Band 8.0 Sample Answers for 33 Topics of IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Part 1/2 – Sing, Walking, Newspaper and magazine, Activity near water, Books, Photography, Weekends

Speaking Part 1 Singing 1Can you sing?

Yes undoubtedly, I can. While my voice is not perfect, I can sing well enough to impress parties at the two parties!

2Do you like to sing?

I absolutely adore singing. Although I really discovered my singing ability like 3 or 4 years ago and it’s definitely not perfect, but singing to me is just to enjoy music, you know. Often when I’m into a song, I can’t help myself singing it day and night.

3When do you are willing to sing?

I sing whenever I feel like, when I’m birthed or when I’m happy. And since I’m not a so-called performer, most of the time I sing for myself.

4How often do you sing now?

Well as I have been mentioned, to me singing is all about enjoying myself, so unless that song is so amazing, or my utter is so amazingly incredible on that day that I can impede singing for hours, otherwise I clearly can go a day without any singing.

5What kinds of music do you are willing to sing?

I must say it depends on my feeling. If I’m so down, singing some carols which bring back some past retentions could make me feel somehow secreted, and on the days when I’m so motivated, so energetic, I would sing the sungs that are full-of-hope and sunshine and dreams. Yeah, so you can tell that I don’t stick with a certain kind of music.

6Is not being able to sing well?

Indeed. Unless you have a beautiful tone as a Gift from God, or you at least have gained yourself some basic knowledge about mentions, vocal strays and thump, etc ., that it’s easier for you to go further in your singing occupation, otherwise yes, singing well would be a huge challenge.

7Do you want to be a singer?

Well, from what I’ve known, being a singer is not easy at all. It’s not just about performing, but it’s also involved interaction with followers and other colleagues. Based on what I’ve known about showbiz, and even the music industry in general, I think that is not a situate for me.

IELTS Speaking ebook CTA Walking 8D o you like tread?

Walking is unavoidable peculiarly when you live on campus. You go to school on foot, you go buy food on foot, you walk here and there everyday. There was still eras that my legs actually killed me. Although I should think of it like activity, but to be honest, I repute I’m too old for everyday-walking now.

9Do you like to walk on your own or with others?

Say if I’m in a hurry unquestionably I precisely saunter or feed as fast as I can , no time for chit chat right? But even when there’s a slew of period, marching is ideal to allay myself down, breath in some fresh air and enjoy the world countries outside in silence. So I reckon I’m more into walking on my own.

10Would you say that your city is a good plaza for stroll?

Walking is not as favourite as it used to be in Ho Chi Minh City, as more and more parties wish journeying a motorbike. So there are fewer ballparks or marching arenas. Furthermore, strolling under such hot weather with heavily polluted air is definitely not a good doctrine. So I would not recommend my metropolitan as a good plaza for walking.

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Newspaper and periodical 11Do you often speak newspapers?

Newspaper is actually not interested to me. Although the information provided is updated and official, the boring black-and-white theme and small-sized font of daily newspaper appears to be unpleasant for me to read.

12When do you like to read?

Unlike newspaper, I’m a fan of publications. I’d like to keep myself informed with a wide variety of information that is offered by stores. A colorful store specialized for young adults is definitely a good selection for me after employ, or even when I’m on the go.

13Do you prefer to read neighbourhood bulletin or international word?

I think regional word is more preferable for me. I’m the type of person who cannot digest too much information that is brought about by international bulletin. And the topics are often far from my concern. So I guess I like to narrow-minded my area of concern down to something local.

14Which is more popular in the place where you live, newspapers or publications?

In periods of vogue I anticipate newspaper is the winner. The content of magazines are more specific to a group of beings while that of newspapers is more general for everyone regardless of age, gender and occupations. Newspaper earns likewise thanks to its price. The newspaper substance and publishing aspect of publication spawn them two to three times more expensive compared to newspaper, thus newspaper is nature more affordable.

15Do numerous beings today speak newspapers?

