Defining Value in HR Data

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The value of data depends on its audience. By itself, data does not explain anything.

Despite the algorithm or recent machine learning trick, the value of data is a function of the combination of specificity and relevance.

Measurement requires something to meter and something to measurement with. Measurements exists on a magnitude from qualitative( observances) to quantitative( calculations ). Primary data is an attribute of a person, situate, thing or process. Secondary data is an attribute of other data. It is likewise called metadata. Metadata has all of the characteristics of data. A part of data is one measurement or watching. Data is a record of measurement and/ or see. There is no data in the absence of measurement or finding. Data is created at the intersection of the thing and the measured. Data is a product of the relationship required to generate it. Data is separate from the relationship required to develop it. Every fleck of data surfaces with its own data. This includes spatial direction and some attributes of its’ parents’. By itself, data does not explain anything. It can not tell you why.

The Value of Data

The appreciate of data depends on its gathering. Data depreciates. Generally rapidly. Data never fully depreciates.( But its quality can get fairly theoretical) The ethic of data is not inherently related to the thing that was measured( though it may be ). Data is the fundamental building block of information, lore, insight and wise Data increases in value when combined with other data. This is usually more than additive. Each supplemented chip of data is more valuable than the last. Until it isn’t. Old-fashioned data can have its quality refurbished through association with other data. One patch of data is a characteristic. Two cases of data may become insight. The value of a piece of data increases when it is a part of a pattern. The evaluate of data is a function of the combination of specificity and relevance. The price of a bit of data my be entirely a function of its metadata. Metadata has appraise independent of its underlying data The appreciate of some data is increased by hiding it or shaping it inaccessible.

On Value

There is no owned, there is only data. All you legally own is a description of what you own Everything that happens can be understood as the manipulation of data. Possession and fund are indistinguishable. Possession is a legal myth described with data. It is so useful that it seems like a detail. Ownership is a fiction designed to preserve value. Evaluate can not be owned. Appraise have agreed. Importance is a creation.

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