The SmallBizChat Podcast: Boost Your Industry Icon Status with Dr. Catrise Austin

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Dr. Catrise Austin is a trailblazing expert in dentistry, also known as The Queen of Smiles, and an award-winning cosmetic dentist to adepts. Her clients include prototypes, athletes and performers, and big names such as Cardi B and Wendy Williams. She is a best-selling author of several volumes, including How to Become a Celebrity Doctor: 5 Medical Marketing Secrets to Help you Elevate Your Income and Boost Your Industry Icon Status. Dr. Austin has made appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, and Love and Hip Hop and was elected as one of the” Top 25 Women in Dentistry “.

In today’s episode, Dr. Catrise Austin shares her dentistry journey and how she became a dentist to the stars. She reveals how she got her first notoriety buyer and the steps she took to build her successful cosmetic dentistry symbol. She shares tips on how other doctors can develop their unique icon status and step into the celebrity client market. She highlights why it is so important to have a signature story and something that sets you apart. She reveals the reasons she choice a occupation in dentistry and the motivation behind the use she does. She also shares the pros and cons of hiring a publicist and how you can acquire spokesperson opportunities to build and elevate your brand.

” It’s all about target sell and really receiving your utter and having a distinct selling point.”- Dr. Catrise Austin

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The jaunt that produced Dr. Catrise Austin going to be a dentist to the stars How she got her first fame patron The next steps in build her personality dentist label How other doctors can build a brand Why it’s essential to have something that sets you apart. Why knowing your target sell is essential Why every physician needs a signature legend The revelation behind Dr. Catrise Austin’s occupation in dentistry The pros and cons of hiring a publicist How to get brand spokesperson opportunities

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