Tamika Mallory To Release Her First Book “State Of Emergency” Via Charlamagne Tha God’s Black Privilege Publishing

Black books matter.

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Tamika Mallory has been reppin’ for us, Black tribes, for years on the front line of the most revolutionary actions in modern American epoches. As an partisan, a TIME 100 recipient, and the founder of the Women’s March of 2017, there is no denying Tamika’s dynamism and now she’s preventing that same power as she contributes another reverenced name to her life’s work, author.

Today is was announced via Variety that Mallory will be releasing her very first book called State of Emergency. The notebook will also commemorate the first handout from Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God‘s brand-new publishing firm Black Privilege Publishing through Atria Books at Simon& Schuster.

The book will be very on-brand as Tamika’s writing will take a raw and unflinching look at the history of terror that America has set upon Black lives as well as some muse on how we can maintain the momentum that we have been building since Trayvon Martin’s body was interpreted lifeless at the mitts of a racist murderer. In an impassioned testimony that Tamika devoted to Variety, she spoke with the steely resolve and clarity that we love about her 😛 TAGEND

“This country can’t undo the gross brutalities and internal and outer blemishes committed against the Black, dark-brown, indigenous, and immigrant lives “thats been” relinquished for the benefit of its start, improvement, and rise. But it is now clear that we, the person or persons, who have toiled, sacrificed and contributed an indelible handprint from the grunge to the soul of this nation, will no longer tolerate the incessant systemic unfairnes, inequality, prejudice, and humiliations against their local communities our authority never riled to correct. We’re owed the same American Dream of this person as those who seek the haven of it. And the time is now.”

BOSSIP spoke to Charlamagne about what it means to have his imprint debut with person as strong as Tamika Danielle Mallory.

BOSSIP: What does it mean to you to have Tamika’s book be the launch point for your brand-new imprint? Was it always the plan to have her pencil serve as the maiden voyage for BPP?

Charlamagne Tha God:” It is everything to me that Queen Mallory’s” State Of Emergency” is the firstly book out on BPP simply because of who Tamika Mallory is. You talking about a woman who selflessly fights for black people ALL THE TIME. If you had the opportunity to assist in immortalizing the words of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Angela Davis, wouldn’t you do it? I investigate Tamika the same way I read those Queens I just mentioned and it wasn’t my plan to have her be the first party we partner with on this imprint it was GOD’s. I call Tamika my leader all the time so it’s only right she’s contributing on this .”

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You can pre-order State of Emergency via the link in Tamika’s Instagram bio. Make sure to follow her if you don’t once. You’re missing out on the good word.

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