IELTS Speaking Actual Test in India – March 2017 & Sample Answers

Check out IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in India- March 2017& predict Sample Answers to be well-prepared for your upcoming speaking test.

Speaking Part 1

1 What is your full call?

Well, I am “Name”.

2 Can I see your ID?

Of course. Now it is.

3 Where are you from?

I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is the 4th largest municipal in India and is also the leading commercial centre of South India. The capital city, formerly known as’ Madras ‘, is widely famous for its culture and white-sand beaches.

4 Do you work or study?

At present, I work in an edtech firm as a Content Marketing Specialist where I have to focus on the strategic, technical or creative aspects of content commerce and perform the tasks allotted to me. My peers are amazing to work with, and we learn a lot of things from each other.

5 Do you like relatives/ visitors coming to your residence?

Only if I’m informed about the visit. I typically don’t like abrupt inspects that they compensate when I have to open the door in my pyjamas. That kind of visitors to me is so impolite. Oh, and I also don’t like a big crowd visiting my target. They’re very boisterous and most of the time I’m afraid of my dimension secretly being stolen.

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6 Do you prefer to have friends visit you, or relatives?

Both friends’ and relatives’ calls are meaningful to me. Since our relatives live kilometers away, we really appreciate their efforts and time to visit us. My friends actually merely come when they’re invited, so we don’t have much difficulty with time.

7 Do you prefer call your relatives or inviting them to your region?

Well, If I’m in a good depression and not up to ears in drudgery, I would rather pay my relatives a tour or ask them out to a diner nearby to have a decent meal together as well as to strengthen our relationship.

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a bicycle, motorbike or automobile expedition that you are planning for the future.

You “re saying” :

where and when you want to go who you would like to go there with why you want to do it and clarify whatever it is you hope to do on the tour.

Sample Answer

Frankly speaking, I’m not an sociable, so I haven’t been on many outings til now. However, I would desire for having a pleasant experience on a motorbike errand to[ residence]- merely within a 50 – kilo meter drive from my house. I have an intention to travel on my own to do the sightseeing, which may save me from the hassle and inconvenience from my friends, who complain all the time about where to visit, what to eat, where to stay, and so on.

If everything croaks according to plan, the errand should be reasonably priced, at 40 USD for at least two days 1 darknes and it should promise palatial accommodation and scrumptious nutrient. So you recognize, I tend to go for cheap holiday without second thoughts as it is exactly what I want to expect. The first part of the excursion will probably be good enough for me because it will take me not too much time to reach the end. Besides, I am looking forward to chances to engage in any gab with other travelers at my hostel so that the excursion will go by with a good deal of fun.

I imagine that the moment I check in at the hotel off the beaten track, and near the picturesque beach, I will be really glad that the quality of the area will definitely be up to standard. If I recall correctly, I made it quite clear to the hostel’s staff that the berthed must be cozy and cozy and the air-conditioner has to work well. I approximate the condition on that day will be neither shrivelling hot or glowing freezing, hence I can go swimming all day long. On top of that, because I am going to travel during off season, the seafood won’t be too pricey and the performs will be therefore big for a person like me.

So that’s a expedition that we are planning for the future.

Dictionary For Cue Card

Extrovert: someone who is very confident, lively, and likes social situations Eg: Rose is an extrovert while her sister Mary is an introvert. Crave for: to want something very much Eg: The hostel students craved for Pizza. Parcel safarus: package vacation, or pack holiday, comprises transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a merchant known as a expedition operator Eg: We’ve bought a container safarus to London. On my own: unaccompanied by others; alone Eg: Rose decided to visit Paris on her own. Time the sightseeing: the activity of visiting the notorious or provoking spates of a arrange Eg: Mary acquired a auto from her friend to do the sightseeing while she was in Delhi. Hassle: reason: Eg: John got into a inconvenience with his brother. Nuisance: agitation Eg: The baby caused a great deal of nuisance in the flight. Scrumptious: yummy Eg: My mother cooks scrumptious cookies. Second judges: a change of opinion after considering something again. Eg:” If you’ve any second thought, please let me know”, told the Doctor. Employ in: take part in a particular activity Eg: My mother was engaged in prepare. Up to standard: good enough Eg: The brand-new vehicle is not up to our standards. Off the defeated trail: in a plaza where few people extend, far away from any main roads and towns Eg: We planned to go somewhere off the beaten track for the summer celebrations. Construction it clear to somebody( motto) If you offset something clear, you say something in a way that determines it is not possible to for there to be any doubt about your intend, bids, or planneds Eg: Rose made it clear to her mothers that she’s not ready for wedlock. Off season( quotation) a period of the year when there is less activity in business Eg: The store offers off-season paces on its draping to encourage customers. Suffice( noun) a quantity of food suitable for or served to one person. Eg: I realise my mother serving the food to the guest.

