How We Generate Engagement and Impact on LinkedIn for B2B Companies

How we generate engagement and impact on LinkedIn for b2b companies

Improving on this subject is something we are constantly trying to do. Many times b2b patients reach out and want to build a solid proximity on social. But here’s the draconian truth- build a community around a brand is almost impossible. However, slotting personas within the company, and leveraging their force to grow the company page is highway more feasible.

There are the rare examples of companies such as Gong and Zest who are knocking the ball out of the park with a gunman firm sheet, but they’re the exception to the rule( and they are also fueled by strong personas that have become authorities ).

This post will focus on LinkedIn, however, there’s much to be said for Quora, Reddit and Twitter.

Here are experience-based gratuities on what works 😛 TAGEND

When posting make sure all uprights are understandable with white seat out Linkedin don’t appreciate link out of the scaffold. Thus avoiding it as far as is possible. When you do, glue the link in the first explain( and mention “link in the first comment”) The more beings click on your announces the very best- LinkedIn will get an indication of relevancy. So:

write texts that are long enough for people to need to sound “see more” for the reasons when announcing idols- aim for more than 5

Speaking about likeness- it’s ever better to show people than scenery Hashtags are important!- before using them check they have enough adherents( hundreds and up) Use emojis Post in the morning when people get to work , midday when they’re on a smash or afternoon as they thoughts dwelling

On top of the above: wadidigital produced this fantastic breakdown on the types of affixes the LinkedIn algorithm regards, keep it coming in mind.

Types of Posts statistics from WADIDIGITAL

Now let’s roll up our sleeves: Here’s a conventional dislocation we try to stick to weekly for b2b c-levels who’s presence we manage.

Rule of thumb- we ever try to strike sentiments/ be contentious in the contents, and to ADD VALUE 😛 TAGEND

1 Conversational type of post- was asked “what music do you listen to when working”, “do you outsource tech or rely mostly on an inhouse team” etc 1 List type of post that end with a question “these are the crest 5 records any tech pro was revised to read as follows, which would you supplement? ” 1 Infographic with penetrations (at least) 1 Share of a company blog post with a personal angle( we play around with these and sometimes also affixed part blog affixes as Linkedin articles, the jury is still out regarding the efficiency of this) 1 Viral type of post( the mythical Larry Kim does that so well we actually name those LK posts internally) Daily Engage with peers, like mention and share

I hope this helps, if you have further tip-off to share, please let me know!

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