IELTS Vocabulary: The News Media (The News, Newspapers and Magazines)

In the IELTS Speaking test, the IELTS examiners often ask you questions about the word, newspapers and periodicals. To help you prepare better for this topic, the clause will handle helpful dictionary, collocations, styles,& common IELTS Speaking topics& questions about this topic with suggested answers.

Type of News, Newspapers and Magazines

Online news: is the online version of a newspaper

A broadsheet: a newspaper etched on huge sheets of paper

The daily: a newspaper published every day except Sunday

A tabloid: a newspaper with fairly small sheets chiefly containing floors about famous people and not much serious news

A weekly publication: a periodical, newspaper

A media outlet: a newspaper publishes news stories

biweekly a magazine that is published twice a month or twice a week

Bulletin a publication or newspaper induced regularly by a club or organization to give information to its members

Compact a newspaper with fairly small pages that deals with serious information issues

Fanzine a publication written for and by fans

Heavy( informal) a serious newspaper

IELTS Ebooks CTA Newspaper Content

headlines= leader or entitlement materializing at the top of a page or essay pillar= news that is printed in vertical towers rather than taking a totality page suggestion article= a column in the paper where advice is given to people who write in for it obituaries= a region in the newspaper about people who have recently died horoscope= a region in the newspaper about star signs and zodiac signs which foretell the future weather report= a segment in the newspaper for weather forecast business region= a region in the newspaper with business story international/ world news part= a part in the paper which focuses on bulletin from abroad caption= an explanation or designation matching a image or cartoon letter to the editor= a division in the newspaper for people to express their views to the editor of the newspaper special feature= a special story editorial= a news article containing the editor’s minds comic strip= a caricature sequence in the newspaper

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Your Habits

Follow a story, browse my beloved column; trail the story; catch a news bulletin; are contributing to a publication

Types of News

local news; international information; world events; current things; business information; chatter; shocking information; the gossip received wide coverage in the press; libel; smashing bulletin; make the headlines; objective reporting; extend a fib; news coverage; analysis; the fib get viral

The People Involved

paparazzi; dishonest reporters; a news anchor; a newscaster; a broadcaster; a critic; a reporter; a columnist; a photojournalist

Phrases and lexicons about the report

the gutter press: newspapers which focus on sensational journalism, often about the everyday lives of famous people

yellow journalism: a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead applies eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Proficiencies may include exaggerations of report incidents, scandal-mongering or sensationalism.

information overload: revelation to too much information or data

invasion of privacy: unjustifiable intrusion into the personal life of another without consent.

a sluggish bulletin date: a period with little information to report

Other Useful Vocabulary for Newspapers

flow= the number of replica a newspaper administers on an average day( some newspapers have a wider circulation than others) layout= the method articles are designed on a page( this can include the position of images, the number of columns and the dimensions of the headlines) attention-grabbing= a news story which describes public attention eye-catching= a scene or layout which catches a person’s eye in-depth= with many details sensational report= information which causes public commotion or interest black and white= without colour paparazzi= a freelance photographer who follows notorieties front page= the first page of a newspaper fact-checkers= person or persons( parties) who checks if the newspaper realities and report in an article are chasten red-hot off the press= story that has just been engraved and is very recent readership= the collective books of a newspaper( some newspapers have a large readership) issue( n)= 1. an important topic for a debate 2. a emulate of a newspaper

PRACTICE IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions:

Do you often speak the bulletin? Which publications and newspapers do you read[ Why ?] What kinds of articles are you most interested in?[ Why ?] Have you ever read a newspaper or publication in a foreign word?[ When/ Why ?]

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card:

Describe a newspaper or a store that you like to read. You “re saying”:

– What the publication is

– What kind of information it contains

– How often you read it

And explain why you read it

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow-up Questions

Why is it important to read the news? Do you prefer to receive yours by read it, or by listening to the news on the radio, TV or the internet? Time you think newspapers and publications might one day disappear? What suitabilities should a person have to work in a information organization? Would you say the media presents us with more good news than bad news, or vice-versa? Should the government control what is in our newspapers? Which news medium, Tv, the internet, or portable machines, do you think is best for broadcasting the report? What kind of person can become a good correspondent? Is it easier to share news today than it was in the past? In general, how do parties share or communicate( good) word with others? Which do you think is better for communicating( good) story, telling someone face-to-face or telling them on the telephone? How has modern engineering affected the room people share information with others?

Practice with Newspaper Vocabulary

Fill in the following sentences with the word( s) from the above directories. Texts can be adapted to manufacture the decisions grammatically correct.

I can’t understand why people buy ……………….. because they don’t contain real news, just gossip. Famous parties deserve the right to privacy and the government should do more to control and limit …………… There are so many mistakes in that article with information that they’ve got wrong. They truly should utilize a ……………. I’m not keen on the …………… of some newspapers. It seemed to me as though they are trying to fill the pages with situations and large-scale messages to get people’s attention but I just think it’s tangled.

Did you read about that amazing hero in WWII that recently died? There was a wonderful article about her life in the …………….. today. The reason that many beings merely glance through the papers to read the ……………….. is that they are so busy and don’t have time to read the details in the articles themselves. Although we live in a world-wide world, where international news is important to follow, it is still vital that beings read their ……………… newspapers in order to learn about the community in which they live. I fairly like construe …………… because it’s interesting to read the views of the editor on particular issues.


tabloids paparazzi( “its also” possible to have the answer of “the trough press”) fact-checker layout obituaries headlines regional/ local editorials Error Correction

Find the mistakes in the following sentences. There is one mistake in each sentence.

The paparazzi, who work freelance, are notorious for hound notorieties. Gutter press provides information on chiefly shocking word. Tabloid are not favourite newspapers amongst the improved beings in my country. Information checkers do important work and are responsible to make sure that people are quote properly in articles. The recent commodity about marine environmental problems is hot of the press. For my experiment, I had to go through a lot of back issues of various newspapers to find the articles relate to my position thesis. I’m pleased that newspapers are starting to include some colouring photos and representations because it constitutes the articles more interesting and eye-catch. One of my favourite parts of a newspaper is the comic strip because I find the message in the cartoons so relevent to the major issues of the day.


hound= hounding( shooting) Gutter press= The trough press Tabloid= Tabloids quote= paraphrased hot of the press= hot off the press relate= relating eye-catch= eye-catching relevent= related

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