As I’ve mentioned before newspaper is more congenial in terms of content and more inexpensive in terms of price. Hence , nowadays, people of all senility, gender or professions adoration predicting newspaper.

16In the future, do you think more people than today will read magazines, or fewer people?

Personally I thoughts less people will speak publications, as the material and printing is becoming more and more expensive. In addition, because the content is becoming highly specific for only a small group of the community, meaning that the information provided is not widely helpful, thus I think in the future not many beings will continue speak magazines.

17Do you think newspapers will be very important to you in the future?

Although it’s not my delicacy, I must say that newspaper is now important to me. The report is highly official and reliable at a rational expenditure. I guess I should spend more meter on construe newspaper from now on.

Task near spray 18How much experience have you spent by the ocean?

Since I live inland , not much. But my family and I ever go to a beach end for our summertime holidays.

What undertakings would you do if you were spending some leisure time at a beach or near the ocean?

Obviously I’d first make some visualize. The oceans examines dazing at any time to me. Then I’ll go swimming. There’s no such thing more relaxing than increasing myself under the water. Then probably I’ll build some sandcastle or simply lie down and enjoy the fresh air.

19Why do some people like water boasts?

The first rationale I could think of is because of the ocean. It’s fresh, it’s cool and it’s calming. Water is even believed to have the capability of easing our judgment, which might explain why people adoration swimming. Besides, when it comes to diving, channel-surf or canoeing, the story is totally different. Extreme athletics under the water bring about memorable experiences with the nature.

20Do you think the government should invest money in developing equipment for sea plays?

Since I’m not a fan of water boasts, what I know about the current problem of equipment is actually limited. But personally, I think it depends on whether that type of water athletics worths investing in. If it provides for rule for national or international competitions, obviously ameliorating should be allowed.

21Do you think that human activity is posing a threat to the oceans of the world? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of touring on the oceans and seas?

There are indeed a large number of human activities that have serious impacts on the oceans, namely fishing, shipping, petroleum spillage and tourism investments. Some of the consequences remain unsolved for many years. Combining with additional activities taking place on land, human nowadays are endlessly destroying the nature. There is such a wonderful nature under the sea that almost every human desires to discover. Travelling is a good mean to kick-start. However, a number of accidents have taken place. Therefore, travellers’ safety is one of the top concerns.

22Do you think it’s important for children to learn how to swim?

It is extremely important for children to learn swimming. A number of accidents have taken place over the past few years due to parents’ unawareness. Thus, children need to be taught to swim so they can protect themselves.

23Do you think it’s best for a child to be taught to swim by a parent or by someone else?

Of course the child should be taught by his mothers. Unless they also don’t know how to swim that they are able to need a template for help. However, they should also be there with their son to encourage him or protect him.

Books 24 How often do you read?

As a final year student I spend most of my occasion on learning, especially textbooks and other reference books that my lecturers recommend in the speak index. I’m also a fan of tales or myths, but only during time undermine that I have time to read them.

25Do you have many records at home?

Totally. I’m a bookaholic to be honest. I enjoy going to see annual record galas where they are generally roll big marketings to get lots of books without much perturbs’ bout the rate. Since my mothers are also book-nerds, I mull the number of books we have is even enough to open a bookstore.

26Do Vietnamese parties do enough speaking?

If you represent reading something meaningful and realistic, I must say it’s not enough. The young generation are too into engineering that I don’t think they have time for learning. Plus, publishing nowadays is no longer a rigorously select as it used to be, thus the young mainly read a number of volumes which undoubtedly have no value at all, compared to Les Miserable, Gone with the wind, Jane Eyre, etc.

27What various kinds of beings like reading and what kind of parties don’t like reading very much?

From my point of view, I remember book-nerds are those who prefer putting themselves into the character’s shoe, you are familiar with, they wanna interact with the narrative, the characters on their own way. Some of them love to imagine how the narrative is supposed to continue while some restrain wondering what they would do if the theatre abruptly happened in their real life. Those who do not like to read are either too busy with their life that they even can’t remember the characters’ calls, or they opt listening, I symbolize, they have someone speak the fib and tell them the ending only.

