SB Nation NFL expert picks for Week 2

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo by Jamie Squire/ Getty Images

While much of the NFL season is still unknown, here’s are our professionals are picking the weekend.

It’s Week 2 in the NFL and frankly it’s flown by. There’s been so much to talk about with the return of football that it’s hard to believe we’re back at the weekend. Now it’s time to dive into the full slate of tournaments and pick who we guess “re going to win” and lose.

This season’s expert panel is a mixture of SB Nation.com personnel, as well as writers and writers from all over our enormous NFL network. Now we are now going!

Toughest collect of the week: Cincinnati vs. Cleveland.

This is one of those cases where assertions could be made either way. The Browns are a definitely bad football team, so are the Bengals — but Cincinnati is on the up swing with Joe Burrow under core. Meanwhile it’s hopeless to know what to expect from Cleveland. This was a team who were considered to finally have turned the corner a couple of years ago , now they search painful again. This is a total toss up.

Easiest pick of the week: Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Let’s face it, unless you’re an nobility NFL team it’s “re going to be” damn almost impossible to beat Kansas City. This is a rebuilding year for the Cost, while the Chiefs are seemingly unstoppable. This doesn’t mean Los Angeles is bad, in fact they were decidedly okay in Week One, but that was against the Bengals — this is the Super Bowl champs. Lock this one in and don’t look back.

Let us know in the comments how you’re picking this week!

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