One of the important talents that goes into concluding our comics is lettering. The skill of intend and selecting appropriate fonts; shaping and arranging captions, term bags and sound impacts- all can often help or hinder even the finest comic undertaking. It is often forgot by readers, undoubtedly so, but now we get a look in and a chance to learn the ship from prolific professional letterer Nate Piekos, this October, in The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering- from Image Comics.

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According to the Image press release, Nate Piekos will embrace” everything from initiating lettering templates, emotive talk, and dynamic phone effects to developing design skills and building a lettering vocation in the comic industry .”

The book will be available in comic supermarkets October 20, followed by bookshops and digital stages from October 26.

Nate Piekos has been working in the field of typography and graphic design for decades- having lettered for all of its most important comics companionships( Marvel, DC, Image, Dark horse, etc .) and cured design typefaces and logos for videogames, movies, produce carton, marketing, and more.nate piekos

According to Nate Piekos,

” For times I’ve announced lettering gratuities and scheme philosophy on social media, and one of the most frequently asked follow-up questions I receive is,’ Have you ever thought about writing a book about this? ‘” said Piekos.” Since well-executed lettering is an often overlooked one of the purposes of the comics reading ordeal, very few people realize just how much graphic layout talent is required to do the job well. I felt like it was past time to write an careful guide on the art of digital comic book lettering for all those who are interested. It’s a’ late descent’ on the subject that aspiring letterers ought to have praying .”

With the report now out there, Nate Piekos has exposed on Twitter that he has secretly been working on the book for the last year and a half, with the verse now fully written and exactly the designs and schemes left to work out.

The book is completely written, and I am busy devise the sheets for engrave. I’m about half way through that.

How the hell I wrote a bible and maintained my lettering and font schedule, I have no idea.

— Nate Piekos of Blambot (@ blambot) March 22, 2021

Graduating from Rhode Island College in 1998 with a degree in graphic pattern, Nate Piekos got into paw and digital lettering via the indie comics situation. He started developing Blambot– a site for cheap, accessible fonts for aspiring inventors- around that season and by 2002 it truly took off. On MyFonts.com Nate Piekos has over 150 typeface genealogies combined with him. He has won and been nominated for multiple gives for his work including a 2020 Ringo Award for Best Letterer.

There are woefully few works on the art of comic book lettering for those starting out. There is Richard Starkings and John Roshell’s Comic Book Lettering: The Comicraft Way( 2003 ); and Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein’s hard-to-find DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics( 2004 ). Nate Piekos’s notebook will be a welcome and much-needed addition to learning the artwork of the craft.

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Want to know more about the craftsmanship of comic book lettering? Todd Klein did a history of lettering in 2014.

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