Your Author Website: Its Core Purpose and a ‘Must-Have’ Checklist

It’s time to take a deeper look into the author website.

Because whether you are just starting your writing pilgrimage, or have been in the business for a while, having a professional and effective online central’ hub’ for your creative work became very essential.

Planning a successful career as an author today requires more than really a ability for writing, but a bit of business savvy as well.

And while numerous may grovel at the thought of the marketing, promotional, and commercial aspects of building their occupation as an columnist, those astute enough to leverage an writer website to help build their online presence and programme, will naturally come out on top.

woman working on author website

With this in mind, I’ve developed a 3-Part Author Website series to help clarify why you should make this a priority if you want to see progress in your author business.

In this upright, we’ll look at the purpose or core capacity of your columnist website and the essential elements you need to ensure it works for you , not against you.

In Part 2, we’ll look at various platform alternatives, occurrence and maintenance costs, and I’ll walk you through the setup, step-by-step.

And in Part 3, we’ll pull everything together and depict you how to use your author website to brand, sell, and change your writing career.

The Purpose of Your Author Website

To understand the purpose of your scribe website, you first have to clarify your goals and objectives- for your writer business in general, but exclusively for your website.

Typically there are various serves authors expect their website to act, so by clarifying exactly what you hope to achieve with your site, you are in a better position to accomplish those objectives.

For example 😛 TAGEND

Is your goal to grow your writing business which incorporates not only book auctions, but likewise services, coaching, or affiliate marketings?

Is your sole purpose to earn a liveable income from your writing, or are you hoping to create a movement?

Is your goal to create an outlet to express your invention and originality, or to provide educational message or entertainment?

Are you trying to turn website visitors into expectations and purchasers, or simply to build a community of like-minded parties?

When referring to author websites in this post, I’m acquiring the assumption that you will be using your locate as a means to an demise, rather than simply for your own entertainment or as a social network.

If you wish to use your columnist website to grow your business, contact your target books, convert them to book-buyers, or prove yourself in the online space- this affix is for you.

website analytics

Now let’s take a look at a few key reasons why your author website is( or can be) one of your best online resources 😛 TAGEND

1 // It Discloses Your Author Brand

Building a brand is a requirement if you hope to grow your scribe business and increase the value of your creative work over the long-term.

An author brand gives you control over the contents and letter you wish to share, helps you craft a unique knowledge for your guests, and allows you to present yourself and the portfolio of your work in the best light.

By offering a cohesive online vicinity and know-how via your writer website, you install trust and engagement with your possible readership.

author website of bestselling author Hugh Howey

Author website of bestselling scribe Hugh Howey

2 // It Originates Awareness and Increases Your Exposure

Whether you’re self-published, traditionally published( or something in-between ), you are expected to do the lion’s share of the marketing and promotional work to create interest and increase show for your current and future books.

Think of your website as the central hub that residence all your professional resources.

It will allow you to showcase your government in accordance with the arrangements of social proof, accolades, and identification, as well as thus promoting your work at all stages of creation.

Awareness and revelation for your writing and personal brand will increase as you focus on specific strategies to entice visitors to your writer website( and keep them coming back for more with valuable, relevant, and witty content ).

Here are a few ways to draw attention to your work via your website 😛 TAGEND

Content marketing: your policy on what you’ll create, how you’ll distribute it to your target market, and how you’ll influence them to take a specific action- like buying your work.

SEO, keywords, and search positions: your strategy on your blog organisation, how you’ll categorize your sentiments, and ascertain topics that fit both your symbol and readers’ interests.

Networking: give your website and material to develop networking opportunities or collaborations.

Paid or organic advertising and other promos: set up paid push or other advertisings( including podcasts and interviews, guest poles for other websites, etc .), and direct everything back to one central hub.

3 // It Encourages in Capturing Emails and Building Community Around Your Work

Having one central location to direct brand-new or potential readers will allow you to simply and effectively build your community and fanbase.


Encourage visitors to join your email index, newsletter or “fan club” so that you can interact instantly with your love.

As your community evolves, you’ll get a deeper understanding of what your books miss or expect 😛 TAGEND

get feedback( publicly or privately) assessment work coverslaunch discussionshighlight current activities and occurrences

Your author website can be an excellent way to open the door for people aiming a link with you and your work, as well as for you to build a deeper relationship with your audience.

4 // It Increases Book and Auxiliary Sales

As you can see, formerly you’ve clarified your goals, your writer website can be used to facilitate a variety of outcomes that will inevitably increase your work sales.

