IELTS Writing Practice Test

The IELTS Writing Practice Test consists of both Task 1 and Task 2. It is advisable not to deplete more than 20 minutes for Task 1 and invest the remaining time in Task 2, as Task 2 performs up 66% of the total writing traces while Task 1 exclusively concludes up 33% of the score.

The IELTS Writing Task 1 is different for Academic and General Exam. The Academic Test has a graph, show, diagram or delineate that has to be analyzed and showed while the General Test has a character that has to be written according to the question given. The IELTS writing tradition research for Academic and General are designed accordingly.

The IELTS Writing Task 2 for both Academic and General consists of essay questions for which the essays have to be written in at least 250 words.

Things be taken into consideration by the Test Takers

Understand the inspire of the essay. Both Task 1 and Task 2 have a question to which you would respond to. Make sure you understand the question before you write the papers. Contrive your essay. Plan your essays according to the question. Each paper should follow a particular structure, follow that design and jot down the contents you would like to put into each paragraph in the free surface of the paper. Formerly each section is proposed, begin writing the paper. Remember to use rich dictionary, complex decisions and proper grammar. Looking through dialogue markers, cohesive maneuvers and jargons to be involved in the Writing process. After you complete the paper, make sure your essay is more than 250 words. Anything below that will only lower your ensemble value. Proofread your paper, Check for spellings and grammar inaccuracies.


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Checklist for Writing Tasks

The IELTS writing enterprise 2 message weigh should at least be 250 statements. Preferably less than 300 terms. The essay is well organized. The preface paragraph should contain the paraphrased information from the question, the overview/ ruling affirmation and the thesis evidence. Each of the body clauses should contain one central idea, corroborating ideas and specimen. Don’t branch off. All the information provided in the essay should be relevant to the question caused. The sentences and paragraphs are coherent with no mean or grammatical wrongdoings. The paper should have a rich vocabulary and complex decisions.

If any of the above items are missing from your essay, delight rework the paper with the points you missed, as they frisk a significant part in the band score that you obtain.

Self- Study tasks other than IELTS Writing Practice assessments

There are a number of self-study tasks that you can do in addition to Writing Practice experiments to help you improve your writing sciences.

Below is the list of activities 😛 TAGEND

Write e-mails to website contacts Write a blog Speak bibles, newspapers or publications Post messages in a chat room Write a daily gazette Write a letter to an English speaker Write descriptions of your family and friends Summarize chides, report, sports events that you have read or see online.

Practice IELTS Writing

Below are the writing test samples of IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 to help you practice for the tests.

Writing Task 2 Practice Tests

The practice experiments below contain all types of essay questions with sample ensemble 9 answers by our unit of IELTS experts. You will get a plethora of essay ideas and topic-related vocabulary.

Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4

Practice Test 8 Practice Test 9 Practice Test 10 Practice Test 11

Practice Test 12 Practice Test 13 Practice Test 14 Practice Test 15

Practice Test 16 Practice Test 17 Practice Test 18 Practice Test 19

Practice Test 20 Practice Test 21 Practice Test 22 Practice Test 23

Practice Test 24 Practice Test 25 Practice Test 26 Practice Test 27

Practice Test 28

Writing Task 1 Practice Tests

The practice research below handle almost every visual representation with test band 9 explanations. You will likewise get first entrust insight on how to write a report with appropriate vocabulary.

Practice Test 29 Practice Test 30 Practice Test 31 Practice Test 32

Practice Test 33 Practice Test 34 Practice Test 35 Practice Test 36

Practice Test 37 Practice Test 38 Practice Test 39 Practice Test 40

Practice Test 41 Practice Test 42

Our ebook

You can also purchase our e-book on Academic and General writing task 1 and chore 2 which contains recent questions from actual IELTS exams with answers.

E-book for Academic writing task 1( pdf )

E-book for General writing task 1( pdf )

E-book for IELTS writing exercise 2( pdf )

FAQs What is the rationing of marks for writing chore 1 and writing duty 2

Task 2 induces up 66% of the total writing labels while Task 1 constructs up 33% of the score.

How does writing exercise 1 differ for Academic and General module of IELTS?

For writing task 1, the academic assessment has a graph, planned, chart or planned that has to be analysed and showed while the general measure has a note that has to be written according to the question given.

How should I practise for writing enterprise 2?

Learn the possible types of essay questions. Also learn the structure for every type of essay. Learn topic related vocabulary. Check the paper written for possible spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

What are the golden rules to be followed while writing an essay?

The introduction paragraph should contain the rephrased information from the question, the outline/ opinion word and the thesis account. Each of their own bodies paragraphs should contain one central idea, subsidizing the suggestions and specimen.

How long should the paper be?

The essay should be of 250 oaths, probably less than 300 oaths. But any essay less than 250 terms will result in poor scores.

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