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NFL: JAN 03 Seahawks at 49ers

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Come and talk free authority with us!

Want to talk with us about JJ Watt going to the Cardinals? Or where Deshaun Watson will end up? We’re elicited to launch a new aspect for our SB Nation NFL Show podcast fan community on a brand-new app announced Locker Room!

What is Locker Room?

Locker Room is an app that allows us to create live conversations with followers and experts from around the NFL and other large athletics. It also has a chat part where people can talk amongst themselves during the conversation, or ask questions for the legions of the room.

Why should I affiliate?

Locker Room allows us to answer your questions about the NFL in a way that allows more interactions with supporters and listeners than a traditional podcast, although we do plan on using the session as tomorrow’s episode. It too allows us to have fun, two-way conversations with our community in a way that we haven’t really been able to before now.

How do I affiliate Locker Room?

Download the Locker Room app from the App Store( available only on iOS inventions for now) Create an accounting if you don’t have one once Go to the home page and look for a chamber hosted by me or one of our columnists

When’s the converse?

We’ll be lives at 8: 15 PM Eastern today. Find us in a chamber entitled “NFL F.A.& commerces: Who’s next? ” Talk to you then!

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