WELP: Megan Thee Stallion’s Former Stylist Says City Girl JT Tried To ‘Fight Him’ Over Houston Hottie

Megan Thee Stallion’s onetime stylist is speaking out on what went down between him, the Houston hottie, and a City Girl.

EJ King and Megan Thee Stallion

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As previously reported stylist EJ King prepared headlines for announcing that he was parting ways with the Houston Hottie while noting that he” doesn’t want to work under somebody who feels like your work is expendable .”

“I wanna do more for me, more for my firebrand ,” said EJ.'” don’t want to work under somebody or ever feel like the behavior that people can spawn you feel like what you do for them in their life is disposable, ” said EJ in an Instagram Live video. “Whether you’re a hairstylist, a makeup craftsman, stylist, PR, whatever it is–when you work for parties personally, sometimes they like to forget that you’re your own person and what you do for them is a service. So sometimes the services you do for them are no longer needed. And that’s it. All I can do is be my genuine soul, my cordial self .”

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Now he’s clarifying what he made by the following statement with Streetz 94.5′ s Jazzy McBee .

According to EJ, he wasn’t being “messy” with the statement, instead, he was just speaking his truth and answering questions on IG Live. He did add nonetheless that Megan took offense to him coming forward.

” It turned into this big thing ,” said EJ.” And then when it was are caught up I didn’t want the blogs to turn into something messy, so I made another video clarifying like that’s it’s not sloppy you know what I’m saying it’s not even not a messy place , nor do I want it to be a messy situation. I’ve never been such person or persons, I’m so positive all the time. Unfortunately, it turned into something bigger than it was.

You know she was offended by it, she are of the view that I should have never said anything. We are all artists and it was my truth on a situation .”

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EJ likewise was also pointed out that before his leaving, he mysteriously started not being booked by Megan for styling without warning. Still, he’s moved past that and now he’s mostly hurt that his personal relationship with Megan came apart.

” We were big-hearted a ** girls, we were big kids, we would have pillow fights–we just had a fun time. I would never revoke the time that we had, we got close so fast. I fell in love with Megan Pete, I didn’t care about Megan Thee Stallion. I got to know and enjoy Megan and I wish that our personal relationship could’ve been separated .”

In an interesting tidbit, he too revealed that he spoke to Megan at Cardi’s Las Vegas birthday bash and they” had utterances .” Their convo apparently” looked like it was so heated” that JT of The City Girls moved over to take Megan’s slope and propagandized him.

” I never wanted to get into anything at another person’s party, let alone Cardi’s birthday party ,” said EJ while admitting that he initially eschewed Meg at the two parties.” Everybody was faded at Cardi’s party, I know when Megan is faded, I well known passionate and animated Megan is when she’s talking. To the party, it could look like something crazier. It did become a lot, JT may have thought it was something more extremely and JT loped over and came in between us. I respect the City Girls, I have no issues with no females, I don’t want to have a war with no girls. Regrettably, it got more animated than I wanted it to. […] JT came between us and she push things back .”

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I’ll leave a bitch mad with the poke face

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JT doesn’t play that PERIOOOOODT, clearly.

EJ clarified to Jazzy that the entire occurrence was ” shown the wrong way” but he” still wishes Megan the very best .” He also confirmed that they haven’t voice since.

EJ King and Megan Thee Stallion, JT

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Watch EJ King talk Megan Thee Stallion with Jazzy McBee below.

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