Thanks to engineering, it’s cheaper and easier to create and maintain your website than most other forms of lead generation or advertising.

And by adding email sign up formations and simple sales pours that creating readers further into the fold, you can nurture customers and devotees over the long term.

Some authors will even go a step further and use their websites to create additional forms of income, like give editing business, consulting or instructing packets, speaking or direction alternatives, or even merchandise sales.

Your Author Website vs. Social Media Platforms

It’s important be pointed out that while social media can be an excellent way to engage with books and followers, it’s best as a add-on to- but not a replacing for – your author website.

Social media scaffolds are inevitably susceptible to change, and you have no control over the impact that even a small change to their terms of service may have on your business or your ability to reach your audience.

The purpose of your writer website is to grow your generator businessand increase awareness of your brand so that you can connect and participate directly and meaningfully with your community.

All moves or acts lead back to your’ writer hub’, including social media.

The Essential Elements of a Remarkable Author Website

Now that we have a better idea as to the purpose of an scribe website, let’s look at the elements required to not only make it stand out but to facilitate the results of the you’re hoping to achieve.

Disclosure: Please be advised that some of connections in this post are “affiliate links.” This entails I may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase.

A’ Must-Have’ Checklist:

1 // Website Software, Hosting, and Theme

Website Software- WordPress.org is the world’s most popular content management system and is open-source software, backed by their home communities of designers and developers.

Site Hosting- Self-hosted WordPress hosting relies on using the software from WordPress.org, configured via a reorganized one-click installation script is supplied by your select hosting service.

When selecting the WordPress host that is right for your needs, you should evaluate providers for hasten, reliability, certificate, and price. I use SiteGround as my hosting service for YourWriterPlatform.com( this is an affiliate link and water resources I highly recommend ).

SiteGround Logo | YourWriterPlatform.com

Domain Name- In most cases for generators this will be your name( or some variation ), but there are a few things to consider before you reaching a decision on a domain name, which we’ll look at further in Part 2 of this series.

Website Theme- If you demand full restrict( and have the skillset ), a custom-coded design might best fit your needs. However, in most cases, generators choice either a free or payment, pre-made theme that requires minimal technical maintenance on their demise. I like and recommend Elegant Themes( affiliate tie-up ), but there are thousands of themes available to choose from.

Email Service Provider- An email service provider, like Aweber( affiliate connect ), is a key component to your author website set up, even if you currently have” no audience “. It is never too early to start cultivating and structure their home communities around your work, and email is the most direct way to communicate with your flourishing fanbase. Another, immense email service provider( and the one I use currently) is Convertkit.

We’ll dive deeper into exactly how to set all this up in the second post in this series, but for now, this the basic framework of what’s required.

2 // Clear Site Navigation and’ Architecture’

Having a well-organized website helps your pilgrims easily find what they are looking for. Plus simple and clear navigation also cures search engines in indexing your website pages easily.

website organization

Site organization and key pages 😛 TAGEND

Homepage- See section 3 below for a detailed explanation of your homepage setup.

About Page- One of “the worlds largest” examined pages of any website, your About Page, may be as important as your homepage for clarifying to tourists precisely whom you, and what you have to offer. You can also use it to eliminate oppositions, give away valuable resources, or have visitors join your community.

Book Page( s)- Each work should have its own page on your generator website with a detailed book description. Include the title, subtitle, publisher, book blanket, and serials and series crowd, if relevant. Likewise render an excerpt, book reviews, and links to retailers. Depending on how you’ve coordinated your website, you may have all books on one sheet, with a link to a dedicated sheet for that volume, or you may have a drop-down menu in your place navigation.

Contact Page- Some scribes balk at this, but you should encourage your books to be achieved and connect with you. Provide a simple contact form and respond to senses immediately and dependably.

Email/ Community Sign Up Page- Make it tempting for books to sign up and be a part of your community. Provide positive incentives( reaching a decision on something that your target audience would find valuable or intriguing ). It’s never too soon to start originating your email listing and developing relationships with your readers.

Additional or optional sheets to customize your locate 😛 TAGEND

Blog- If done right, blogging is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and germinate your power in your topic arena or niche. Nonetheless, if poorly done, you’ll spend a lot of term and effort, but increase little friction. Determine for your particular objectives if blogging is the right path, and then take the time to learn the most effective ways to incorporate blogging into your writer website.

