Small Press Spotlight: Looking for some comics for kids?

Comics are an excellent way to get your kids to read more. Comics for teenagers furnish an opportunity for creativity, exploring new worlds, and even decompressing after a long day at school. The Small Press Spotlight is focusing on what two publishers are doing exclusively for a younger audience.

comics for kidsFirst up, Source Point Press introduced a “kids only” section on their website. Source Point Press Adolescents offers mothers, teaches, and caregivers an area to find the “best comics to entice a child’s ingenuity .” Titles like Monstrous, Skylin, Bug Bites, and The Family Graces are all excellent starting points to introduce youngsters to the company’s style. If that wasn’t fun enough, Source Point is celebrating the launch with a special discount of$ 5 off $15 or more. Head to the website to shop.

comics for kidsAt the end of April, Second Sight Publishingdonated one thousand comics to Florida’s Polk County School System. COO Marcus Roberts said in a statement, “We at Second Sight Publishing strive to provide entertaining readership to girls of all ages. We welcome the opportunity to provide an alternative reading source to help strengthen the reading skills of students.”

Stacy Davis, Senior Coordinator of Library Services for the district commented, “We are extremely pleased that Second Sight Publishing would present us such a great donation as we are always looking to add quality volumes to our rotate decipher list.”

The two entitlements given were Book of Lyaxia and Lady Freedom, which was especially significant since the creators of the books reside in Florida. CEO Bradley Golden territory, “It is an honor to bequeath deeds been established by local flair such as Larry Jarrell and Aron Pohara. Aron Pohara living in Tampa, and Larry Jarrell resides in Orlando.”

Both comics will be distributed throughout the school library system and used during the summer program.

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