SHUT IN THEATER: Weekend Reading 54

It’s another Saturday, and that must mean it’s already day for Weekend Reading 54! We don’t think you’ll is just too surprised to find that we’re going to be spending out weekend in what has become the customary fashion: locked inside Stately Beat Manor, and comfortably situated between a load of records and a load of comics!

As ever, we hope that you’ll share your reading plans for this weekend with The Beat, either below in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat. An as ever, we hope that you’re staying safe( and of course, that have already been spate to read )!

Weekend Reading 54Weekend Reading 54: The Man Without Talent

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend I’ll be reading The Man Without Talent by Yoshiharu Tsuge, which was originally published in Japan in the 1970 s but which was only more recently restated to English by Ryan Holmberg and released after the United Country by New York Review Comics in January 2020. Plus, after catching up with the animated line on HBO Max, I’m in a particularly Harley/ Ivy mood, so I’ll be checking out Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Jody Houser, Adriana Melo, Mark Morales, Wade Von Grawbadger, Hi-Fi, and Gabriela Downie.

Weekend Reading 54Weekend Reading 54: Invincible Vol 1

TAIMUR DAR: Taking a week from Avery last week and after watching the Invincible inspired lines on Amazon, I’ve decided to check out the first volume of Invincible by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Bill Crabtree. If it fastens me like the enlivened appearance has, then it’s more than likely I’ll be checking out the part sequence and spin-off books. I’m also interested in comparing the differences between the book and show in the modification process.

Weekend Reading 54Weekend Reading 54: Truth: Red, White& Black

THERESE LACSON: It’s been a mad week. After finishing up the audiobook of Leigh Bardugo’s Rule of Wolves this weekend( the supposed final work in her Grishaverse series ), I’m diving back into Shadow and Bone to celebrate it down for the upcoming season of the establish. But, the first book of that cosmo can be hard to jump into solely, so I’m too trying to catch up on some Marvel speaks. After this week’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, I’m going to check out Truth: Red, White& Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker, in hopes that we’ll realise more of Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley in the final three bouts of the season.

Weekend Reading 54Weekend Reading 54: Tales

BILLY HENEHAN: I recently observed myself wanting to read the entire Suicide Squad series by John Ostrander, Luke MConnell and Karl Kesel. After opening issue# 1 in DC Universe Infinite, an editor’s caption referenced Secret Origins # 14, which told the origin of the Squad. Opening that produced me to wanting to read Fiction by Ostrander, Kesel, John Byrne and Len Wein firstly, since that’s where the Squad was first introduced in# 3. However, did you know that Legends# 1 is not the first part of Legends? It’s continued from Detective Comics # 568! Too not the first part of Legends! That Detective problem is only fraction 2. It’s continued from Batman #401. So here I now sit, wanting to read through the Suicide Squad series that invigorated Michel Fiffe’s Copra, and obtain myself read the first appearance of Magpie instead.

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