Small Press Spotlight: There’s a MONSTROUS return while CONTRABAND dives deep into the dark web

March is nearly over, which symbolizes spring is actually here! If you are looking to add to your springtime reading schedule, Small Press Spotlight offers two volumes to consider. Read more about liberations from Source Point Pressand Markosia below.

MonstrousSource Point Press brings back their gothic steampunk serials Monstrous with a new miniseries Diabolical: Heartbreak and Blood Loss. Described as “a swashbuckling ghost story with concealed secrets, bloodthirsty raiders, a cave filled with treasure, and a whole host of things that will leave you haunted ,” the first issue of the publisher’s longest-running journal is available for pre-order now and will be included in stores Wednesday, May 26.

Written by Greg Wright, each issue of the miniseries pieces an original fib with its own artist including Maria Santaolalla, Gary and Josh Sobek, Alexander Mortarion, and Rachel Young, who exemplified the first installment. Issue# 1, which is a great place for brand-new readers to enter the universe, involves a lonely lighthouse defender who learns she’s living right above a ghost pirate protecting cursed treasure. At first, they struggle to figure out who will give up the territory, but they immediately learn they have a lot in common, including some opponents determined to destroy them both.

Wright said in a statement, “These staggering masters help to ground this nature, building it feel real and lived in. There’s a rough and dark perfection to these tales of supernatural beings interacting with the living, and this art team acquisitions the differences between flavors and moods to the narratives to impart them to vivid, pulsing being .”

The writer continued, “The classic feel of Gothic horror infused with steampunk flavor is still there, as is the humor and a direct of strange and odd characters. But this publication is a little more focused on how woo can sometimes do more damage than the most menacing of ogres. There’s something for everybody in now, and I can’t wait to hear what tribes think of this new batch of Monstrous floors! ”


UK publisher Markosia presents the tech sci-fi graphic story Contraband. Written by TJ Behe and illustrated by Phil Elliott, the book is “an intense, dark foreshadowing of today’s tech-driven paranoia and online political chaos.” Read the full description from the publisher 😛 TAGEND

“When a intruder transformations real-time ownership of a wildly favourite social app to each creator of its top-viewed video, rampant savagery, misinformation, and privacy invasion follows- as beings everywhere shoot the money, fame, and influence of being ranked# 1.

The story centres on a self-styled citizen journalist forced to hunt down an organizer sabotaging a ruthless entrepreneur’s dark web social app, Contraband. His search makes him into a voyeur underground where profit-hungry teenagers slink city streets secretly inflaming, staging, and filming violent events to satisfy society’s accelerating demand for shocking content.

Published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2007, Contraband was one of the first social media-centric tech thrillers. Contraband’s chilling collection of ideas in this earlier epoch is likely to be seemed outrageous- but are now rampant in 2021. Dark web communication apps secretly acting crimes banned from Twitter, Facebook, and other big-name social apps. Rampant “happy slapping” with credibility-hungry babies filming brutal, exploitive plays. Professional citizen correspondents entitled with mobiles chasing down video tales to gain their own online fame.”

Look for Contraband on May 10.

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