IELTS Reading Summary Completion Topic 4

Caveat Scriptor

A. People think that writing as a profession is glamorous; that it is just about sitting down and churning out messages on a page, or more likely these days on a computer screen. If exclusively “its been”! So what exactly does writing a book entail? Being a columnist is about managing a galaxy of self-contradictory feelings. Of direction, it also involves carrying out detailed research: first to establish whether there is a market for the strategy book, and second into the content of the book. Once the publication has been embarked upon, there is a long period of turmoil as the verse takes figure. A first draft is rarely the final text of the book. While some people might think that with new technology the checking and editing process is speeding up the process, the experienced writer would scarcely agree.

B. After the trauma of self-editing and looking for howlers, it is time to show the text to other beings, friends perhaps, for appraisal. It also helps, at the current stage, to offer a synopsis of the book, if it is a novel, or an outline if it is a textbook. The lucky few are taken on by publishers or negotiators, then have their bibles subjected to a number of readers, whose job it is to vet a journal: deciding whether it is worth publishing and whether the text as it stands is acceptable or not. After a record has finally been accepted by a publisher, one of the greatest difficulties for the writer lies in taking on board the publisher’s differences to the text. A book’s creation period is complex and fazing, but the publisher’s reworkings and textbook amputations can also be a circuitous process. Abandon writing? Nonsense. Once smitten, “its not easy” to escape the compulsion to create and write, despite the roller-coaster ride of antonym ardours.

Questions 1-8

Complete the verse below, which is a summary of the quotation. Choose your answers from the Word List below and write them in the blank spaces next to 1-8 on your answer sheet.

People often associate writing with 1_________________. But being a writer Involves finagling conflicting sentiments as well as 2___________________ or instinct. Advanced technology, contrary to what might be recollected, does not constitute the 3___________________ faster. When a scribe has a draft of the verse ready, It is a good idea to have a 4___________________ _______for friends, etc. to look at. If an generator Is accepted by a publisher, the text of the proposed of the book is given to 5 __________for vetting.


Editing process beware books

First draft glamour A literary worker

alterations profession publisher

challenges writing prescribing

study publishing summary

Ups and downs roller-coaster


Glamour Research Editing process Summary Readers


Now, could you predict the reason behind the answers?

For the first issue, the answer is in the first sentence of the first paragraph.

For the second question, the answer is in the first section. While there are other statements bordering “research” in the transition, in the box, you can only find this one word fitting the question.

For the third question, the answer is in paragraph 1. The phrase “the first draft” does not fit here, as the decision would not then show the meaning of the move. Nor is the word “writing correctly” for the reasons. And it would not fit the grammar of the summary; the article in the summary would have to be skipped, as the writer is talking about his project and not himself.

For the fourth question, the answer is at the start of the second paragraph. Note the word summary is a synonym for synopsis/ outline.

For the fifth question, the answer is in the second largest clause, it was of the view that readers( not publishers) vet diaries.

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