The Best DIY Website Themes to Build your Writer Website

The Best DIY Website Themes to Build Your Writer Website | YourWriterPlatform.com

This is a guest post by Georgie Peru, a Content Contributor for UKWebHostReview on the best DIY website themes to build your columnist website. Please find her full bio at the lower end of this post.

More than ever, budding columnists are searching for the best website themes to build their portfolio and author websites.

Website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and even CMS platforms like WordPress, are a great way for columnists to build their own websites, without much or any coding knowledge.

DIY makes are appealing for countless reasons: they’re easy to use, there’s plenty of templates and topics to work with, and most importantly, most website builders offer a free programor are incredibly good value for money.

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What Should Columnist Look for in a Website Theme?

Whether you’re utilize Wix, WordPress, or another DIY website builder, you’re going to be faced with thousands of themes to choose from. This can feel pretty overwhelming, and it can often make hours to find the best option for your writer website.

While it can be tempting to choose a theme for its notoriety or features, it’s important you consider your requirements 😛 TAGEND

SEO: If you want your website to be found organically on the internet through search engine develops, you’ll want it to be well-optimized for SEO. Whilst you can do a lot to increase your SEO outside of your topic, the theme is important too. Themes that are packed full of useless the characteristics and plugins can cause page speed lading issues, starting your website to perform poorly, abridging your SEO. A good topic will render SEO-optimization built-in.

Flexibility: A professional columnist website topic should render spate of flexibility when it comes to adding or removing factors and facets. For speciman, you should be able to easily edit text, supplemented new areas of verse, images, contact forms, etc. A great theme will volunteer documentation and support( themes from ThemeForest tend to come with 6 months of the assistance provided included for free ).

Responsive: It’s estimated that over 5 billion people own a smartphone, which is the main reason why your theme should be responsive and mobile-friendly. If one of your website visitors territories on your website on a portable design and learns it isn’t responsive, they’ll likely leave and never return, which means you’ll miss out on a potential customer.

eCommerce: If you plan to sell records( including eBooks or leader ), writing shops, courses, consulting, or any other offerings to support your writing business, it’s all-important your website theme is fit for purpose. Your theme should support consolidations with PayPal or other pay providers, or if you’re consuming WordPress, it should support a plugin like WooCommerce.

The Best Website Themes for Writers

If you’ve been looking for the best DIY theme for your columnist website, your search can end here! We’ve picked the very best topics on the market, so you can make a quicker decision and get started creating your professional website.

1. Divi

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes around. Elegant Themes* have dubbed it “the ultimate WordPress page builder”.

Whilst WordPress is an improbably powerful programme from which you can build beautiful websites, it can be tricky to get the hang of at the beginning. Especially if you have no prior coding learning.

Divi allows apprentices to enjoy creating a 100% DIY website with ease. It’s an entire website developer platform, allowing you to enjoy WYSIWYG( what you see is what you get) editing with cool boasts like sliders, blogs, halls, and spates more.

Divi has over 800+ pre-made website designs for free, as well as royalty-free photos you can use to start building your columnist website.

2. Author Pro

Author Pro is a WordPress theme specially designed for writers and writers. It has a simple design that gushes professionalism while still being attractively modern.

The theme is built on the Genesis Framework, powered by StudioPress, which represents it’s suitable for both rookies and advanced users.

Author Pro does come at a price … $99.95 to be exact. Nonetheless, this includes the Genesis Framework package and comes full of features suitable for scribes and writers.

You’ll be able to create a book library on your website, sell your starts online, customize your website, and ensure it’s mobile-responsive.

3. Ultra

Ultra theme is a powerful WordPress theme, that reaches it fantastically easy to create your very own writer website. The real charm of Ultra is that it comes compressed full of pre-made design skins for abundance of industries, including writers.

This determines it super-fast to create your website, whilst giving you the option to fully customize it if you wish.

If you’re not particularly familiar with WordPress, Ultra can help you find your feet. The 1-click import role offsets it simple to switch up your blueprint, as well as edit the content on your website.

It’s also WooCommerce compatible entail you can sell plenty of romances, eBooks, or even swag to your anxiou fans.

4. Montauk

If creating a beautiful website is a top priority for you, Montaukis the stunning SquareSpace topic you’re after.

While it’s tailored more towards masters, this theme is incredibly versatile and offers you a plaza to showcase your latest writing efforts, as well as blog functionality to keep your readers engaged.

This theme is perfect for a writer’s portfolio because it offers modern-designs that scream creativity.

It’s mobile-responsive extremely, which means your books can experience your scribe website in all its majesty on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

5. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a one-page WordPress theme, suitable for creating a brilliant one-page site to highlight you, or a specific book or streaks.

If you experience a bit of website DIY, Hestia Pro offers a tasteful layout, customizability, and page builder harmony.

If that’s not enough, Hestia Pro is WooCommerce ready, offerings boosted blogging options, all while being optimized for speeding and rendition.

You can let your clevernes come to life by expending Elementor, or another page builder of your choice.


There is a world of astonishing DIY website themes out there capable of helping you create an impactful and beautiful columnist website.

Using a website builder or CMS platform like WordPress means you can enjoy endless prospects as well as potent website pieces.

I hope this list of the best themes has helped you continue your imaginative outing online.

Author bio: Georgie Peru is a Content Contributor for UKWebHostReview. She is passionate about sharing her feeling for engineering through her material writing manipulate, with a mission to help others learn and understand what constitutes the digital nature so successful.

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