Bendis, Marquez to take over with JUSTICE LEAGUE #59

Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez appear to be the innovative crew for Justice League # 59, assembled as this is gonna be by colorist Tamra Bonvillain, who announced the teaming Wednesday on social media.

This announcement felt like the third act in day hinting that Bendis was moving onto something new with DC Comics. Act One came earlier in the working day when Phillip Kennedy Johnson was announced as Bendis’ successor on both monthly Superman comics — Superman and Action Comics. After that, Bendis quitted a shadowy teaser idol that seemed an horrid quantity like a brand-new Justice League team on his Instagram, with the ambiguous caption,” Wow! Whaaat? Stay adjusted …” Finally, Bonvillain made the notice on Twitter.

The book is apparently soon to be officially announced by DC Comics, which has been rolling out a slate of new comics advertisements this week in the leadup to its March solicitations for retailers being published Friday. A majority of these proclamations have watched designers from the two-month Future State begin of comics continuing on with dimensions. Others — thinking of Batman here — will pick up with the same creative team they have now. While still others — The Joker and The Crime Syndicate — are brand new. There is still some pretty cool new anthology works on the way.

Justice League, however, ascertains an entirely new artistic team taking over a pavilion DC Comics property, and it’s a creative squad that has much experience together. Bendis and Marquez have previously collaborated on a number of high profile notebooks at Marvel Comics, from the late 2015 Invincible Iron Man relaunch to the event story Civil War II to the street-level Netflix series-mirroring comic, The Defenders, their last project before Bendis hopped to DC in early 2018.

Marquez seemingly followed Bendis to DC, gleaning a number of deals as well as the first arc of the Batman/ Superman team-up comic, which tied into Year of the Villain, and was written by Joshua Williamson. Justice League will be Bendis and Marquez’s first team-up at DC.

The teaser image that was secreted inspects a bit shadowy, and I happen to think that is deliberate flake of misdirection, which will eventually unveil a number of familiar inspecting people — Wonder Woman, Superman, and maybe even Batman — to be the brand-new or adjusted different versions of themselves introduced by Future State.

Even if that’s not the case, this lineup — which seems to include Green Arrow, Black Canary, and maybe even Black Adam — inspects to be the most substantial shakeup of DC’s flagship superhero team in something like 25 times( give or make Cyborg now and Martian Manhunter there ).

It’s all very exciting. Check out the teaser image below…

Justice League #59

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