RIP Vertigo and 2000 AD writer Si Spencer

Numerous reports confirm that prolific English writer writer Si Spencer has passed away. The cause of death is not known. Spencer was best known in the US for work at Vertigo including Books of Magick: Life During Wartime, Bodies, The Vinyl Underground, Hellblazer, and more. For 2000 AD his work included’ Harke& Burr, ’’ The Creep’, and’ The Returners’ all for Judge Dredd Magazine. He was likewise ran in video, for such BBC pictures as Eastenders, The Bill and Grange Hill.

The 2000 Ad blog has a full obituary of Si Spencer,with some paraphrases that indicate his thoughts on his work.

‘Part of the elation[ of writing comics] is, of course, the natural suggest to create and solve puzzles, ’ he told the Megazine,’ but in a broader sense writing myth is playing God. Whether it’s something fairly low-level like The Sims or played with dolls or plaything soldiers as a kid or whether you’re looking at the deeper imaginative process of myth, it’s clear that humans like to stamp their expert on things. We like to create natures where things behave exactly as we tell them to, to impose order in a world-wide of random processes and, best of all, create a world where that succession is your order. Scribe are just disheartened autocrats, I suspect; although that’s not exclusively true because for me and I foresee most scribes, the real joy is when the characters you’ve created start enforcing their own wills and names on proceedings and take the story off in brand-new directions.

‘For books, I think it’s the opposite impulse that people experience. They like to solve riddles. In the broader scheme of things, though, the universe is still random processes and the more civilised and organised we become, the more that random element is taken from us. Our beings become tedious and predictable and a columnist or craftsman defies that by offering us surprise and intrigue.


Spencer was well liked by colleagues and numerous Twitter tributes are coming out 😛 TAGEND

I am in a state of shock, my old-fashioned friend from way back, Si Spencer, just died … I certainly can’t believe it…

— John McCrea@ MWOM now for sale in my store (@ mccreaman) February 17, 2021

Reading reports that Si Spencer now passed. I worked with Si& @Max_Dunbar on Vertigo’s Slash& Burn several years ago. Si was a brilliant& generous collaborator. He and Max even trimmed me( the inker) in for a bit of ownership. All but unheard of. RIP, Si. You’ll to be all right. pic.twitter.com/ MUVSvJJiUy

— Ande Parks (@ andeparks) February 17, 2021

RIP Si Spencer and condolences to his family. He wrote a very cool, stylish streak called The Vinyl Underground. Check it out. Vertigo DC Comics. Pencils: Simon Gane. pic.twitter.com/ pph6avyV 1q

— Ryan Kelly (@ funrama) February 17, 2021

DC assembles the comic book community in grieving the progress of Si Spencer. A longtime scribe of various Vertigo entitlements, from Books of Magick all the way to Slash and Burn, he was an influential tone for so many. Rest in quietnes. pic.twitter.com/ Qe4kxAWBfM

— DC (@ DCComics) February 17, 2021

So sad to read about the deaths among Si Spencer, who wrote for TV and a multitude of wonderful comics, along with editing Deadline for a stint and a script editor for TV.

Si’s storeys were unique, never mainstream, didn’t delight the majority- and he would prefer it like that. #RIPSiSpencer https :// t.co/ dVmxz7kKf 3

— D. V. Bishop (@ davidbishop) February 17, 2021

Stunned and saddened by the horrendous report that columnist/ editor Si Spencer has passed away suddenly. My condolences to his family and many friends. He was prolific on social media and one of the people it was a pleasure to converse with over the years. Gone far too soon.

— Lew Stringer (@ lewstringer) February 17, 2021

Trying and failing to process the deaths among Si Spencer. There wasn’t a few weeks that someone didn’t confuse us for each other — always to my advantage. There was no better fellow for whom to be confused.

As clever and warm-hearted a mensch as I ever knew. And a break quizmaster.

— Simon “Si Spurrier” Spurrier (@ sispurrier) February 17, 2021

The Beat routes its condolences to Spencer’s friends and family.

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