The Marvel Rundown: Nightcrawler searches for his path in WAY OF X #1

Willkommen to another volume of the Marvel Rundown! For our main book this week, we’re embrace the debut publication of the latest entrant into Krakoa, Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn’s Way of X# 1, an issue I’ve been anticipating greatly since its edict earlier this year. Hot on the heels of a near-perfect run on Hellblazer over at the distinguished contender, Spurrier has certainly earned me over and at this object I’ll read anything the three men writes.

We’ve got a review of that volume, ahead in this week’s Marvel Rundown!

Way of X# 1 Way of X #1Way of X# 1

Written by Si Spurrier Art by Bob Quinn Colouring by Java Tartaglia Lettering by Clayton Cowles Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Marte Gracia

With the first year of the brand-new X-Men experiment having came to see you a close recently, it was only natural that the next curve of records offered a more analytical approach to Krakoa. It’s certainly the speciman in Children of the Atom, which is something we picture what everyday humans think of mutantkind’s little paradise that they can’t get into. Similarly, Way of X volunteers an outsider’s approaching, but from within. Doubly interesting, it’s from a attribute I don’t think I expected. Nightcrawler has been a part of this story from the start, breathing that iconic position in House of X about mutant procreation. We’ve also realized him welcome newcomers into Krakoa, where he watched Kate Pryde’s discovery of her inability to enter her people’s new home.

Way of X From Way of X# 1

I mention all this because it’s honestly quite interesting to delve into Nightcrawler’s perspective on everything that’s been going on, which up until this point is something I didn’t realise we haven’t gotten. Frankly, he enunciates everything about Krakoa that a lot of us have found ruffling. The symbolize of resurgence and the very nature of the Crucible( where monstrosities affected by the Decimation prove themselves to be resurrected as they were before Wanda Maximoff’s acts) clearly seriously trouble Kurt, in addition to some readers. A redesigned Doctor Nemesis posits that Nightcrawler is at a loss, philosophically speaking, because all the questions that drive his faith have more or less been answered or cleared meaningless. It doesn’t matter if someones exist or not because resurrected monstrosities are functionally the same as they were before death.

Opening up a little corner of the X-line where Nightcrawler, “the worlds largest” overtly devout mutant, deals with and processes all facets of this new society, in a frankly rather rational space thanks to Spurrier’s plotting and exchange, is exactly the kind of thing I didn’t know I needed. It doesn’t simply feel investigative and standalone, but also offers up a few cases interesting hints about a recent adversary that Krakoa has been facing, and I’m preferably elicited to see all of it pay off down the line.

Way of XFrom Way of X# 1

All this is brought to life by artist Bob Quinn in what indeed might be on of my favourite-looking bibles in this whole line. The artwork is so express and flowing, with the specific characteristics and environmental issues in particularly inspecting fantastic. I’ve read a lot of his early cultivate where reference is first came on the stage but not much since then, which is mostly why I’m just blown away at how far he’s come in such a short time. It’s got large-scale activity, merriment attribute times, a little of repugnance, some interesting and funny setpieces, and even a horrifying Crucible moment that really highlights how demented the whole thing is. Quinn can do everything! There’s even a stupendous cliffhanger page to boot.

Final Verdict: Buy. This is easily one of the most significant entries of this entire line of diaries and I’m eagerly seeing the next topic. It’s gorgeous and a required contemplative look at the monstrosity know that the Reign of X has fully knocked in.

Next week, Black Widow returns, and Miles Morales’ Clone Saga kicks in!

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