Desus & Mero Are Dropping A Collaboration With Timberland In November

Finally, the moment all Desus& Mero fans have been waiting for has finally arrived: the pair has their own collaboration with Timberland on the way.

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Source: Paras Griffin/ Getty

On Sunday, Desus and Mero both posted tweets announcing the upcoming endeavor, telling the Bodega Hive know their signature Timberland boots will be dropping sometime in November 2020. This comes after much supposition from devotees after some teasers last week, when the Bronx natives both happened to tweet Timberland within five minutes of each other, producing the symbol account to reply with some loaded see emojis.

Now, the duo is using those tweets as the excellent sample of” how it started vs. how its becoming ,” though it actually started a few decades ago, with Desus Nice and The Kid Mero rocking Timbs for their entire lives before finally are concerned with the brand this year.

how it started: how its becoming: pic.twitter.com/ 9WhAtw6jLj

— Desus Nice (@ desusnice) October 26, 2020

Not much message is available about the upcoming collab between The New York Times Best Selling Authors and the storied boot symbol, but this partnership is years in the making. While Desus and Mero have secreted some drug collaborations in their time-like a recent run with Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co for their own, signature flavors-this one definitely clears the most sense.

Since they started their podcast, Bodega Boys, in 2015, the comedy duo has become synonymous with all things New York City which, of course, includes Timbs. Hopefully, we get to see a smuggle peak at what the boot look like soon.

Congratulations to Desus& Mero on such a big move. We love to see it!

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