Writing: When Things Get Tough

By Dario Ciriello, @Dario_Ciriello Part of The Writer’s Life SeriesJH: No chore is perfect, and being a writer has its bad days. Dario Ciriello discusses the darker meters novelists face, and why there continues to retain writing. Sometimes writing is so difficult that all you can do is laugh. The laugh is not a matter of humor, but more like that of Holmes as he goes over the Reichenbach descends, or perhaps one of Lovecraft’s personas as he perfectly realizes the depth of the unspeakable planetary horror which is about to devour his soul. Every seasoned novelist is, I imagine, deep mistrustful of anyone who claims to adoration the process–I mean the entire process, peculiarly the in-the-trenches bayonet-work, when you’re locked in a life-and-death struggle with yourself and every fiber of your being screams give up, relinquish, you can’t win, because each convict you craft, each direction of dialogue, is worthless, stilted stupidity. At these times there’s nothing to love about the process, and to hell with inspirational repeats and touchy-feely nonsense. All you have is will and resolution, and it had better be up to the task. Continue ReadingWritten by Janice Hardy. Fiction-University.com

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