IELTS Speaking Test in Saudi Arabia – March 2018 & Sample Answers

Speaking Part 1 1What is your full honour?

My name is Taniya Mishra

2Can I see your ID?

Sure. Here is my ID

3Where are you from?

I am from Goa. Goa is mainly known for its coasts. Beings considered that Goa is full of beaches, but Goa has clothed one-third of forests more. Indian tourism ever orders colorful revelries in Goa for youth.

4Do you work or study?

I am a student of computer science engineering, Btech in IIT Goa. I am in second year. And I adoration my college.

5What do you do?

I am a student.

6Do you like boats? Why?

I like to ride crafts. Skippering is fun and adventurous. So whenever I become sailing, I enjoy going a boat.

7Would you like to have a boat?

No. As much as it is fun to travel a boat, maintaining a boat will be much more difficult than it seems

8Do you like downpour? Why?

I don’t like rain. Due to sprinkle, there’s water choke everywhere, arteries become risky to drive. You always “re going to have to” carry an umbrella or your raincoat, and it breaks your getup very. And if you happen to wear glasses in downpour, it are likely to be your worst ordeal. One cannot saw something for the water droplets.

9What do you do when it rainfalls and “youre ever” outside?

When it sprinkles, I tend to stay home and be my own soul. I don’t really like rain. So when it does, I do anything to distract my memory from sadness.

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a business person you admire

You should say

Who is he/ she? What does he/ she do? Why do you revere him/ her?

Sample Answer

The person I’m going to talk about is Bill Gates, one of the greatest businessmen that I have ever known.

He is well-known as a co-founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man. However, for years, Gates has been a philanthropist as he donates his money to help less fortune beings and invests in developing education or technology.

I could start off by saying that I got a great esteem for him because he supported Microsoft cooperation and shaped computers more accessible for all people. Furthermore, he is not only a versed party but he is so benevolent and warm-hearted. He is the benefactor and savior of countless parties. For precedent, he has expended so much money recruiting the prominent scientists to help create life-changing vaccines, such as the world’s first ever malaria vaccine, which has now been given the green light to be used on children in sub-Saharan Africa. Last but not least, he always provokes others to persist in pursuing the goals and achieve immense success. He has written a lot of journals such as The road ahead or The street to the future to teach people to do business and have diligence and decisiveness to overcome all obstacles on their road to success.

I wish that I would meet Bill Gate once time in my life, give him a warm hug and ask him for autograph. No one can become a source of motivation to me like him.

Dictionary for Cue Card

co-founder: A person who is involved with helping in the creation of a business, making, league, or entity, but is not the original founding being Eg: He is the co founder of that organisation philanthropist: a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the magnanimous donation of money to good makes. Eg: He is a philanthropist who dedicated himself to work benevolent: well implying and kindly. Eg: He was a philanthropic old person Benefactor: an individual who has commits money or other help to a person or justification. Eg: He thanked his benefactor. Perseverance: continued effort to do or achieve something despite impediments, lack, or opposition Eg: Perseverance is the key to success. decisiveness: capacities necessary to make decisions quickly and effectively Eg: His decisiveness was the purpose for the group’s success.

Speaking Part 3 1What kinds of businesses are favourite in this city?

There are many favourite customs in this city. Since it is a coastal area, tourism is a very common side of the city. Thus travel and tourism enterprises are an effective source of income. And likewise transportation services, photography, brewpub business, farming etc. also good ventures here.

2What business will young people do?

Youngsters can do businesses or roll start ups on computer repair service, social sell, copywriting, jewelry designing, material writing etc. Since they don’t have suffer, they can start with the basics of everything.

1When do people in your country retire?

The average retirement age is 61, most people can’t obtain their full Social Security benefit until age 67. Also, you’re not eligible for medicare until senility 65. So “retirement age” can have several definitions.

Idiom for Speaking Part 3

Tourism: the commercial-grade company and action of celebrations and visits to locates in the best interests. Eg: He is into tourism Youngsters: a person who is young; boy Eg: The girls are smart-alecky when it comes to work Security: taking care well. Eg: An old man who was looking after our security. Eligible: competent Eg: He is an eligible male.

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