Your Top 5 Marketing Objectives – Solved!

The Interactive Advertising Bureau( IAB) recently cross-examine a range of consumer brand marketers to understand their 2021 client buy objectives, marketing approaches, and media buying decisions. The survey solutions made it clear that 2020 give brand-new rules for consumer sentiment and symbol patriotism, and purveyors have responded by arranging customer satisfaction as their number one marketing and publicizing priority in 2021.

Top 5 Marketing/ Advertising Objectives

Drive customer satisfaction Identify high value audiences Increase customer makes Increase customer retention/ loyalty Drive firstly purchases

Direct mail marketing has was passed by originating and fixed symbols alike due to its ability to reach, resonate with, and convert both prospect and room audiences. The forward path are also suited as an fasten pulpit for direct commerce curricula because it can support the integration of digital market struggles ( including CTV | OTT ) for a more targeted and profitable sell strategy.

Surveyed marketers agree, as 41% indicated they invest their promote funds in offline media- with most spending on direct mail and print. The ensues also justify the canal is worth the investment, as purveyors recognize direct mail offer an acceptable client acquisition overhead( CAC) and delivers tone, high lifetime value( LTV) customers.

If your emergence destinations mirror the IAB research, here is how you can use direct mail marketing to reach your top commerce objectives.

Drive customer satisfaction

Today’s consumers are not focused on a channel, but instead on their own penchants and beliefs to purchase on their timeline and canal of select. In a recent CMO Council survey, over 85% of world purchasers admit a blend of both digital and physical direct events is their opted lane of interfacing with symbols, and even more say multichannel touchpoints( including direct mail) are critical to satisfying their needs.

After a successful launch into the mail channel, a top-ranked meal delivery brand wanted to integrate its digital expeditions with forward to continue to improve brand experience and expectation participation. The multichannel approach increased sales by 35%, shortened the campaign’s overall CPA, and filched year-over-year marketings by 67%. “Direct mail is now the centerpiece of our integrated marketing programme, ” announced the brand’s CMO.

Identify high value audiences

USPS research confirms mail recipients deplete an average of 13% more than non-recipients.

At its core, the consumer data available for direct mail list generation is strong- naturally slotting the offline channel to effectively identify and reach your best audience. Top performing customer representations come from a tactical mingle of optimal customer subsets, related customer characteristics, first-rate modeling procedures, and in-market testing to identify your best audience. Not simply are you reaching a high value audience with mail, but you are leveraging a medium that has a significant impact on purchase decisions.

An auto insurer continued to test customer patterns to ensure the campaign was optimized for scalable growing- an manufacture best rehearse. The insurer measured a proprietary simulate, plus 20 other list roots, against the self-restraint. The proprietary modeling was the top musician and beat the see by two times, confirming itself as the insurer’s best and biggest gathering- and rising marketings pace by 133%.

Increase customer leads

The recent ANA data establishes direct mail response paces are six times higher than all digital paths compounded. Therefore, it is common for labels to utilize direct mail marketing early in the buyer journey to drive symbol awareness, capture pass, and move expectations further down the funnel. The channel’s data science abilities, such as postal to pixel and reverse-append, allow you recognize your anonymous audiences for retargeting expeditions. You can also use modeled publics and acquisition safaruss to educate and force brand-new potentials on your product or service.

Looking for flake in a highly competitive market, an coverage symbol experimented direct mail to gain brand recognition and drive sales extends. The inaugural expedition immediately launched the validity of the mail channel, generate a 1.85% extend frequency and providing thousands of brand-new heads and hundreds of brand-new policies.

Increase customer retention/ loyalty

Not merely are you 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer, but it is more profitable for you to sell to a repeat patron than acquire a new one. Unfortunately, brand allegiance is harder to secure with today’s buyers than in the past. Through CRM segmentation and trigger-based sends, you can use direct mail to deliver the relevant and personalized messaging your audience ethics to build long-term customer relationships.

Rather than target past patrons with a one-size-fits-all program, a DTC specialty brand leveraged its CRM data to segment and retarget both past customers and brand-new pass with personalized direct mail. This tactical retention program now delivers the highest ROI of all the brand’s direct mail expeditions. It has also increased revenue-per-policy by 21% and proliferated the customer lifetime value by eight times.

Drive first purchases

When it comes to making a first-time purchase, a consumer must rely a symbol and its furnish. This rings especially true as consumers become more selective in times of uncertainty or fiscal strain. Direct forward has two advantages for achieving this marketing objective: it is delivered by the most trusted firebrand in the U.S ., and shoppers trust print more than digital circulars. Therefore, more than 60% of DTC brands rely on the mail channel to reach new audiences and drive first purchases.

Looking for included raise paths, an identity fraud symbol decided to test direct mail ability to expand audience reach. Since propel, path rendition has been through the roof- altering over 2 million first-time representatives. The CMO now considers the canal as “irreplaceable, ” as it generates 40% of its annual auctions and has driven more than $ 500 million in revenue.

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This article initially is available on the SeQuel Response blog and has been republished with permission.

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