#RHOSLC: Step-Grandpa Marrying Mary Says THIS About Jen Shah’s Smell

Last night’s premiere of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was one for the books that included Mormonism tasks,” I don’t know her” shade and a HUGE birthday party. But things REALLY are caught up when Mary Cosby was finally come into force on the show.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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Mary is of course the housewife who married her step-grandfather to” preserve the family legacy” and to” protect her late grandmother’s empire”

” We were kind of a, I would say, an arranged marriage ,” said Mary on #RHOSLC about marriage Robert Cosby Sr.” It was actually pretty in my grandma’s will for us to marry .”

Her hubby agreed and said that his former wife sacrificed them her blessing.

” She said,’ If anything ever happens to me, Bobby, I crave you to marry one of my daughters because they’ll looking after for you, ‘” he said.

Mary too was also pointed out that haters of her 20 -plus year marriage will” get over it and have to” exactly digest it .”


Mary sheds light on her wedlock, and the madams molted light-footed desegregated with colour on their take! Catch up on the SERIES PREMIERE of #RHOSLC now on the app! pic.twitter.com/ HNzjuSlttZ

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One person who didn’t really ” accept ” Mary’s unconventional marriage is Jen Shah who announced it” funny s ***.”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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Jen also told Bravo cameras that she and Mary were friends who shared a passion for high-end fashion, up until Mary made a ” mean ” commentary about her.

Jen alleged that Mary said she” smelled like hospital” and she found that callous considering that she’d simply left a hospital where her Aunt had to have both legs amputated.

” Mary knew what I was dealing with ,” she said.” For her to say those explains to me, you’re just flat out being planned .”

According to Mary, nonetheless, she wasn’t trying to be shaded. The smell of a hospice actually DOES build her sick considering “shes had” gland removal surgery.

” Jen and I used to be good until I said[ she] reeked like a hospital ,” she said, adding that she virtually got sick while hugging Jen after she had just come from a hospital.” I have a very sensitive smell for infirmaries and it takes me to a very dark place. I can smell it anywhere .”

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Now, is that nice?

Both of them also talked about their issues in a confessional and Mary redoubled down on her notes, even meanly shading Jen’s aunt’s health.

” Take accountability for your words and your acts and apologize to me ,” Jen said during a confessional.” But she can’t make love .”

” I don’t know what you want me to do about your aunt — her legs are croaked ,” said Mary in her own confessional.” Why are you going your legs cut off at 60? That means your diet’s bad. She didn’t feed right, like drink water .”

As you can imagine their issues are still ongoing and when they tried to squash things at the party Jen hurled for fellow housewife Meredith, things went left especially after Jen’s friend jumped in.

Silence is golden. #RHOSLC pic.twitter.com/ v1GwdmAcSO

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Jen was live-tweeting last night’s premiere and in genuine homemaker manner, she transported hospital smelling Mary some shade.

How it started: How it’s proceeding: pic.twitter.com/ ym7IcMfVQN

— Jen Shah (@ TheRealJenShah) November 12, 2020

Mary shouldn’t talk about other people’s family while she is laying in her grandmothers bed with her husband! #RHOSLC pic.twitter.com/ hSUvb7XxOO

— Jen Shah (@ TheRealJenShah) November 12, 2020

Later, on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Mary was asked if she “regretted” the comment.

instead of apologizing, Mary tried to figure out which homemaker told Jen what she said and shade throwing ensued.

” That reeked will realise me get a sick feeling, I didn’t say that to Jen and Jen knows that. I actually said that to Meredith, I never was indicated that to Jen or Jen’s friend ,” said Mary while questioning which homemaker told Jen about her comment.

” You once have recognized that you said it ,” said Jen.

” You’re so hoodrat, girlfriend bye !” said Mary.

“Sweetie, it’s chapter one. The soften button doesn’t come out for about 12 weeks.” #RHOSLC #WWHL pic.twitter.com/ pIKo2 0eUg0

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This season is gonna be GOOD.

Sorry not sorry. #RHOSLC pic.twitter.com/ lTX9QFp 4F9

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What do YOU think about Mary’s” flavor like hospice” commentary to Jen Shah?

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