Describe a free day off study or work – IELTS Band 8 Sample

Describe a ended you took recently to unwind from employment or study

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When did you have this relaxing day? Where did you invest this day? What did you do on that free period? And explain why was it relaxing?

Model Answer

I find that I “re going to have to” take a lot of transgresses from study because I get confused so easily. I is impossible to concentrate for relatively short, intense periods of study. Anyway, I’m going to talk about a meter more recently when I was studying for my mid-year examinations. The inspections are quite important because they give you an idea of how well you know the material, and whether or not you are on track for achieving a good tier for the year’s work. So, although the marks merely represent a small proportion of the overall position, I think it is important mentally to feel as though you are on top of things.


So, I was studying quite hard actually, every day and the forecast was very hot outside, but I retained studying and every day, one of my friends would call me and say,” hey, we’re going to the beach today, do you want to come ?” or,” we’re going away to the coast for the weekend to go surfing, you should come with us” and every time I had to say no,” I’m sorry I can’t, because I have to study “. So, I was being very good and standing focused. Until lastly, I think it was about a week away from my quizs and I was starting to feel really restless and annoyed, when I heard that an aged friend of mine was back in township from abroad. Well, he called me up and what could I say? I certainly wanted to catch with him because it had been ages since we’d hung out together and he was only in city for a got a couple of days! So of course, I introduced study on hold, and we used to go with a whole knot of friends and had a great night. Of track, I felt somewhat guilty the next day, then, I get straight back into the books, and the good news is that I felt much more focused and able to absorb the material, so I think in the end, it was more productive, for me regardless, to take some time out and then return to the studying. It facilitated me to clear pate and study more efficiently. But I have to be really firm with myself on occasion as I am readily tempted to procrastinate run out of time! In such cases, it worked for me as in the end, I went straight as on all my exams.

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