Photography 28 Do you like to take photographs? Why?

If it was 3 to 4 years ago the answer is a big no. But now it has become one of my diversions and I’m actually thinking of learning more about it. I had no idea what I can do with my iPhone until I learn to make use of its wonderful camera as well as some supernatural apps. Unlike some people, I undoubtedly demand my photos to look unique, lively and somehow professional.

29Do you prefer to do photos yourself or to have other parties make your photos? Why?

It would be way more cozy go photo myself, as I can see crystal-clear how laughable my face construction looks a lot like or if there’s something adhere on my whisker or stucking between my teeth. And in case it’s a scenery photo, I were applicable the method used I’ve learned to produce stunning photos.

30How long have you liked making photographs?

Just recently. As a final time student, I no longer can invest hours on outlining, learn or singing. Only photography which is far more instant dress me best now. And as I enjoy my life on this campus, for example the road I step to school everyday, the sunset, the rainbow, the trees, so photography is the best way to store my memories.

31In what status do you make pictures?

As I’ve mentioned, I cherish captivating every moment I have here, so I take photos when I and my friends hang out, when I participate in social activities of the university and encounter astounding beings. However, when it comes to practice for professional photography, I opt taking photographs of view and foods.

32What various kinds of photos do you are willing to take? Why?

Foods and scenery are emphatically my revelation. I really can’t sit still when beautiful breakfasts and stunning landscape keep appearing on my Instagram everyday. What is more, it is my natural instint that helps me to go find the simple uniqueness of my university, namely the sunset, the lagoon, the trees and flowers and show people how beautiful my university is. However, I’m not good at take photographs of people so acts or street-life is not my style.

33How( why) did you become interested in photograph?

The situation was quite all of a sudden. I posted some backdrop photos I made haphazardly on Instagram and received lots of flatteries, even from those whom I’m not following. Then I recognise I should develop this knowledge, you know, should take it seriously to keep on the good work. And the more I learn lessons it, the more enthusiastic I become.

34How often do you take photos?

Not too often I must say. Since I genuinely don’t like affixing boring photos with the same object all the time, so aging is everything. I feel my intestines will know exactly when and how I should flick to produce high-quality photos.

35Do it is willing to take photographs of people or of view?

I think I’m gonna go for make surrounding photos. As a beginner, things like the human facial expression, the division that needs focus, the harmonization between them and their surroundings are quite advanced for me. I truly can’t utter the person in my photo become lively as I do with the backdrop. So yeah, backdrop is safer and more enjoyable.

36Who do you make photos of?

Although I’m not good at taking photographs of beings, I do take selfies with new friends whom I congregate when I join in social undertakings. To me it’s more like a remember or something to look back, prompting me that yeah, this time last year I went out, I met amazing beings and had a lot of fun.

37How do you keep your photos?

Printing the photos out, making an album or sticking them on the wall for garnish sound commonly shared and also interesting. But I don’t suppose photos worth that much time and budget, unless what I captivated is apparently important to me, otherwise I simply keep them in my iPhone.

38Do you keep your pictures on your computer?

I don’t belief I it is necessary. Firstly because my recognition is somewhat similar to gold-fish memory, storing in different maneuvers would drive me crazy. Plus, my iPhone has large reminiscence storage so I reflect I won’t need computer for storage.

39Are there any photos on the walls of your live?

Since my parents enjoy embellishing our mansion, putting photos nicely on the walls of my house is an essential part of their medallion form. Some photos entered into with made or plastic handle, some are sticked immediately onto the wall in heart-shaped. However, I don’t like realise my face grinning everywhere in the house so I told them to let me decorate my area on my own.

40Do you made( or have you enclose) any of your photos? yes, which ?& why?

Although I don’t generally engrave my photos out, I imagine I would accumulate some photographs of me with my “schools ” friends or me with my family. And framing is good at preventing scratching and long-term storage, so this probably a good alternative beside albums.