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Speaking Part 3

1 What will impel the travel special?

Clearly, there are a lot of merits was put forward by this. But I would probably say that the thing that really stands out is we can broaden our horizons of the world. To be specified, when coming to a new field or a number of countries, we have the chances to sample the local live, enjoy the cuisine and learn a great deal of interesting stuff. Besides, a second positive place could be that we can let our mane down after undergoing nerve-racking period of time of hard work or study. A flying stay to somewhere can help us recharge our batteries and wreak more effectively afterwards.

2 Do you like to visit popular homes or less-known regions?

To be honest, I have proclivity for travel to not touristy places where I can have more gap to capture the striking countrysides without disturbing other travelers. Besides, inspecting a site which has not yet been well-known clears me enjoy to discover more about that neighbourhood. This is because I want to become the pioneer who can help introduce the place to more guests with my photos I snapped and circulate steering I wrote.

3 What mode of transport does parties in the countryside prefer?

I think bus will take the lead. You can hurtle the interval without much worries about ticket price or rainy brave outside. Also new bus now volunteer better services like pleasant sits for the elderly or good air conditioner systems.

4 What is the impact of cars on the environment?

In the megapolitan countries, probably the most common issue is the gas emissions into the atmosphere, which berth a awful threat to air character, especially in densely populated areas.

5 What should governments do to eliminate this impact?

Well, there are several measures which can be taken by the government to ameliorate such a situation, alternating from preclude tenants from abusing their autoes during the rush hours to providing bicycles for citizens, to invoke citizen’s awareness of environment protection.

6 What are the differences between young people and old-time parties when they start travelling?

I guess there are a handful of gaps, of which one would be that young people generally like doing quite exciting and industrious things, like bungee jump-start; or, if they’re going somewhere coastal, they might wanna do some watersports like jet-black skiing, whereas I would say the elderly, on the whole, tend to simply like loosening when they go on holiday, so they’ll probably got a few journals with them and invest the majority of cases on a deck chair next to a swimming pool soaking up the sunshine and experiencing the feeling of doing nothing.

Dialect For Speaking Part 3

Merit: a better quality of being particularly good or worthy Eg: The students will be given admission based on their virtue in the last qualifying exams. Stand out: to be easy to see or notice because of being different Eg: Swiggy stands out among the other food delivery apps for delivering the food in time. Augment one’s horizon: to move you watch a wider range of opportunities and options Eg: She augmented her scopes of science-fiction writing by watching myth movies. Give mane down: unwind Eg: After a long day, She let her “hairs-breadth” down and experienced slow music. Nerve-wracking: agitated Eg: It was a nerve-wracking moment for me when I interpret a huge crowd applaud. Flying call to: short stay Eg: Rose will make a flying visit to the UK next week. Recharge one’s batteries: to rest and unwind for a period of time so that “youre feeling” forceful again Eg: The boss recharged his artilleries for a while to be fresh for the gratify. Have proclivity for have a tendency or inclination to do something Eg: John had the proclivity to start his own business. Breathtaking: stimulating awe or thrill Eg: I was mesmerized by the breath-taking view of the mountains. To take a leading role: to start winning a race or event Eg: It was very brave of Meera to take the lead and win the equal. Megapolitan: relating to a very large city Eg: Rose lives in a megapolitan metropolitan and so she visits us once in a while. Densely occupied: army Eg: Kanpur in India is said to be one of the densely populated cities. Ameliorate: improve Eg: The government should take some methods to ameliorate the environment. Hasten hour: the time of day when there are a lot of vehicles on the road because most people are travelling to or from design Eg: I got stuck in traffic during the peak hour and it was impossible to move from there. A handful of: A small-time, undefined amount or part Eg: When my mother visited me, she imparted a handful of home-made chocolates. Bungee hopping: a start made by someone from a high bridge, building, etc, procured simply by a rubber cord attached to the ankles Eg: One of her favourite pastimes include bungee jump-start.

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