Write or Die: Is This the Tool That Finally Conquers Your Procrastination?

Do you cherish writing but find it hard to be productive when working on your bible? Have you tried the Write or Die app to help you stay focused?

Write or Die

Write or Die is a writing app that uses various tools to keep you focused and beneficial during gone writing sessions.

Not everyone love restrictions when working on a record, but those who do often find the accountability cause a game changer to actually reaching their term count.

If this is you, but you haven’t found the excellent tool to become involved in your procrastination dangers, Write or Die might be the answer.

It was for me, which I’ll interpret more in this post.

How Write or Die Made My Writing Time More Productive

I’ll be the first to be recognized that I have problems with procrastination.

It’s much easier to dream and think about all the amazing, bright things you want to write than actually writing them.

These eras, with the majority of writing done on a computer screen, there’s so much distraction readily at hand. Even as I type up such articles, I feel the need to check social media, read a blog, or re-watch that one video I located of a clip from a Japanese theatre melodic. The one with delinquent adolescents with a really cool pop-and-lock routine.

The fact that I’ve already done all those things less than an hour ago doesn’t matter. Distraction reigns supreme.

Giving into distraction is easy because there are no importances. Most of us are not full term paid scribes, and getting statements written comes down to our ability to discipline ourselves.

No one’s going to scold us for watching a video every fifty names, or losing interest and putting our tales off until tomorrow because we’re “just not feeling it today.” Without outcomes, we have no stres to write , no matter how well-meaning our intentions. This is where the Write or Die app comes in.

Before we is starting, I want to throw in there that I wasn’t paid for this review. This is a tool that has benefited me and may or may not benefit you.

When we talk about writing productivity, I’m a big believer in having a “system”–a mount of tools and methods that work together to get your writing done and is likely to be reused from one storey or diary to the next.

Write or Die is part of my plan, and I’m writing this post because I think it could benefit your writing process, more. Read on to find if it could become part of yours.

“ The Write or Die App has become a consistent part of some writer’s plans. It might maintain you focused and fertile in a way procrastination never let you write before. Tweet this Write or Die Review: What’s Inside

Write or Die can be found at writeordie.com. The implement is simple to use and relatively instinctive.

To the left, you can placed your own session objectives, such as how long to write, how many paroles you want to write in that time, and the amount of leeway you want to give yourself when you start to slow down.

To the liberty, you can find a record of words you’ve written over time, the amount of term you’ve spent writing, and the number of members of goes you’ve received your consequence.

The causes you receive can be set to positive or negative. The free default upshot is the screen turning red while the app screams at you like a runaway freight train, which I find relatively effective on its own.

Lastly, if you need that extra incitement, turn on Kamikaze mode with the large-hearted blood-red button. Once initiated, Kamikaze mode will begin to delete your writing if you stop typing past your pre-set grace period.

If that doesn’t impede you moving , nothing will.

Write or Die Pricing

The web app itself is free to use( a big advantage over a good deal of tools out there ).

It’s worth pointing out that the app is still in continual increase and some of the features, such as different types of positive and negative audio and visual outcomes are only available in the pay option.

Luckily the price tag is fairly low, with PC and Mac versions at ten dollars and the iOS version at an extremely rational one dollar.

How I Make Write or Die Work for Me

Every day, when it comes time to write, I firstly set up my favorite “background noise.” For numerous parties this may be soothing music, a particular playlist of sungs, or some kind of white or brown sound.

For me, this is most likely a TLC reality show. My current favorite is” 600 lb Life .”

Once I get cozy, I open Write or Die and set up a seminar.

After some experimenting, I’ve found that my best “sprint” is fifteen minutes long, with a goal of six-hundred commands, which is a number I can smack a little more often than not.

Being a visual party, I like having a live clock and utterance tally in front of me. Though evading punishment is definitely a drive, I enjoy watching the clock tick down as the word count increases, and propagandize myself to pick up speed when the latter falls behind the former.

