Using Fanfiction to Build your Audience, Brand, and Platform

Using Fanfiction to build your audience, brand, and platform | YourWriterPlatform.com

This is a guest post by columnist and marketer, Hayley Zelda, on using fanfiction to build your gathering, brand, and stage. She’s written on major writing pulpits and worked with a number of self-published writers on sell journals to the YA audience.

Have you ever been so interested in an craftsman or musician that you examined to find like-minded parties so that you could enjoy your idol’s works together?

Have you ever been so fascinated with a reference or specifying of a book or Tv streaks that you wanted to create your own story inspired by them?

If so, welcome to the world of fandoms and fanfiction.

What is a Fandom?

Fandom is a term used to describe communities structured around a shared relish and obsession with an phase of pop culture, such as notebooks, musicians, notorieties, internet temperaments, movies, or TV sequences.

Popular Fandoms

Fanfiction archive website FanFiction.net declaredthe Harry Potter fandom as number 1 in their schedule of the more popular fandoms online. In information, according to the data they liberated, there are around 821,000 fibs about the books and movie succession.

Fans of the Harry Potter series call themselves Potterheads and the majority of members of them know the wizarding world inside and out.

They have taken quizzes to determine what their Hogwart’s house, Patronus, and sprig might perhaps be if they were wizards and magicians. And even though they may butt principals on their sentiments about JK Rowling, they all was considered that the streak realized their lives magical.

Another fandom that cleared it to FanFiction.net’s most popular list is Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s.

Fans of the book series call themselves Demigods or Half-bloods and they dealing with this problem writer Rick Riordan as’ Uncle Rick.’ They share a common desired for Greek mythology and a disfavour for the Percy Jackson movie adaptations released in 2010 and 2013.

And of course, the Star Wars fandom also made it to FanFiction.net’s most popular list- not surprising since the supporters of the sci-fi franchise are the most passionate people you’ll ever fill.

A lot of them invest time and coin to collect memorabilia from the streak, but there are also others who create amazing works of art inspired by Star Wars. You could easily spot them at patterns because they are usually boasting lightsabers and other merch from the right or are garmented as their favorite courage.

What is Fanfiction?

In every fandom, there are members who are inspired to create floors on the basis of their idols or set in the world of their favorite journals, Tv testifies, or movies. These floors are called fanfiction.

Fanfiction, also known as fanfic, is any writing produced by fans that remix existing imaginary narrations, characters, or world-wides to create unique floors. It is a type of creative writing that has made the internet by tornado.

Kinds of Fanfiction

There are thousands of fanfiction narrations online. Each of them fall into over 20 different genres that may vary from traditional novels, short-lived stories and poems.

In the commodity The Ultimate Guide to Fanfiction and Fanfiction Site, Joanna Smith hints checking what list a fanfiction descends in before reading it so that you can get an idea of what the storey would be about.

If you miss a lamp speak, you would look for fanfics that are classified as fluff. They are recreation and fortunate fibs with nostalgic constituents, but good-for-nothing extremely graphic.

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for something dark and jumpy, you would read fanfics that are labeled as’ angst ‘. They typically involve harassment of the characters, feeling, and sadness.

AU( or alternative nature) short-changes would make a good speak if you are looking for something unique. In this type of fanfic, the authors gave the specific characteristics into a nature which differs from their ordinary ones.

And for a immediate read, you could consider reading one-shots, or’ one-chapter’ tales that you can easily finish in one sitting.

Where to Share your Fanfiction?

If, after watching a movie or reading a book, you find yourself stimulated to write fanfiction about it, the next step to try to find people who would appreciate your work.

Well, with the increase of online writing websites and apps, you can easily find the perfect street to affix your legends. Websites like Commaful and Wattpad are ideal to affix fanfictions because they have community tools and messaging arrangements that would allow you to interact with books who share the same interest as you.( For advice on how to promote on this kind of websites, you can utilize this guide ).

Is it Legal?

The legality of fanfiction is a valid concern for scribes, and although what follows cannot be construed as legal advice, it may give you some advice on what is, and is not, fair use.

