Ten Blessings of Spiritual Reading

Ten Blessings of Spiritual ReadingTen Blessings of Spiritual Reading

To advance in our spiritual life, we should utilize all of the means, procedures, and rehearsals that are at our jettison. Jesus calls all of us to seriously pursue our own sanctification, as well as the sanctification of the whole world. His utterances are clear and to the point: “Be holy as your heavenly Father is holy.”( Mt 5:48)

A soldier must be well-armed and equipped; an athlete must be fit and decorate and prepared; a student must know the subject; married couples must know and use the tools and means to form a princely and holy family. In a similarity feel, if we truly want to be partisans of Christ then we must have the tools and appendages at our dumping and use them so as to be victorious. The succes is of paramount importance — the victory is nothing less than attaining the salvation of our immortal spirit for all afterlife. There is no greater struggle or enterprise underneath the sunshine!

The Value and Importance of Spiritual Reading

This being said, one of the largest implements to utilize in grown in our spiritual life is the practice of frequent and well-done spiritual see. Journals written down spiritual Theology, spiritual improvement, spiritual progress, will often have a chapter on the capital importance of applying oneself to a formal wont of spiritual see! Religious Dictates, both males and, accentuate the catastrophic importance of incorporating into the daily routine the practice of spiritual reading.

Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Reading: Feeding the Soul

It should be mentioned that all who give the spiritual life gravely should strive to locate and connect with some assemble of regular spiritual direction.

The essence of spiritual counseling is to help the person directed to grow in his prayer life and in his relationship with God. One of the tools of the growing process is the practice of Spiritual Reading. Through prayer and discernment, the spiritual director should help the person being directed towards the practice of good Spiritual Reading. Each soul is different and has different specific needs, but skillful spiritual tendency should include the discernment and selection of efficacious Spiritual Reading.

Indeed, much can be said on the topic of Spiritual Reading; however, the essence of this short essay will be to encourage the readers to undertake the course of carrying out Spiritual Reading and in time to establish in their lives the most noble habit of Spiritual Reading.Once done, you will never miss it and you will reap most abundant returns in time and eternity from this most noble of struggles!

May your spiritual construe be your spiritual feeding!

The Abundant Blessings From Spiritual Reading

1. Conversion

Actually one of the many benefits that flows from Spiritual Reading is the conversion of the person to God. One of the most well-known examples of someone being altered by solid and substantial Spiritual Reading is the conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Lying in bed after a serious leg destroy wound in the battle of Pamplona, Ignatius was given a book, Lives of the Saints.

At first the future saint stood, but then he accepted the reading. Almost immediately, his nerve was set afire by see the splendid lives, sayings, and admirable deeds of God’s heroes — the saints! Ignatius cried out: “If Dominic could do it, so can I; if Francis could do it, so can I! ”

Therefore, the initial compulsion in the conversion of Saint Ignatius came about through see the lives of the saints. With respect to literary genre and alternative of reading, that of say the lives of the saints should have a primary place of significance!

2. Learning

Every serious professional must seek constant and assiduous Permanent Formation–that is to say, engage a path of proliferation through forums, gratifies, reading, and much more. This all-important concept of Permanent Formation in the professional life can easily and rightly be applied to our spiritual life.

As the modern saying proceeds: We are all a work in progress! We are mountain climbers who have not yet reached the peak!

I would like to coin a new phrase: we are called to be Professional Catholics! In other names, there is always room for proliferation; there is always something new to us that we can and should learn; there are still countless blind-spots in our spiritual life that must be brought to the light of truth.

3. Mind Transformation

Saint Paul offers us two minds worthy of reflection, petition, meditation, and application to our lives. The first is the following: “Put on the mind of Christ.” Then: “You have the mind of Christ! ”

For many who have been submerge and engrossed in the world and its values, this is indispensable transformation of the spirit. The life presents the following costs: buying, downing, experiencing, please, supremacy, important, renown, sensuality. Being inundated and submerge is this deluge of worldly importances, the subconsciou must go through a gradual but ensure translation. In this endeavor called upon to Spiritual Reading are essential!