Events Page- A simple page to keep readers and supporters up-to-date on your speaking commitments or illusions( online or off ), giveaways, upcoming launches and advertisings, or any other related bulletin you wish to share.

VIP or Launch Team Page- Use this sheet to cultivate a smaller group of books who are happy and willing to have a greater role in supporting your writing job. Clarify who you believe will be a good fit, and any requirements that there is a need for. Too observe the benefits and benefits of being a part of this special group.

Resources Page- This can be a helpful( and profitable) sheet on your scribe website that lists your favorite or most recommended tools. Some of the links to the tools may be affiliate joins( to earn passive income ), but they should be products or resources that relate to your journal topic/ category and the needs and hopes of your gathering. Another alternative is to create a resource page for leaders and activities, like JudyMoody.com 😛 TAGEND

Press/ Media Page- Make it easy for the media, reviewers, or examiners to give you press. Provide everything that they might need to do their job well on one page. This increases your chances that you’ll is not simply get coverage, but the coverage you crave. Your press/ media page is a compilation of author photos, diary reports, other media coverage, testaments, and remember repeats.

3 // A Compelling Homepage with Clear and Visible CTAs

The job of your homepage is to quickly and clearly communicate what your site is about, and whether you are, rather than competing places that proposal same notebooks or topics.

What exactly do you predict, and what is the value you hope to deliver to your readers?

author website creation

Optimize your CTAs. Your call-to-actions( CTAs) are gateways to other pages, promotional parts, commodity halls, and so much more. So make it tempting for books to click!

Focus on your scribe brand. Include a headline or logo( generally your refer or generator business appoint ), a tagline, and some short-lived preparatory text to clarify and expand on your headline. Ensure your color scheme, images, and graphics progressing well together, and further your brand idiom. Even your website imitate should be adding to the experience for the visitor.

Make it easy for books to find what they are looking for. Keep your scheme empty and easy to steer. Provide easy-to-locate links to second or third grade pages, and use your area navigation links to provide access to all areas of your site.

Reassure first-time visitors that they are in the right place. Show readers you can give them what they are looking for. Add snippets of re-examines, “as seen in”, and other forms of authority to help build trust. Don’t employ your homepage to sell( the selling will take place on the second or third positions ). Use it instead to tempt beings to find out more.

Provide a compelling incentive. Again, develop one or more opt-in incentives to encourage visitors to become part of your community by unite your email listing. There should be multiple opportunities on your columnist website for parties to opt-in, but particularly so for your homepage.

4 // A Fully-Optimized Website

Both for tourists and for examine, it is important to ensure your author website is optimized. This includes a site that is regularly updated, mobile-friendly, and fast.

optimized website

Research and strategically use keywords throughout your content. Use keywords on your home page, in header calls, claim labels, and meta labels, in the anchor textbook would refer to associates, and in the URL of new pages.

Include social media sharing options. Make it easy for visitors to share your posts and sheets across their own social media reports by including share buttons on positions and key pages of your website.( I currently use Social Warfare Pro on this area and love the opennes. Please note that this relation is an affiliate tie-up .)

Encourage follows on your social scaffolds. You can use a WordPress plugin like Simple Social Icons to customize and display icons that relate visitors to your various social profiles.

Add indispensable plugins and widgets. Plugins can add a lot of functionality to your writer website. There are thousands of options, but here are a few to consider: Akismet( spam filter ), W3 Total Cache( area accelerated optimization ), WPSmush( image optimization ), Yoast SEO, Updraft Plus( for backup ), Sucuri Security, and Cookie Notice( for GDPR compliance ).

Build good incoming or backlinks to your website. This can increase your search engine ranking and website traffic. List your scribe website in related directories or meetings, and offer to write guest announces for websites with same topics to relation back to content on your website.

Optimize your personas. Large, high-quality images can slow down your website significantly, so use options is supplied by your network legion, a plugin like WPSmush, or a photo editor to optimize your photos for entanglement publishing.

Audit your website from time to time. Click on tie-ups and update them regularly. Monitoring the performance of your website is important if you want to track whether it is working well, or not. Keep a roll of your objectives and metrics on-hand to check whether you are moving towards your goals.

It’s Time to Get Started …

Your books want to know more about you, so if you haven’t already it’s time to set up your professional centre and showcase your creative work.

Your author website allows you to control what beings see when they sought for you, specific actions they make when they are on your website, and its own experience they get as part of your online community.

I’ll help you get everything set up in Part 2 of this sequence, but for now, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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