Employee Appreciation Week: How to Recognize and Appreciate Employees Every Day

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If you’re like most workplaces, you probably celebrate reasons like birthdays, corporation remembrances, one-time achievements, and annual holidays. But why wait until one-off celebrations to recognize and appreciate employees?

Especially as many workplaces alter to virtual or hybrid environments, showing employees respect is important now now more than ever. According to the Achievers Workforce Institute’s 2020 Culture Report, they found that one-third( 35%) of respondents picked acceptance as their first ask when polled on how their organization could better support them through the COVID-1 9 pandemic.

This Employee Appreciation Day( March 5th, 2021 ), why not stimulate the additional effort to ensure hires feel relished is not simply on this day but every day after it? The benefits on work incitement and involvement are immense–recognition is consistently identified as having the greatest impact on work engagement.

Here are 3 ways to start making recognition an everyday affair 😛 TAGEND 1. Use momentum from one-time happens to start recognizing hires better

A single occasion can feel hollow without more consistent appreciation throughout the year. Rather, use observances like Employee Appreciation Day as a springboard to kickstart a culture that positively reinforces high participation. A good sit to start is by asking works for their feedback, which can guide the type and timing of the recognition they would like to receive.

2. Increase your recognition frequency

Research recommends it makes, on average, 2 month to species a new wont. For many organizations, that wants it will be make some practice to establish recognizing and showing appreciation a regular tradition. However, for recognition to really stick, it needs to start at the top. Managers account for 70% of the difference in employee date, with acknowledgment playing a key role.

3. Make acknowledgment one of the purposes of who you are

There are two parts that work together to fix acceptance self-sustaining. First, inducing recognition a part of the culture by integrating acknowledgment into organization-wide criteria. Second, lean on technology to speed up adoption and line your results. Make sure when considering a recognition technology that it is compatible with your overall goals.

As you have learned, one-off galas are important but will not drive consistent approval. What does drive consistent identification is a plan and commitment to your employees that they are worth celebrating every day.

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