Zach Wilson at No. 2 should finally give the Jets a viable franchise quarterback

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The Aircraft will almost certainly grab a signal caller with the second overall pick, and it well could be Wilson.

With the second pick in our 2021 SB Nation writers’ mock draft, Gang Green Nation hand-pickeds former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson for the New York Jet.

From John B. at Gang Green Nation:

The Aircraft are moving on from the Sam Darnold era. All gatherings will benefit from a fresh start. Darnold was registering the last year of his rookie treat. With Wilson the Jet reset the clock with a cost controlled quarterback for the next four years. While there are questions about the level of his event and his inconsistency prior to his final college season, Wilson’s arm and accuracy give him a high ceiling. Perhaps the Plane have finally spotted their quarterback.

The selection of Zach Wilson by the Jets with the No. 2 pick in the 2021 NFL draft fills a monumental need the Plane had at the quarterback stance. Wilson’s skill set is an exact fit in brand-new offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur’s system; Wilson will be the lynchpin of that offense.

LaFleur’s offense is predicated on the running game that sets up the pass. It is a stretch zone scurrying intrigue that onslaughts the security horizontally( sideline to sideline) rather than traditional rushing plays that try to push the protection vertically. The speed assault will look for small-minded seams in the defense, an alleyway for the running back to use as he inspects to explode through that furrow. This performs the defense have to move laterally very quickly in order to stop the dynamic rushing attack.

By doing so the protection opens themselves up to be employed in the passing game with the quarterback as the director of that onslaught. In order to better for the pique to work, the obstruct for the pass and the run by the offensive line must inspect exactly the same. Then the quarterback( Wilson) “re going to have to” move the system work, but he has to have specific flairs which are 😛 TAGEND Mobility

In any strain arrangement, the mobility of the quarterback is essential, and that is a hallmark of Wilson’s skill set. He “re going to have to” take the dance from under center, then move quickly to the play side to “stretch” and handwriting the ball to the running back who is moving toward the edge of the defense. His footwork must be fluid without squandered steps to get the ball into playmakers’ hands as quickly as possible. Any hesitation allows the defense that half pace that could be the difference between a sprinkle frisk or a undertake for a loss.

On a gambling sham the toy searches exactly the same, but instead of handing off, the ball is kept by the quarterback as he reels back in the opposite direction of the running back in a “bootleg” action or what the older offensive arrangements called a “waggle.” He must be again flawless in his strides as he is rolling back without blocker protection to the opposite edge of the justification.

Speed and Elusiveness

Wilson has the ability to avoid oncoming rushers by simply moving soon to a line-up while still maintaining his eyes downfield. This can also happen on a pull comedy when a defender is either late moving or becomes wise to the pas action. Wilson can avoid a free rusher, obstructing the represent alive. He too can roll out effectively, then taken away from if his receivers are covered.

By getting a few gardens when he can, he keeps the offense on track, abbreviating the down and distance for the next play to achieve a first down. He are also welcome to get a few firstly downs on his own, which assists the offense and keeps the defense venture when to pres the frolic. His rushed is key as many fringe rushers are as fast as some running backs, left alone on a contraband quicken is vital at times to the success of the continue.

Accuracy and timing

It is unnatural for a quarterback to throw a lump on the move; it is a trait that some quarterbacks never learn. Wilson is comfy on the move; he is at ease in open space and throwing the missile while on the move. This is a skill that is of paramount importance to a quarterback in a LaFleur system and something Wilson excels in doing. He is also deadly accurate when either sitting there or moving. He is the most accurate passer in this draft class.

Arm angles and anticipation

When Wilson is alone and on the move, defenders are bound to try and put pressure on him as quickly as possible. To have a quarterback who can throw the lump from different stages and around defenders is crucial. Unlike many quarterbackss who need an open window to a receiver, Wilson can manufacture his own space by throwing the dance with different arm tilts while still having a high degree of accuracy. Too, when time to throw is sailing, being able to throw with prospect( when the receiver is not even out of his break more) can be pivotal to the success of a frisk and not forcing the quarterback to precisely throw the dance away.

By drafting Zach Wilson, the Aircraft would make a wise move in ensuring the validity of the LaFleur offense with a quarterback who has the endowment and sciences to succeed in that structure. No drawing collect is ever a sure thing, but marrying future prospects with tone aptitudes with an offensive arrangement that fits his skill set is a quality move.

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