Works that are out of copyright and works in the public domain like Dracula, Hercules, and others( the original volumes , not any of the animations, which are owned by the animators) are fair game and can contribute positively or incorporated without dispensation from the copyright owner.

When cultivates are written about copyrighted acts, like Harry Potter, things can be a bit more complex. In most cases, fanfiction can be argued under fair implement, which provides some safe foot as it can be considered ” transformative” and is more or less law as long as it’s non-commercial.

For example, sites like Archive of Our Own have concluded the statement and held law anchor that fanfiction, if not monetized, is fair use.

How Authors Can Use Fanfiction to Build their Platform+ Brand

So the question then is how can scribes use fanfiction to build their programme, parish, and brand– peculiarly if the toil can’t be monetized?

There are several ways, but here are a few specimen 😛 TAGEND

1 // To gain exposure.

Because of the huge number of people who participate in fanfiction, writers can reach books who otherwise might not be exposed to their writing.

If your fanfiction is good, these books will be more likely to follow you to your original labour- especially if they check familiar themes and doctrines. The more stories and interactions you have within the fanfiction community, the more parties will get to know your work and your refer.

People will begin to recognize your style from your fibs and begin to trust in your ability to provide what they are looking for. Over time, fanfiction can assist you in build a platform for your work because you’ll have the potential to reach thousands of people.

Additionally, it helps build your social media presence. Every story you write links back to your chronicle, creating opportunities to further build relationships with your readers.

If your followers’ writing( based on your original act) is good and prolific, it creates increased attention to you, your fibs, and your brand.

2 // To improve your audience.

Writing fanfiction can also be a great way to build up a audience. Fanfiction readers are loyal and often interested to provide feedback and excitedly share things they cherish with others.

And again, it also gives you the opportunity to be a part of a like-minded community, venture in different genres and vogues, and get immediate, constructive feedback on your work.

Authors that encourage fanfiction or feed contests with their love will automatically stand out. Create more fus around your references and storey by lead a writing rivalry for your devotees with a cool booty( like a phone call with you or having a fan’s story posted on your blog ), or encourage your loyal supporters to create some social media content around your story.

Or, leveraging fanfiction by writing your own fanfiction in overlapping fandoms. For sample, if you know your target readers also cherish Harry Potter, you were able to write Harry Potter fanfiction. In the author’s memoranda, you can mention your record or cause readers the option to get more from you.

You could even write your courage into the fanfiction!

3 // To improve your ship.

Fanfiction also allows you to experiment. It’s a way to try or rule different wordings, find your expres, and improve your plane.

Get used to having your work read and critiqued, and learn to cultivate plot, conflict, and reputations that pull readers in- all while developing your columnist brand.

Reading and writing a variety of fanfiction will jumpstart your invention, which should help you with your own creative works.

You’ll likewise have a pool of fellow the authors and books to seek help from and to build a network of co-creators or collaborators that germinates your platform and scribe business.

4 // To get fandom-related inspiration for new labor.

Every author knows that inspiration is precipitated from the strangest of circumstances. A text, a stench, a plaza, a random hope or even a casual conversation can stimulate a writer’s imaginative flowing of ideas.

So imagine the potential for brand-new storylines, brand-new attributes, and new worlds if you take the opportunity to explore( or support) fanfiction!

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of fandoms online. Each have their own deities or favorite attributes, but one thing they have in common is the undying support they give to the fames, journal sequences, TV streaks, or movie dealerships that aroused them, whether they show it through their artworks, collectings, or fanfiction.

When you write fanfiction, you’re tapping into a new community and committing books that will blithely back your future projects.

And as Sadie Trombetta states in her commodity on Why Fanfiction Is Good For Readers — And Writer 😛 TAGEND

On its most basic level, fanfiction is a great form of free push and commerce … But fanfiction is truly an expression of adoration and exaltation, and in the literary nature, it doesn’t get much more flattering than that.

Hayley Zelda is a scribe and marketer at heart. She’s written on all the major writing programmes and worked with a number of self-published authors on market works to the YA audience.

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