatz: Chief kick the dreaded field goal that goes up six but I have my skepticisms that the Broncos can come back and tally a touchdown in 1:04 without a timeout.

Carl Yedor: The Chiefs ended for their own passive play on fourth-and-3, but they opted for a field goal instead of trying to go for it to sparkler the game while Denver punted. Not sure what the triumph likelihood numerals are there, but if you’re Denver, you have to be happy that you’re at least going the chunk back with a chance to win the game. I don’t have a lot of religion in Drew Lock with no timeouts and a instant left, though it would be a great time for him to have one of the first signature drives against a good unit in his young career.

Carl Yedor: Never mind. Lock propels a pick on fourth down, and Kansas City escapes.


Gregg Williams is simply …

Gregg Williams is simply extraordinary; fwiw, the Chiefs game was obstructed artificially close by an unspeakable nighttime for the refs( missed td, had the incorrectly pennant delay-of-game actually had implications it would’ve been one of “the worlds largest” heinous officiating positions I’ve ever seen)

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