Pure Comedy: Here’s A First Look At Barack Obama’s Interview With Desus & Mero [Video]

Barack Obama finally compiled the most important stop on the press tour for his new memoir, A Promised Land: Desus& Mero.

Obama Promotes Joe Biden

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Desus Nice and The Kid Mero astounded their steadfast fans on Monday when they uploaded a draw with none other than onetime President Barack Obama, uncovering that their interview with the best-selling author would be dropping this weekend. Luckily, before that, we get to see a little sneak peak at their upcoming 30 -minute conversation before it comes out.

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In this sneak peek, we get to see the moment Obama firstly gratifies the Bodega Boys-while still social distancing, of course. The former President of the United State starts their encounter by immediately cracking some jokes, saying he was should have worn a duo of sneakers or some Timberlands. Even funnier, Barry goes in on Desus and Mero, causing them know “hes seen” the chapter of the evidence where they played basketball with Senator Cory Booker, which wasn’t accurately an astonishing flaunt of sportsmanship, on their part.

Back in 2019 during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Desus and Mero were asked to name a few patrons they’d hope to interview on their critically acclaimed late night appearance. The God- Level Knowledge Darts scribes replied that they wanted to chat it up with Michelle Obama at some point.

“..Whatever she requires, it’d be a special five-hour episode. We would do everything. I’d be doing her fuzz, we’d be broiling pies, do a hand game, toy double dutch. Really sucking Chardonnay ,” Desus replied. Who ought to have been suspected that really a year later they’d get to chat it up with her husband, and former lead of the USA.

This is a BIG one for the Bodega Hive!

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