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The Week’s Best

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Answers Question no. Rebuttal Keywords Location of keywords

8 D Tonight she drinks chocolate in a tent and tells her story to Janet Street-Porter before she names off for the Pyrenees mountains. Option D, last path

9 F Tonight it is presented by Carol Vorderman who establishes five reports, which include computer-driven gondolas and in-flight ten-pin bowling Option F, last-place boundary

10 C,( and) E[ in either guild] the competence of the house and how previous proprietors have been able to travel back through the centuries to meet their ancestors.

believable cast of characters who travel to the twenty-third century. Option C, last-place cable& Option E, line 5

11 G Based on his own novel, the progress of his passage on the railways of Europe and Asia Option G, course 5

12 E This is a TV film being used to launch a brand-new science fiction sequences Option E, route 1

13 D,( and) G[ in either succession] she has succeeded in walking around the world. Tonight she boozes coffee

Paul Theroux’s account of his recent journey from London to Japan and back induces model cloth Option D, cable 4& Option G, row 1

14 A This Tv theatre is about a young private detective employed by a team of New York businessmen who send her to Brazil to look into a series of inn frauds Option A, first decision

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