41Do you prefer to send mailing-cards to beings or to send photos that you took yourself?( Why)

Firstly, the mailing-cards are made of thicker paper, which constitutes it way more convenient for long-term storage as well as medal. Likewise the process of sending and receiving postcards appeared to be simplier and faster compared to photos. For those reasons I repute I is in favour of mailing postcards.


Weekends 42 What do you do in your free time?

Because I’d prefer staying at home so I deplete my free time for my diversions. Frequently I’ll start by turning on some music. If I have plenty of era, I’ll get straight to dancing or depicting. Otherwise, if it’s exactly a quick terminate, social network would definitely a good choice.

43When do you spend time with your family?

Since my mothers go to work for a whole day, I and my younger friend has courses daily, so we only meet to have dinner in the night. Although we’re busy with our own planned, we try to maintain the family-dinner as regularly as is practicable, so having dinner with their own families has apparently become a habit.

44What do you frequently do on weekends? What did you do last weekend?

Weekends are my pamper days, if I don’t have to go to the supermarket to crowd my fridge or fill my friends. Of track the first thing I’ll do every weekend is to oversleep as long as I could. Though I stay at home, weekends don’t get me away from work. However, I can deplete more time to chill out. I’d like to cook myself a big yummy meal and watch some Tv while chewing. The it’s time for pastimes. I’d probably practice dancing for a while or go online chatting with my friends a little longer. And when the night comes after strategy what the hell is do next week, I’ll commit myself some therapy and go to bed early.

45What do other beings in your hometown( or in your country) generally do on weekend?

As far as I’m concerned, parties in Vietnam have a number of things to do on weekends. They can go shopping. They can play sports or they can have drinking with their friends at some neat coffee shops. Due to the weather condition, most people prefer getting outdoor during nightime.

46What are you going to go about do next weekend?

I don’t have any actual plan for weekends to be honest. If I’m free and the brave is nice, probably I’d have a drink and chit chat with your best friend, since we don’t attend one another often during weekdays. Otherwise I’ll just stay home, continue with my work and experience myself.

46Do you think it is important to see the best possible use of your weekend?

I absolutely agree with this idea. Call me a workaholic but to me weekend is a perfect time for revamping and planning ahead for the incoming week. With final-year students, our weekends are no different from weekdays except for no categories. I think we had better get familiar with it and try to make use of our weekends.

47Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you were a child?

Yes, weekends or day-offs have become so important to me this year. World-class take away so much time that we barely have meter for self-study or revision , not to mention taking care of ourselves. Back then I was of course more relaxed. There were no pressure , no deadlines and I “ve had my” parents take care of me.

Vocabulary Peers: person or persons with whom one works in a profession or business. Eg: She is my sister’s colleague vocal arrays: Vocal stray is the range of moves that a human spokesperson can phonate. Its most common application is within the context of singing, where it is used as a defining characteristic for classifying singing express into expres forms. Eg: Her vocal series is most important Ideal: meet one’s thought of what is perfect; most suitable. Eg: She misses the ideal dress for her marriage black-and-white theme:( of a photograph, movie, tv programme, etc .) in black, grey, shades of gray-haired, and no other emblazon. Eg: Black-and-white theme is very classy for halloween. Stunning: very attractive Eg: Her earrings are dazing. Reasonable: inexpensive Eg: You will get it at the market for a reasonable premium Surfing: Surfing is a surface water sport in which an individual, a surfer, exploits members of the board to go on the forward part, or face, of a moving waving of water, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore. Eg: She went for surfing Nerds: a mad or repugnant those individuals who absence social sciences or is boringly studious. Eg: Ram is teased by two brothers for being called a nerd. Uniqueness: Different from others Eg: Every person’s uniqueness is their asset Convenient: fitting in well with a person’s needs, tasks, and projects. Eg: Buying groceries is not convenient at the malls Pamper: Making additional upkeep Eg: She pampers her bird-dog well Self-study: studying by your own Eg: She is doing self-study

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