The Best Marketo Learning Paths For Beginners

Adopting brand-new application is difficult. Between simply logging in, steering the user interface, and understanding how to execute assignment, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed and lose focus on the importance the software will provide.

Thankfully, in our digital age, help is never further away than a speedy Google search. This is true viewing read Marketo as a apprentice. Marketo is a marketing automation platform that offer “end-to-end engagement for modern ask market.”

If you are ready to begin your Marketo journey, there are three learning footpaths for Marketo beginners that we recommend: Marketo’s own resources, Udemy, and YouTube.

Marketo’s Own Resources

Within Marketo, there are three resources that can help amateurs: Marketo University, Marketo Resource Center, and Marketo Marketing Nation community.

Marketo University

A enormous neighbourhood for beginners to learn Marketo is the Marketo University, which is transitioning into the Adobe Digital Learning Services library following Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo. The university offers free training, an on-demand course catalog, and Marketo Certifications.

One segment of the Marketo University free teach is The “New to Marketo” learning path. This curriculum-style path focuses on email marketing, marketing automation, and different aspects of managing a patron relation administration( CRM) stage, all of which are critical to learning Marketo.

More solely, the “New to Marketo” learning path concentrates on the following topics 😛 TAGEND

Marketing Automation Fundamentals Email Marketing Basics CRM Sync List and Data Maintenance Marketo Administration Marketo Certified Associate Exam Study Guide

Furthermore, although this course is currently free on the Marketo University, it is unclear if this course will be offered for free in the future, on the Adobe Digital Learning Work library .

Marketo Resource Center

The Marketo Resource Center is Marketo’s main content hub. Featuring content on virtually all topic related to Marketo and marketing, the Marketo Resource Center allows you to filter by various material types in particular article, e-books, webinars, and videos.

If you are looking to learn about marketing strategy and how Marketo tools can help you contact your goals, the Marketo Resource Center was a very good ascertain path.

Marketo Marketing Nation

If you have more specific questions around troubleshooting and/ or use specimen, the Marketo Marketing Nation can help.

This site peculiarities over 10,000 answers to questions, over 1,000 blogs, virtually 100 used radicals, and often 100 s of users online at any given point in time. If you have a question about Marketo, there is a good chance that you can quickly find an answer here.


Udemy is a technology-focused online memorize scaffold that offers over 130,000 directions to 35 million students. Currently there are 11 courses for Marketo beginners, highlighted by the ShowMeLeads Marketo Foundation Training. A couple of these courses are free, though the majority must be purchased.

If you want structure while learning and building abilities, we would recommend Udemy as a strong ascertain course option.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine( behind Google, of course )? Just like Marketo Marketing Nation, if you have a question about Marketo, a Marketo user has very likely announced a video on YouTube to provide you with an answer.

Furthermore, Marketo’s own YouTube channel contains countless videos boasting expert interviews and concoction demonstrations.

Do the Next Steps in Marketo

Like all new software, extremely market automation tools, getting started is always the most difficult part of the journey.

As you become more familiar with the vastness of Marketo and decide what learning tracks to be good for you, our Marketo blog affixes and Marketo Audit Tool can help you evaluate and optimize your instance of Marketo for future success.

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