#WandaVision: “Agatha All Along” Gets A Marvelously Magical Trap Music Remix To Internet’s Favorite New Theme Song

IIf you missed escapade 7 of WandaVision and you’re here then clearly you aren’t worried about him spoilers…

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If you’re not hip to what’s happening on the new Marvel x Disney+ succession WandaVision then you are truly missing out on a genuinely immense slouse of nerd art and you should rectify this immediately. WandaVision isn’t just a” comic book TV testify” it is literally the biggest television program in the world with 200% of the viewership of the other big-hearted Disney+ right The Mandalorian according to ComicBook.

There is now an entire YouTube industry surrounding the riddle of what exactly is happening in the hexagonally-trapped town of Westview, New Jersey. With each new episode, we get a few more answers, a lot more questions, and usually some incredible meme minutes that will surely bolster our online linguistics for the rest of the year.

During last week’s episode 7, we got much more than fan service and GIFs, we got a whole-ass theme song for the character ” Agnes ” who was revealed to be the voodoo “Agatha Harkness” from the comic books. Fans had been theorizing for weeks that Harkness was ” Agnes'” true name, so that didn’t come as a complete surprise. Nonetheless, what no one expected was that Agatha Harkness would have her own show inside of a show inside of another establish. It was basically a Marvel Matryoshka doll and it was GLORIOUS.

The” Agatha All Along” theme song was so good that a talented musician identified Leland Philpot initiated a trap remix that SLAPS. Like…SLAPS SLAPS. Like…we-wanna-hear-this-joint-in-the-club-when-COVID-is-over slaps.

There is nothing more entertaining, employing, and agitating than the talent of Black people, do you hear us?

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