Once the time is done, I imitation and paste what I’ve written into my primary Google drive substantiate.

On an average day, I can web about 1-2K paroles over two or three seminars. On an extra good day, I can get five or six periods in and write over 3K oaths. No topic how many times I hear the views, that freight train screaming at me through headphones still never fails to snap me out of any distraction.

I’ve tried a lot of motivating apps for writing over the years, and good-for-nothing must constantly stopped me on track like Write or Die.

Sometimes all it takes to reach your writing objectives is something that holds you accountable, that drags you back to the page, like this app can do.

Why Write or Die May Not Be the Tool for You

While I’m a big fan of the tool, I have to be honest that it may not be for everyone. Here are a few reasonableness this app may not work for you 😛 TAGEND 1. Repercussion don’t work for everyone

The screeching noise that works as the app’ s default can be jarring for a lot of people, and the compensation sounds may become annoyances.

While it wreaks as incitement for me, the principle that the app operates under may become a distraction itself to some people.

So, if you’re the kind of writer who prefers to work in silence than with tone signals, you’ll probably opt another form of writing accountability.

2. Pressure might stifle ability

In an effort to avoid results, you may find yourself typing absurdity to avoid the unpleasantness that may occur.

These dates, I typically follow a fairly detailed book plan, so even under pressure, I know what part and scene I need to be working on. But if you’re a pantser, you may find yourself panicked and uncreative as the clock clicks down.

Some parties thrive on stres, but if push obliges you expectant instead of beneficial, allot yourself longer globs of day. But make sure you are punished when working in this time frame( I recommend turning off your internet ).

3. Associating writing with sanction can be unpleasant

The fact is, writing is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Why write if it doesn’t stimulate you happy?

If you start to associate your writing with distressing stimulant and begin to dread it, then the whole purpose of the app is defeated.

Here’s what I recommend: Give the Write or Die app a try. If you walk away from the session feeling exhilarated and proud of your productivity, do it again the following day! If you walk away feeling disappointed in yourself, look for alternative forms of accountability to overcome your procrastination.

Tools Like the Write or Die App Can Keep You Motivated( and Productive)

The Write or Die app is a unique approaching to keeping columnists focused and caused during their writing periods. With sensory tools like sound signals and visuals like clocks that tick down the time set for your writing discussion, you could be inspired to write with concentration.

Writing the first or even second draft of your record doesn’t need to be a perfect manuscript. If anything, worrying about trying to utter each writing time and the duty completed in it perfect is more likely to detriment your productivity and confidence more than anything.

Giving apps like the Write or Die a chance won’t hurt you in the long run. And if something, you might discover that it’s the perfect work to get you to write your fib to the end.

And if it’s not? There are other forms of accountability you can use to keep you focused while writing. If this is you, you might be interested in checking out some of these other poles on how to be a productive columnist 😛 TAGEND

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But for me, I utterly adore Write or Die.

It’s gotten me through countless bouts of writer’s block and impeded me on track when deadlines approached. Even if you have doubts about whether it would work for you, I most recommend at least throwing it a shot.

It only might be the thing that finally shapes your delay demon.

Have you tried Write or Die and liked it? Or do you have another writing app you prefer? Let us know in the comments.


Give the Write or Die app a try! Download the app and determined your timer for fifteen minutes. If it is necessary to a prompt for business practices writing hearing, consider one of the following options hypothesis 😛 TAGEND

Crime Scene: A detective shows up to investigate the stage of a dead man but no assassination weapon. Ardour Scene: A brand-new girlfriend comes to school and steals the attention( and centre) of the most popular girl in academy. Coming of Age: A small town teenage boy catches his dad with another woman when he skips basketball tradition.

Write fast so your words don’t get deleted! When you’re done, post your writing rehearse in the comments below, and don’t forget to leave feedback for your fellow writers.

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