4. Joy in Discovering the Truth

In our human experience, when we discover something of great value we revel. A preciou detected answers in immense wallowing! So “- its” the case of vehicles of Spiritual Reading.

Authentic Spiritual Reading is always regard to the Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life … and the Truth shall set us free.

5. Clarity in Purpose

Another positive outcome emanating from good and solid Spiritual Reading is purity as to the purpose of our life: who God is, who we are, where we come from and where we are heading, and what tools we must use to arrive at our final fate. Saint Ignatius of Loyola calls this Principle and Foundation.

Being exposed to and nourishing oneself on worldly magazines, diaries, and sections closes in worldly passions and pursuits. Good, solid, efficacious Spiritual Reading face-lifts our imagination to the higher realms of heaven and heightens our desire to reach our heavenly dwelling!

6. Raise in Prayer

Once when I was engaged in a conference with a fellow priest-friend, he territory: “Whenever I am hired and sucked in captivating spiritual reading, I actually cry better! ” Bingo.

It must be said that Spiritual Reading promotes and excellents the geniu. Part and parcel of a serious prayer life is the use of the spirit, which leads to the heart. Do you want to grow in your devotion life? Then why not use Spiritual Reading as the grazing sand!

7. Charity Towards Others

So genuine is the saying: “You can’t cause what you don’t have.” A ripped and lacerated pocket cannot contain anything; an vacate pouch cannot devote currency; an evacuate gas-tank will not get your car out of the parking-lot! In the same vein, with a spiritually empty leader and nature you cannot edify and cleanse others.

However, by reading and retaining good and princely spiritual themes, when you are in conversation with others, you can share these gems, these wealths, these noble spiritual penetrations. Indeed, this is true and authentic philanthropy. What is donation according to Saint Thomas Aquinas? “Charity is willing the good of the other.”

In your communications, modelled by good Spiritual Reading, you are sharing the hoards of the Truth, the wealths of the Word of God.

8. Peace and Joy

In my own personal experience, after I have finished a good reporting period Spiritual Reading, my mettle know-hows greater serenity and joyfulnes which overflows into my life and covers with others. Saint Paul exhorts us with these oaths, pertaining to our topic: “Rejoice in the Lord ever; I say it again: Rejoice! ”( Phil 4:4)

9. Conquering Mental Laziness

How appreciative I am, that as teens our mothers helped me and my brother to read some good books during the summer months. Somewhat resistant at first, I started to read, and then noted the predict delightful.

How important it is for adults, for parents, to apply themselves to good Spiritual Reading. But also, given that the mothers are the firstly teaches of “their childrens”, what a great tool in the spiritual and moral constitution of their children and teenages to assemble in them the attire of systematic, regular Spiritual Reading! Mental laziness can easily lead to sin and vice. Solid Spiritual Reading, on the contrary, can lead to holiness and virtue!

10. Defense of the Truth of Our Faith

Now more than ever, the Catholic Faith is being ruthlessly attacked on a constant and relentless basis. Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said: “Very few leave the Catholic Faith for what the Church teaches, but for what they see the Church teaches.” In other paroles, what most accept about the Catholic Faith is erroneous, erroneous, forged, demoralized!

By the application of solid Spiritual Reading, especially that of Apologetics, you can be forming yourself to be a solid brass wall to defend the most noble principles and schoolings of Truth in the Catholic Faith. How admirable are Patrick Madrid, Tim Staples, Scott Hahn, and many other lay-leaders who truly know the Faith, study the Faith, coach and preach the Faith. These three great and noble adults of God have obviously squander long hours in the practice of Spiritual Reading and study so as to be a shining light for countless souls and their eternal recovery!

In conclusion, we are looking forward and pray that as a result of this humble, short paper, all of you will feel caused, with the support of a good spiritual director, to undertake the most noble enterprise of Spiritual Reading. Indeed, these best practices will redound to your enormous good, to consecrate you personally, your family, the Church, and the world!

The last words of Jesus before ascending into heaven were: “Go out to all the world and tell the Good-News …. And I will be with you always until the end of the world.”( Mt 28: 19 -2 0)

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