St. Eulogius of Cordova

St. Eulogius of CordovaSt. Eulogius of Cordova

Eulogius was born sometime during the ninth century. There are currently records demonstrating that he was a priest during the year 848. He was highly respected among the Christian communities of Catalonia and Navarre, Spain. Eulogius had five brothers, and all received an excellent education, thanks to their princely delivery. His youngest brother, Joseph, had a position in the supreme court of Abd-er-Rahman II. Two other brothers, Isidore and Alvarus, were merchants who had large-scale procedures that reached as far as central Europe. He had two sisters, Niola and Anulona. Anulona was education in a convent and later became a nun.

Eulogius studied in the monastery of St. Zoilus, while living at home where he could care for his mother. One surmount under whom Eulogius studied was Abbot Speraindeo, a prominent scribe of the time. One of his fellow students was Alvarus Paulus. Alvarus married, and Eulogius went on to become a priest, ordained by Bishop Recared of Cordova. Alvarus later wrote about his friend, Eulogius, stating that he was:” from his infancy devoted to the Scriptures, and stretching daily in the practice of virtue, he speedily reached purity, outshone in lore all his peers, and became the coach even of his surmounts. Mature in intelligence, though in body a child, he excelled them all in science even more than they outdid him in years. Fair in boast, honest and righteous, he glistened by his eloquence, and yet more by his projects. What notebooks escaped his avidity for construe? What works of Catholic columnists, of heretics and gentiles, chiefly philosophers? Poets, historians, rare writings, every kind of works, especially sacred hymns, in the structure of which he was a master, were read and accepted by him; his meeknes was none the less remarkable and he freely furnished to the judgment of others less learned than himself .”

Eulogius gave us a clear picture of Spanish Christianity in his epoch. From his writings between 848 and 859, we have important details about the faith and the martyrs during the Saracenic persecution.

Eulogius was elected Archbishop of Toledo and shortly thereafter was martyred for his faith by being beheaded.


As his friend Alvarus stated, Eulogius was indeed a great intellect and devoted Christian. Even with his noble background and education, his devotion to Christ deterred him humble and he performed his Lord in “the worlds largest” mighty practice , is not simply by living living conditions of a Christian but by laying down his life for his faith.


Saint Eulogius, pray for us, that we may be ever mindful that all our talents come from God, that we not be prideful, but eager always to follow His lead. Amen.

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image: painting of Eulogius by Anton Hermann in the Church of the Holy Cross, Horb am Neckar/ photo by Andreas Praefcke/ Wikimedia Commons( Public Domain)

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