Image Comics releases statement: Fell return on hold

After a firestorm of debate encircling what seemed to be Warren Ellis’s return to comics, Image Comics has released a statement regarding Fell, Ellis’s possible comeback vehicle.

Our statement on Warren Ellis: pic.twitter.com/ InohQ0mBdG

— Image Comics (@ ImageComics) June 25, 2021

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This week’s Fell announcement was neither scheduled , nor vetted, and was actually, premature. While finishing Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s Fell is something we’ve been looking forward to for years, Image Comics will not be working with Warren on anything further until he has made amends to the satisfaction of everyone involved. It is our sincere hope that the conversations that are beginning now will result in positive changes for everyone. Please tour SoManyOfUs.com

The statement is somewhat at odds with one that Image had previously released to many channels, including Gizmodo and The Hollywood Reporter.

Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s Image Comics sequence Fell will indeed return for its long awaited final legend arc in graphic novel format. We will have more details to share about this very soon.

If the details are that the notice was ” neither proposed , nor vetted ,” everything there is supplements up; otherwise, it seems that the publisher eventually bowed to public pressure to renounce publishing Fell until Ellis had done more work to make restitution to his accusers.

Image’s statement came after several pre-eminent Image pioneers speaking out publicly, including James Tynion IV:

I can’t in good faith support new employment by Warren Ellis, and so I won’t. I’m disappointed in Image for publishing it.

— James Tynion IV (@ JamesTheFourth) June 24, 2021

I can’t in good faith support new undertaking by Warren Ellis, and so I won’t. I’m disappointed in Image for publishing it. When the word started came to see you about WE last summer, I was so sure that he was going to be the sort of person who was going to pull a Dan Harmon, own up to his shitty behavior in a public space and etch his own track forward. But he didn’t. I was doubly sure because the brave kinfolks who came forward at http :// SoManyOfUs.com laid out such a clear path for him, one literally tailor form for the kind of humanist he always alleged to be. But he didn’t. Last summer was so shitty in so many rooms, and I just wanted to believe that somebody I respected as much as I did was going to be just who I wanted them to be.

But he wasn’t.

It’s another case of protagonists hesitating. Of the institutions that shaped me want to work in this industry not living up to the version of them in my head.

Like so many other seasons working in this business, I was deeply disillusioned, and still am.

And Scott Snyder 😛 TAGEND

A year ago when the revelations about Warren Ellis came out, we removed him from the Death Metal books in the hopes that accountability would be taken, reforms compiled, and comics would move forward and to get better through difficult but crucial good work.

— Scott Snyder (@ Ssnyder1 835) June 24, 2021

A year ago when the revelations about Warren Ellis came out, we removed him from the Death Metal books in the hopes that accountability would be taken, modifies formed, and comics would move forward and be better through difficult but crucial good work.Clearly that wasn’t the subject, and for the above reasons I can’t subscribe Ellis’ projects age-old or new. Instead, I’d detail you toward the people striving to originate service industries better.

It likewise followed an essay published yesterday here on the Beat by industry consultant Tara Ferguson that speak, in part 😛 TAGEND

From all of this, a very grim picture is being decorated. As a woman who works in the comics manufacture, I am unexpectedly feeling very unsafe. I can guarantee I am not the only one. If Warren Ellis is allowed to walk back into this industry as though nothing has happened, welcomed by one of the biggest and most respected publishers, then the district of this industry is far far worse than we all ever imagined. If the cis het white man who commits perversions is given a free pass, that altogether deepens the playing field for those of us who admittedly already didn’t feel absolutely safe at the best of times.

The controversy began on Monday when master Ben Templesmith wrote in a Patreon post that he would be finishing Fell, a collaboration with Ellis, after a 13 time hiatus, and the publisher would be Image. The outcry on social media was immediate, pointing to the So Many Of Us website that contains testimony from more than 60 female and non-binary parties attesting to Ellis’s predatory behavior over a period of 20 years. Numerous pointed out that the authors of the website had given Ellis a way to attempt to make amends by been carried out in mediated dialog, something “hes not” chosen to do.

Yesterday, So Many Of Us updated to say that Ellis had at last contacted out to try to begin that process.

Author Warren Ellis reached out to this collective for the first time today. We will modernize this place where needed as we attempt to begin a transformative right tour. For complete transparency,( with assent) we’ve included his sense below.

And Ellis released the following statement with more sayings of repent and recognition of the harm he had done and mention of steps he was taking to try to make amends. He also wrote of Image and Templesmith 😛 TAGEND

I have, of course, been speechless and isolated for too long, and should have addressed things sooner and carried out with more speed. I apologise.

All of this should peculiarly have been addressed before word of a new project came out via my traitor. That was my mistake and the book was prematurely announced without Image’s input or insight. I should have brought up to him beforehand that I still had work to do to address my past. I should have worked with Image to make sure they were ready and comfortable to commit publicly to the project when I still had work to do to address my past. This is another example of my bad finding. I now lend both him, and Image, to the list of confessions I owe.

You can speak between the lines of all of this some bad communication, some things awkwardly not discussed, and, overall, the most false suggestion that things had cooled down, all was forgotten and the coast was clear.

Thanks to measured calls for a route back that makes the victims into account, and- above all- the statement by the victims that they are open to such actions, we have perhaps made as much progress as we can in all of this. Ellis has begun therapy and the pilgrimage to mediated restorative right to those used he injured. Portrait has acknowledged that those victims should be heeded and that Ellis needs to do the work before he can be welcomed back. It’s still not a great second ordinance, but it’s a start.

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