Comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios has been signed by Echo Lake Entertainment, a administration, product, and finance fellowship. Under the agreement, Echo Lake will represent Mad Cave’s catalog of IP for television and movie adaptation.

The words of the agreement include the deeds under Mad Cave’s young adult imprint, Maverick.

Echo Lake Entertainment

Echo Lake Entertainment was founded in 1998 by Doug Mankoff, and in the intervening years, the company has displayed more than forty movies, garnering 8 Academy Award nominations and acquiring one.

Recently, Echo Lake’s streaming series The Great, starring Elle Fanning and Nicolas Hoult was refurbished for a second season on Hulu.

Mad Cave Studios

Meanwhile, Mad Cave Studios was founded in 2014 by Mark London, with the Maverick imprint- Mad Cave’s foray into the expanding world of young adult graphic novels- having been announced in September of 2020.

2020 was, in fact, quite the year for the publisher, which spearheaded an effort to organize a GoFundMe Relief Fund for comics retailers who were affected by the ongoing COVID-1 9 pandemic.

Adaptations Incoming!

If you’d like to read the press release from Mad Cave in its entirety, it’s included under this post.

Which Mad Cave Studios and Maverick deeds do you hope to see adapted to the screen thanks to the deal with Echo Lake Entertainment? The Beat is curious to hear from you! Is letting us know, either in the comment section on this page, or by dedicate us a outcry on social media @comicsbeat!

Echo Lake Entertainment Signs Mad Cave

Echo Lake Entertainment has signed the independent comic book and graphic story publisher Mad Cave. Under the spate, its administration and production firm will represent Mad Cave’s list of IP for cinema/ Tv adaptation, including the library of designations under Mad Cave’s new and all-inclusive Young Adult imprint, Maverick.

Currently, Mad Cave is having great success with their brand-new comic book series Nottingham. In this changed prehistoric noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham huntings a serial killer with a penchant for tariff collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation builds him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to say , good-for-nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking among the trees of Sherwood, led by an mystery known only as “Hood.” The series is heading into its third printing after selling out of the initial two runs.

“With a penetrating terrace of high-quality fibs across countless categories, Mark and the team at Mad Cave have put together an impressive group, ” said Echo Lake Entertainment’s Mike Marcus. “We are roused to represent them as they initiate great textile for years to come, and we look forward to helping them bring these stories to life in film and TV.”

“For Mad Cave, it’s an honor to be collaborating with Echo Lake Entertainment, ” said Mad Cave CEO/ COO Mark London. “Now, our diverse portfolio of over 30 belongings will have an experienced and knowledgeable team to support and drive their emergence into video, film, and living. Thanks to the increase in streaming scaffolds and the world’s insatiable passion for entertainment, we can think of no better partner than Echo Lake to help Mad Cave properties transcend into brand-new forms of media.”

About Mad Cave

Driven by madness and committed to quality. Mad Cave Studios, established in 2014 by Mark London, offer quality recreation with a fresh take on an regalium of categories. From fantasy and action to scifi and cruelty, Mad Cave Studios publishes storeys that resonate with unapologetic and genuine audiences.

About Maverick

Maverick, Mad Cave Studios’ new stamp for young adults, offerings involving and authentic narrations for those who consider differently, are not afraid to be independent, and fight for who they rightfully are. With entitles that compas from slice-of-life storeys to urban fantasy and repugnance, each Maverick graphic story will be an authentic and motivating universal narrative of personal battle where anyone can find themselves within the pages.

About Echo Lake Entertainment

Echo Lake Entertainment, founded by CEO Doug Mankoff in 1998, is a management, creation and finance companionship based in Beverly Hills, California. The busines has grown and financed over 40 cinemas, making 8 Academy Award( r) nominations and 1 Academy Award( r) prevail. Echo Lake’s management division represents established and emerging actors, columnists, IP creators and conductors from all over the world and is led by former MGM chief Mike Marcus.

Echo Lake’s television series THE GREAT starring Elle Fanning and Nicolas Hoult has been given a second season by Hulu, and is currently in production in London. Echo Lake recently created ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES for Netflix. Adapted from the New York Times bestselling book of the same title by Jennifer Niven, the dialogue was written by Niven and Liz Hannah and wizards Elle Fanning. The fellowship has countless Tv projections set up at studios and networks.

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