IELTS Speaking Part 1 in 2018 – Topic: Rainy Day Questions and Answers

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Speaking Part 1 1 Do you like rainy days?

Yes, utterly! I adoration all the freshness around, the cool sail and petrichor after heavy rain. It’s wonderful!


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2 What do you do on rainy days?

Well, rainy days are the best days to watch movies I have been longing to watch or catch up on my unfinished say. Movies and records will take up my whole daytime. Sometimes, I “d rather” devote the day with my pet and educate it new tricks.

3 Does it rain much in your country?( Where? When ?)

As it is entirely located in the tropical belt, it receives quite a great amount of precipitate every year. However, the constituent that records the highest rainfall in the northern part. This field can also be affected by the typhoon season in the Western Pacific, which can see severe storms flogging the coast from August to November.

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4 Is there any part of your country where it doesn’t rain much?( Where ?)

In general, I predict the driest lieu might possibly be X, which is situated on the south-central coast. The weather there is quite extreme with a lot of wind as well as a sizzling and cool sky during the year. Also, there is no winter here, and the average temperature is considerably higher than in most other parts of the country.

5 Does it rain much in your hometown? Can you remember any time when it sprinkled particularly heavily?( When ?)

Yes, of course. I belief it was about a year or so ago, when we had several days of torrential sprinkle, almost non-stop, and so the whole of my place came flooded. You know, the spray was, like, up to my knees, and so the traffic came to a terminated impasse. So, yeah, that was probably the worst time I can remember.

6 Time rain ever affect transportation in your hometown?( How ?)

Yeah, sure as shooting. As a matter of fact, sprinkle often causes severe traffic congestion, especially when there is a ponderous downpour. People should expect to be stuck for hours in a traffic congestion. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s possibly because vehicles tend to move slower in the rain

Vocabulary Petrichor: a pleasant stench who are often accompanies the first sprinkle after a long period of warm Eg: It’s so soothing to reek the petrichor Precipitation: rainfall, snow, sleet, or greet that transgressions to or condenses on the dirt. Eg: This is due to a process announced precipitation Standstill: Staying stiff Eg: Her dreams came back a stoppage when she saw her brother. Congestion: The country of being congested. Eg: There is some congestion in the place. Downpour: a ponderous transgression of flood Eg: There was a downpour this morning

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