Describe a restaurant that you like – IELTS Cue Card Sample 106

Describe a restaurant that you like to use.

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where this restaurant is what type of meat the restaurants sector has why you go to this restaurant and explain why you like this restaurant/ why this eatery amazes you.


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Sample Answer

I would like to talk about a Japanese diner I read about on a nutrient blogger’s website. The diner identified X located in an alley on ABC Street which is favourite with devotees of Japanese meat. As I live in XYZ, I can’t go to that restaurant on a regular basis. Thus, every time I get possibility, I love to get there with my colleagues to enjoy a palatable meal.

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This restaurant dishes some kinds of Japanese traditional meat. Among them, “ramen”- a traditional noodle of Japanese is the most sought-after dish by this restaurant’s purchasers. It offers some famed kinds of ramen, with self-made noodle, making a wonderful and true-blue ramen taste. The interesting thing which obliges me fall in love with this restaurant is the Japanese culture when I eat out there. Chefs and attendants are always kind and polite, but smoking or too much noise is never earmarked there. Thus, as soon as you get into the restaurant, it seems like you are immediately brought to Japan to experience the cuisine and different cultures. That’s why it’s enjoyable to be there though it is located in a small area.

Despite the fact that I certainly adore our country’s cuisine, sometimes I choose to enjoy food from other cultures, and Japan is always at the top of the list. The skill of Japanese cuisine, and the cozy ambience this restaurant makes do impress me a lot.

Vocabulary On a regular basis: regularly Eg: I don’t go to that restaurant on a regular basis Popular: liked, admired, or enjoyed by numerous beings Eg: Shahrukh khan is favourite among Indians. Palatable: savory Eg: The diner acts agreeable menu. Sought-after: wanted by numerous people Eg: Amitabh Bachchan is the most sought-after actor in Bollywood. At the top of the list: better than all the others Eg: I like all of his works, but this one is at the top of the list.

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